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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       Took the GRE on Friday - it's pretty easy. They say to allot 5 hours, completed in 3
       Saturday: Kiltie Kiltie Kiltie
       phone throws null pointer exception if you try to use the alarm
       Sunday: did a lot of stuff for a lot of non-school stuff
       Had a weekend!
       led Improv night--boatload of fun, boatload of improv (note: the standard unit of improv is a boatload)
       did not eat Saturday, Jewing it up
           now has no sins
       did homework outside, saw shirtless guys sunbathing
       new people:
           Alex, undecided (non-CS), Menlo Park CA, is the middle of 3 brothers
       Had a weekend!
       playtested Aeronauts
       collected data, found interesting things
       EVENT! KGB Digs its Own Grave, 7PM Friday. Location pending (now DH A310)
       Had a weekend!
       cooked on Saturday, with citrus
       laser shows
       Sunday: lots of homework, and lots of homework, and not a lot of sleep
       has interviews today! wooooo!
       Submit to Pravda?!
       Had a weekend!
       Lots of fun. Probably wouldn't have been quite so much fun if there wasn't quite so much work to avoid.
       KGB Presents: KGB Presents: Improv Night was great, disc golf on Sunday
       may or may not have inspired a children's book called "The Hasty Synonym"
       ate 5 meals yesterday. Hopefully this means he's no longer sick.
       Believed 6 impossible things before breakfast this morning
       Had a weekend!
       Kiltie all day Saturday
       Sunday: programming interview, 8 hours of programming. Probably not going to work for them, oh well
       Mad Mex. All the Mad Mex.
       woke up to a party in his apartment
       paid to perform a wedding ceremony on Saturday
           didn't go off without a hitch, but that's a good thing
       helped take a picture of a chalk drawing of a pony
       stole some baggers?

Committee Reports

   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Prevent Presidential Assassinations reports, *shotgun pump-action* "hi guys"
   ITR Committee reports, ITR Games on Saturday!
   The Counterpoint, Hawks Are Awesome Committee is seeing the CFA hawks again. And the turkeys are gone from the Greek quad.
   The Taxidermy Committee reports: if you stuff a paper airplane with cotton, it no longer flies. Same thing with birds.
   The Ad-Hoc Appreciating Readme Committee clipped the article about the hipster-off and did something with it
   The Ad-Hoc Cute Things I Found On the Internet Committee reports: Corgi!
       (Relevant to this committee's interests: #cslounge-kittens)
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee reports: if you thought those turkeys were bad, wait for the roving gang of peacocks
   Booth Committee reports: submit and discuss ideas on the web app!
   The Supersonic Limbo Committee reports success
   The Shawn and Quxuum Variety Hour notes: size of a load / ton is directly proportional to the amount of swearing that prefixes it; putting "metric" before also adds to it
   Storytelling Committee: 2 stories from the remote past (1992?)
       Shawn as student cluster manager: BS'd his boss into naming computers Ren & Stimpy
       contact information puns. Shawn was known as Prekie Bait; at one time picked up a girl with "hey little girl, I have some candy in my van"
   The Ad-Hoc "Hey, I'm a Junior Now" Committee would like to report "I have some candy in my van"
       "congratulations Dan, now you'll take 15 years to graduate"

Old Business

   the thing: fwatson gives it to cshaffer. Not his fault: baggers running as far away as they can

