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Officer reports

       Happy Birthday eforney! Salute and a birthday song
       Had a weekend!
       went out with kelly, saw movies, pumpkin picking, saw The Hamiltons, chillaxed, went to another person's birthday, phone died
       Had a weekend!
       went to new york, parents, saw a guy with waxed hair and a tweed trenchcoat "the civil rights movement".
       New people - Mila, Professional and Creative Writing, Iceland, slept in today
       Had a weekend!
       It was after a week
       TIME, movies, "fair and balanced" voting systems
       EVENT: Halloween Party, costumes, candy x 4
       Had a weekend!
       laser tag, movie night, kennywood, os, PRAVDA?!
       Looks like mhranick
       Had a weekend!
       There was football- Bears won! (Packers also won, meh)
       Got sick and did homework
       Had a weekend!
       Turned 21
       procrastinated, did work
       looks like dkirby
       Had a weekend!
       Forgot all the parts not with Dan
       went to shadyside, fed pussies (rglenn), drove a lot, started wrestling federation


   Calendar Committee: it's eforney's birthday! motion to kick teki in the ass!
   The Guild of Calamitous Intent will be assisting the Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee in collecting pony brains and other pony parts
   The Ad-Hoc Committee for Bronies and Whovians Not to Kill Each Other says don't worry, I'm not committing suicide
   The Shiny Day Committee says, it's Shiny Day!
   The Ad-Hoc Whovian Committee refuses to acknowledge the Ad-Hoc Committee for Bronies and Whovians not to kill each other
   The Airship Piracy Committee expresses excitement and anticipation over 3 musketeers
   The Timey Wimey Committee has one of those too!
        (ooh, everybody's a doctor!)
   The Ad-Hoc Steampunk Adaptations Committee says it was really more like assassins creed than 3 musketeers
   The Ad-Hoc You Could Have Read This One on Facebook Committee says, you could have read this one on Facebook

Old Business

   zac gives the thing to tbroman. not his fault: booooooooth

New Business

   create the Regal Moniker Committee to change eforney's name to Gloria Sleader
       the Supersonic Limbo Committee reports *the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head*
       the Mark on Your Own Shoes Committee reports ohh :(....
       motion to change the name of this committee to "What was the name of this committee? I forgot the joke" - friendly
       vote: passes as "What was the name of this committee? I forgot the joke"
       sold $2 angibson, chairs linguists
   create the Suspicious Packages Committee to wouldn't you like to know what's in ou--it's empty
       (someone almost comes in, but doesn't)
       motion to change the purpose to "did somebody order a large sausage?" - not friendly
       motion to change the purpose to "placing random packages around campus" - no, it's a bad idea
       motion to change the purpose to "absolutely not placing random packages around campus" - not friendly
       motion to change the purpose to "to offer large sausages to bomb squads" - no second
       motion to change the purpose to "that awkward moment when you leave your empty package on the street and it blows the whole street down"
       motion to append to the purpose "putting groucho marx glasses on boxes" - friendly
       vote: passes with purpose "that awkward moment when you leave your empty package on the street and it blows the whole street down; putting Groucho Marx glasses on boxes"
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs people with suspicious packages
   create the Federal Annoyance Commission to "hey, listen!"
       vote: passes
       sold $2 dkirby, DISBANDED
   create the Whoooooo, I'm a Ghoooost Committee to I'm a ghost or a squid, I dunno
       this committee abstains
       the Squid is Abstention and Octopus is Abstention Committee approves
       the Ad-Hoc Exorcisms Committee offers its services
       motion to change the purpose to: this is actually the original end to blair witch (no action)
       the Ad-Hoc Ghost Stories Committee tells a ghost story and in it NYC was a ghoooost!
       vote: passes
       sold $2 ccolombo, chairs *squid arms*
   create the Squid Exorcism Committee to exorcise all the squids
       motion to change the purpose of the committee to "to prevent squids from becoming overweight" (appended)
       Point of Information: how will you get a treadmill underwater?
       The Evil Seafood League disapproves of this committee
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Squid Exercise C with similar purpose - no second
       Do squids prefer treadmills or stair machines?
       vote: passes
       sold $1 memcginn, chairs esummers
   create the Committee to use Michaela as a Groundhog for Winter to if Michaela is barefoot, it is not winter
       pretty sure Michaela will still be barefoot in winter...
       ccolombo had 2 friends who had a competition to wear shorts and flip-flops longer into the winter--frostbite resulted
       if Michaela takes off her shoes before bed, it's summer again
       vote: passes
       sold $3 memcginn, chairs Michaela, tbroman, other bright ideas
   create the Carnegie Mellon64 Committee to Halloween is coming, I propose we get a bunch of people to dress up like MarioKart characters and run around on campus
       motion to replace "Halloween" in the purpose with "Winter", and "MarioKart" with "Game of Thrones" (no second)
       motion to change the purpose of the committee to "make every garbage can look like pipes" - appended
       motion to append to the purpose: placing paper banana peels on walkways - friendly
       motion to table - fails
           Xander, you're the only one who reads the minutes I write.
       vote: passes
       sold $3 mbritton, chairs him and Bowser
   create the Water Temple Therapy Committee to heal psychological damage from water-based levels, especially Ocarina of Time's
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Japanese Water Torture Committee - friendly
       the Supersonic Limbo Committee reports: it's a reference to a video game
           in general, if you don't get it, it's probably a reference to a video game or Doctor Who
       vote: passes
       sold $3 amckinni, chairs anyone who has played Ocarina of Time on N64
   Booth Committee reports out of order - submit Boooooooth themes!
   Puzzling Committee is out of order - sign up for PuzzleHunt!
   allocate $50 for candy for event - it's a good idea
   create the I Kill Fairies with the MasterSword Committee to whenever someone says "hey listen" to hit them with the master sword
       motion to append to the purpose "hey glisson" - friendly
       you can never win. There will always be another meme
       motion to table - fails
       motion to append to the purpose "make Margarita commit first-degree murder" - friendly
       Point of Information: is fairicide really a crime?
       we are now in purple
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee
       motion to seafoam green - out of order
       vote: passes
       sold $4 egarbade, DISBANDED
   create the Amended Chinese Calendar Committee to realize that this year is probably the yaer of the squid
       every year is the year of the squid with KGB
       change purpose to "the year of the silent coyote" - no second
       How does this committee feel about emus that may or may not be tall? (depends on how tall) (people do tallest emu)
       vote: passes
       sold $1 memcginn, DISBANDED
   create the KGB Election Commission to come up with invalid but lulzy voting systems
       if you murder any of the members of exec, you have to hold elections 
           (not true)
       motion to hold a blood-type vote
       NomNominations Committee reports nom nom
       motion to vote by natural selection
       motion to vote by thunderdome
       motion for a roll call vote (fails)
       motion to vote with a knitting contest
       motion to vote by 1 vote per committee owned
       motion to vote by 1 dollar, 1 vote
       motion to vote by vote by starting a revolution
       motion to vote by hash table
       motion to vote by number of fucks given
       motion to cast ballots out of bronze
       motion to vote by air cannon
       motion to cast bronze vote at exec
       vote: disapproval vote eliminates "fails", approval vote eliminates "abstains" - "passes" wins
       sold $7 tbroman, chairs him, tvaughan, anyone running movie night


   EVENT! Halloween party!
   PUzzleHunt will happen


   Happy birthday eforney
   ITR might happen?
   Fright Night might happen
   Axis of Awesome cancelled
   Homecoming Weekend means lots of free food