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Officer reports

       Had a weekend
       we purple (eforney is purple!)
       went to NPP show - Pat Kane imitated a furry, it was amazing
       saw zsparks at hpf
       watched Pokemon movie "the one with mew and mewtwo" - drinking game
       played Quidditch in rain and mud
       there were turkeys this morning on the Greek quad!
       Had a weekend
       started same as eforney's
       NPP show (was in it)
       hpf w/ zsparks
       Pokemon movie
       over saturday and sunday, was only outside for like 30 seconds
       pchem professor: "Telekepathic powers." 
                "there's a lot of things that only ChemEs know, just like there's a lot of things that only the KGB knows."
       new people:
           Max, masters comp bio, Southern California then Cornell, walked here from home
           Anik, math, NYC, hates the rain
           Ankul, CS, Singapore, some people think he looks Hispanic
           Dylan, Chem, Rockford IL, has owned these shoes for 6 months
       Having a cupcake
       EVENT! Improv night. PH A18*
       had a weekend
       event, improv show, hpf w/ zsparks
       interviews on saturday and sunday... annoying
       SO MUCH SLEEP - 24/48 hours
       Doctor Who finale was cool
       No work was done... less cool
       251 exam!
       had a weekend
       don't really remember what she did
       some hacking, some Pokemon drinking
       some 9am interviews on sunday
       Frisbee game! we lost 15-2
       had a weekend
       tried to learn to throw a party
       accidentally some freshmen - half of them are terrified, half think he doesn't exist

Committee Reports

   The Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee would like to thank exec for putting out Pravda? that helps them to move to step 1 of their goal 
       (reports growing success)
   The Committee to Get Back at Pitt wants to know where it can get a tutu, a top hat, and a scarf (eforney's closet?)
   The Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee is now firing all chemists
   The Glorious People's Paper Air Force Committee complains that the Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee is stealing its thunder
   The Pravdagami Committee feels the pain of the previous committee
   The "That cupcake was delicious" Committee reports, "that cupcake was delicious"
   The Ad-Hoc Matlab is Not C Committee reports, if you argue well enough, Matlab is more like C
   The Antipenultimate Frisbee Committee reports failure, but successfully
       play on friday? talk on the bboard!
   The Committee to Use KGB as a Groundhog for Winter would like to report, it is beginning preparations, hopefully unnecessary ones
   Booth Committee tells people to submit their Booth ideas to the web discussion page for booth ideas for KGB!
   The Misappropriations Committee, in conjunction with the Shenanigans Committee, is taking submissions for what to do with Bubbles' newly acquired login information.
   The Darwin Committee, with the Neutrino Committee, reports: show up to cluster gaming, bring headphones, save the dodo
   The Time Travel Committee offers KGB its congratulations on a successful My Little Pony-themed Booth

Old Business

   The Ad-Hoc Interruptions Committee reports
   allocate $15 for ctfws.org
   thing: scunning gives it to fwatson. Not his fault: the sickness