New Business

   create the Committee to Make labbott a Bagger to "see above"
       Operation confuse-a-host!
       the Committee to Turn labbott Into a Dominatrix is intrigued
       vote: passes
       sold $5 egarbade, chairs all
   create the Committee to Make acrichto Speak for One Whole Minute to "We're all friends here, you can talk to us"
       acrichto talks for a minute
       Shawn appoints Alex a chair of Storytelling Committee
       motion to change the name of the committee to "Have Alex Talk About Balls for a Minute Committee"
       postpone until next week - passes
   create the Committee to Appreciate Dave Winters to appreciate Dave Winters for all the hard work he does to keep GHC3000 running
       motion to replace "appreciate" with "depreciate" in the name of the committee - unfriendly
       motion to append "and give him Skittles" to the purpose of the committee - friendly
       the Committee to give Scorri More Sugar considers expanding its role
       if you oppose this committee you have no soul
       vote: passes (with purpose "to appreciate Dave Winters for all the hard work he does to keep GHC3000 running, and give him Skittles"
       sold $4 pcd, chairs him and dwinters
   create the Metaphysical Cobblers Committee to look after the souls of everyone in the KGB
       "you really trying to shoehorn a pun into that"
       the Committee to groan at bswolf's jokes says: "you are a heel, sir"
       "this committee is pretty tounge-in-cheek"
       "this is not a pun"
       "we're pretty straight-laced here"
       "you really nailed this one"
       "we're really clogging up the meeting here"
       "we should buckle down on punning"
       "I can't sandal any more of this"
       "we're falling down a slippery slope"
       "I'm flip-flopping over whether this is a good idea"
       "someone will have to foot the bill for all this"
       "people have to stop loafing around"
       "this entire committee was a croc to begin with"
       "aglets drop this already"
       vote: passes
       sold $7 tvaughan, chairs bswolf
   create the Legendary Epithet Committee to introduce people when they enter the room
       add a golf clap after every announcement?
       All rise for the Hon. Judge eforney! (but he didn't say "eforney says")
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Epic Epithet Committee
       i thot i thaw a puddy tat
       remove "when they enter the room" from purpose - passes
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to purple
           we are now in purple
       vote: passes as the Epic Epithet Committee to introduce people
       sold $5 dmeng, chairs tvaughan
   create the Epic Habitat Committee to buy KGB a fortress of solitude and a secret base in the Himalayas
       welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain
       Can we all get white fluffy cats?
       request report from the treasurer on how many cats we can buy (how much is a cat?)
       the KG-Beast exists, not sure if it's a superhero or a villain
       vote: passes
       sold $3 afalk, chairs her, anyone who wants to make an epic habitat
   create the KGB is Silly Committee to make the KGB even sillier
       suggest that the C is the C of the whole
       append "er" to purpose - passes
       append "er" to purpose - dilettory
       the Recursive Committee reports a good start
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to seafoam green (out of order)
       append "er" to name - friendly
       append "est" to purpose - friendly
       append "est" to name - passes
       vote: passes as the KGB is Sillierest Committee to make the KGB even silliererest
       sold $4 shawn, chairs the Committee of the Whole
   create the Interrupting Cow Committee to MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
       many knock-knock jokes are told
       "this committee is bull"
       vote: passes
       sold $8 jsappel, chairs him
   create the Out of Order Committee - not recognized
   create Ron Paul Fanfiction Committee to "and then I saw him. The love of my life, Ron Paul"
       motion to change "Ron" to "Tron" in purpose and name - not friendly
       motion to postpone indefinitely - fails
       "Well, at least I have chicken"
       "Leroy, you idiot"
       The Supersonic Limbo Committee reports success
       They told me I couldn't make an airplane out of KGB votes... they were definitely right
       vote: passes
       sold $3 memcginn, chairs people who go to KGB improv night
   create the Aerial Reconnaissance Committee to take KGB flying
       the Airship Piracy Committee approves
       the Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee approves
       this committee preemptively reports one count of success, one count of failure
       the Leonardo da Vinci Committee reports, YES!
       vote: passes
       sold $2 shawn, chairs gswagner
   motion to allocate $75 for microphone and snacks for karaoke - it's a good idea


   EVENT! Karaoke! It'll be rad! Dig our own grave! (An acceptable level of rads)
   Go to the booth app and discuss things!


   Nerf War! mid-semester weekend?
   KGB Laser Tag!
   october 24 is shiny day
   Relay for Life this friday! please stop by. Also please donate.
   programming team is having a code script party
   ITR games! Wean 4 couches! Sunday 10pm!
   Paul & Storm concert at the Rex this weekend!
   we GTFO