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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       Relay for life!
       Hung out at Karaoke
       did AXO stuff Saturday
       sunday: rolls! first time this year
       took a nap
       Had a weekend!
       Improv show
       Relay for Life
       filmed stuff for PuzzleHunt
       did work and shit
       new people: 
           Jane, MechE, NJ, has a dog
       Free bird is free!
       EVENT! KGB Goes conspicuously missing (movie night) - DH 1212, Friday 7pm
       Had a weekend!
       Karaoke! that was cool
       went shopping: vintage clothing stores. Now has a halloween costume, that's cool
       ITR, that was cool
       OS - passed chekckpoint, also cool
       now needs to do more OS. Not so cool.
       has Pravda?!
       Had a weekend!
       Karaoke was lots 'n' lots of fun
       Improv show in the middle
       Saturday is a big blank in memory
       Sunday: a little work, but the heuristic suitcase law of time management took its toll
       Forgot the clipboard. Again. Had to go back for it.
       On the way, saw an old lady who would have ripped him apart with her teeth if he was wearing his Packers hat.
       "This morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know."
       Had a weekend! Partially in CA
       left Thursday after class. Spent more time travelling than *in* CA?
       checkpoint 1 was due in OS
       There is a weird Tartan article about peeing
       We could take care of a cat for 38 months with the contents of the treasury
       Had a weekend! (probably)
       doesn't really remember - a blur
       watched Die Hard with a vengeance
       be very careful what terrorist brothers you kill

Committee Reports

   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Throw Money at Non-Treasurers reports two counts of success: Paul and Storm
   The Ad-Hoc Pravda? Confusion Committee is confused about Pravda?
   The Ad-Hoc Similarities Between the KGB Wiki and the Fifth Season of "Lost" Committee reports: 
               it raises more questions than it answers...
   The Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee thanks mmeyerho for Pravda?
   The Computer Club Committee says: this weekend, Friday and Saturday, C Club is hosting Demo Splash!
   Puzzling Committee reports PuzzleHunt is happening! 11/12, 12pm. Recruiting video shown. Sign up at mazeoftwistypassages.com
   The Ad-Hoc Terrifying Rictus Committee reports Bubbles' smile strikes fear into his heart
   The Webcomic Committee reports tremendous success... [nobody gets it] "You're all heathens"
   The Ad-Hoc R&B Appreciation Committee reports: if R. Kelly came to CMU, his andrew would be rkelly
       Except not really, his first name is something else, not Robert
           [fact check: his first name *is* Robert]
       If Andy Dick ever came to CMU...
   The Ad-Hoc Keeping Pravda?s Out of the Trash Committee reports failure
   The AndrewID Committee would like to identify Andrew as Andrew Carnegie
   The AndrewID COmmittee would like to identify Andrew as Andrew Mellon
   The Ad-Hoc Cold Hands Committee reports: I wear arm warmers now. Arm warmers are cool.
   The Ad-Hoc What Madness is This? Committee asks, "What madness is this?" 
       (it's Oren's)
   Storytelling Committee: Sullytelling
       Sully tells Sullies #7 ("Don't Tell Anybody"), 1 ("You can die of loneliness too!"), 23 ("The Tempest")

Old Business

   the thing: cshaffer gives it to zac. Not his fault this week: the lack of black people in KGB
   Discussion of the Have Alex Talk About Balls for a Minute Committee to "We're all friends here, you can talk to us"
       Alex says "Balls"
       motion to change the name of the committee to "Have Alex Talk About Kittens for One Minute Committee" - friendly
       Alex talks about kittens and the Unitarian Universalist church
       motion to change the name of the committee to "Have Alex Talk About Pussy for One Minute Committee" - friendly

New Business

   create the Immediate, Even Sudden, Improvised Musical Instruments Committee to *blows across bottle*
       "If you talk through a tube, it becomes an instrument."
       *Much music is made with mouths*
       "If you talk through an airplane, it becomes an instrument."
       If you talk through your ass, it becomes  politics."
       If you talk through a chair, it becomes an instrument."
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tvaughan, chairs "I own all the music committees!"
   Create That Other Music Committee to bankrupt tvaughan
       "Boy, this committee sure loves They Might Be Giants!"
       motion to change the name of the committee to "They Might Be Committee" - fails
       motion to change the name of the committee to "Tim's Awesome Music Committee That He Will Never Own" - dilettory
       vote: passes
       sold $9 dkirby, chairs him
   create the Nostalgia Frankenstein Committee to dig up, stitch together, and resurrect the zeitgeist of the '90s
       Boyz 2 Men
       did everybody else ever notice there was only one hallway on Boy meets World? and it led, like, everywhere
       Can we include Doogie Howser in the '90s for the purposes of this committee?
       Are we really that eager to drowning [sic] in pogs again?
       You can buy pogs on Amazon...
       Motion to purple - we are now in purple
       "But how do you figure out the algorithm for how many toppings he wants on his pizza?"
       Motion to purple - we are now in purple
       Motion to seafoam green - out of order
       vote - passes
       sold $3 tbroman, chairs "none of you"
   create the Conspicuous Crossover Committee to both anticipate and dread NightRider's Guide to the Galaxy
       Drew Carey lives in the same universe as Doctor Who
       motion to change the name of the committee to "conspicuous crossdressers' committee": unfriendly
       How does this committee feel about linking anything to the past? 
           it anticipates it and dreads it
       the fanfiction.net Committee reports, oooohh...
       The Ad-Hoc Goddammit, Comma, You Guys Committee reports goddammit, comma, you guys
       vote: passes
       sold $4 jcolmar, chairs him and special guest star the rest of KGB
   create Mirror Universe KGB to goatees
       append to purpose "to cross into the real universe and slay the real KGB" - not friendly
       change name to Mirror Farmers KGB, purpose to "goats" - unfriendly
       mirror zsparks listens to Dave Matthews Band, drinks mainstream beer
       append to purpose "to act completely normal in every way"
       vote: passes
       sold $4 sacunnin, chairs people with goatees in next 5 weeks
   create the Candy Hospital Committee to care for poor sad injured candies
       Just give them lifesavers
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Almond Joy Insane Asylum, with purpose "sometimes you feel like a nut" (fails)
       I bite off the heads off animal crackers because it's more humane
       the Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar finds this committee completely unnecessary
       will the hospital have a Pez ward for bulimia?
       vote: passes
       sold $4 memcginn, chairs whoever decides they want to
   motion to allocate $50 for movie night - it's a good idea


   EVENT! Movie Night! DH1212
   We will be voting on Booth themes next meeting! discuss them on the Booth Theme app
   CtFwS 11/4


   Shiny Day next monday
   Avi turns 21 tomorrow
   MLP Friendship is Magic
   KGB Lazertag! Thursday!
   AXO is doing all you can eat nachos and tacos
   Come to Urinetown!
   We GTFO