New Business

   create the Good Question Committee to "That's a good question"
       the Ad-Hoc Spoilers Committee wants to say what you're all thinking, but won't
       the Ad-Hoc Supersonic Limbo Committee reports *the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head*
       vote: passes
       sold $3 tbroman, chairs "that's a good question" (unspecified)
   create the Supersonic Limbo Committee to *the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head*
       doesn't get it
       the Misappropriated Committee to Test the RecSec reports success
       the Ad-Hoc I'm a Laserplane Committee: "pew pew I'm a laserplane"
       the Ad-Hoc Jeff Dunham Fan Club approves
       motion to change the name to "superluminal limbo committee" - not friendly
       this committee is in favor of KGB playing limbo at Get Board Get Carded so that KGB will fall on its ass
       motion to append cthulhu to the purpose - not friendly
       motion to append "nothing is friendly" to purpose - friendly
       motion to lower the limbo bar
       the RecSec Hates Fun Committee approves of the new purpose
       eforney: "those lights look like personality cores from Portal 2"
       vote: passes with purpose "*the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head*; nothing is friendly"
       sold $7 pcd, chairs anybody who limbos supersonically
   create the Supersonic Cthulhu committee to *the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head* *cthulhu*
       your doom has never arrived quite so fast
       motion to change the name of the committee to Sonic Cthulhu - no second
       motion to change the name of the committee to Sonic Cthulhu the Hedgehog Committee - fails
       the What is This I Don't Even Committee says dammit you guys
       motion to change the name of the committee to Kitty Cthulhu Committee with purpose meow + *cthulhu*
       vote: passes as the Kitty Cthulhu Committee with purpose "meow + *cthulhu*"
       sold $4 dmeng, chairs #cslounge-kittens
   create the Committee of Vicarious Sleepers to appoint vicarious sleepers for the sleep deprived
       dmeng slept 18 hours in a 24-hour period
       eforney rambles for a while
       motion to append to committee name "...in bed" - not recognized
       the Misappropriated Monty Python Committee reports, "Get on with it!"
       vote: passes
       sold $2 dmeng, chairs anyone with a massive amount of sleep after all-nighter
   create the Supersonic Screwdriver Committee to "would you like a jelly baby?"
       postponed indefinitely
   create the I'm Going to Sleep... In Bed Committee to give a whole old meaning to the phrase "in bed"
       I'm really hungry if you know what I mean... I want dinner
       I submitted that programming assignment if you know what I mean
       the Ad-Hoc 213 Torture Committee reports: what the fuck is sleep?
       motion to change the name of the committee to "exactly what it says on the box" - no second
       vote: passes
       sold $2 Scorri. chairs all
   create the Fonzie Committee to ayyyyy
       tbroman dressed up as fonzie in 1st grade
       "motion to cool-story that bro" - passes
       motion to append "beeeee, ceeee, deeee, eeeee" to purpose - passes
       motion to jump a shark
       motion to nuke the fridge
       vote: abstained (passes) with purpose "ayyyyy, beeee, ceeee, deeeee, eeeeee"
       sold $1 sacunnin, chairs anyone who can sing alphabet going aaayyyyy, beee....
   create the Read to Us, eforney Committee to put words in front of the President
       motion to append "quiet coyote" to purpose
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to change the purpose to "to put words in eforney's mouth" - passed
       eforney reads an abstract
       eforney reads some chem notes
       motion to change purpose to "to put words in eforney's mouth, in bed" - not recognized
       the jbonaparte Committee reports success
       motion to investigate creating a broader definition of "words"
       do not give your password to anyone
       This is america. All plural nouns mean boobs
       sticks and stones may break my bones, but only words go in my mouth!
       boobs and boobs may break my boobs, but only boobs go in my mouth!
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tbroman. chairs him
   create The Most Dangerous Game Committee to play land-shark jumping, hump catting, and bear dynamite tennis
       the Misappropriated Don't Worry, It's For Science Committee approves
       the Committee to Arm Bears approves
       motion to append to purpose: cthulhu-hunting (friendly)
       the Guild of Calamitous Intent is hosting a land-shark jumping tournament at its place this weekend. Y'all should come on down.
       The Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee wants to append blender toss to the purpose
       Supersonic Limbo appended to the purpose
       the Ad-Hoc KGB Psychoanalytics Committee wants a piece of this!
       the land sharks will have freaking lasers on their freaking foreheads
       diplomacy and dragons appended to purpose
       skyscraper jenga appended to purpose
       the Oh Shit, What have I Done Committee will just go hide in a corner
       the Fonzie Committee demands that leather jackets be involved in any land-shark jumping.
       vote: passes
       sold $5 dmeng, chairs are the Oh Shit, What Have I Done Committee (currently the Committee of the Whole)
   motion to remain motionless unless an outside force acts upon us
   create the In-Order Committee to make serious points about the Out of Order Committee
       the Ad-Hoc Out of Order Committee approves
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Out of Order Committee - friendly
       the Worcester Committee for Unwanted Committees approves
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to out of order the create committee
       motion to disband the out of order committee (out of order)
       motion to create the "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Committee (out of order)
       the Light Elmo on Fire Committee reports success (in an Elmo voice)
       postpone until Dec 21 2012 - passes
   create the Out of Order Execution Committee to further the KGB's knowledge of modern computer architecture concepts
       motion to change the purpose to "to take out death row inmates in random order" - fails
       postpone until dec 10 2012 - fails
       vote: passes
       sold $3 dkirby - disbanded
   allocation for $50 for event


   EVENT! Improv night! You should come! PH A18*!
   Puzzle Hunt! Nov 12. Mark your calendars.
   Booth: submit themes ideas!


   CircleK doing something sponsored by Children's Miracle Network: all-night 24-hour gaming marathon for charity, kind of like Relay for Life.
   $20/hr for WoW - check the bboard
   fucking teenagers
   gswagner wants to DnD3.5. Check rpg.omg
   we purple
   we gtfo