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Officer Reports

       Has a muffin!
       Had a weekend
       Was nyancat for halloween
       jzimmerm: A wizard always arrives precisely when he means to
       went to opera!
       did a bunch of other things saturday
       boring non-activity sunday
       is now a zebra (pronounced in the pretentious British way)
       eforney's eating a muffin
       Had a weekend!
       Played mafia at halloween party. We should do that more often.
       Booth stuff happened
       learned there are new episodes of Fairly Oddparents still being made
       new people: none
       looks like dbesse
       has a guitar!
       it's CtFwS time! (CtFwS time song)
       had a weekend
       halloween party: had lots of daggers on her person, ate lots of candy
       ITR. It was fun, there was a bswolf
       CtFwS week means even more people coming back!
       Had a weekend!
       Halloween party was OK, except for Mafia which was awesome!
       Kage Kleanup smelled like turpentine
       ITR was amazing.
       Packers had a bye week, so naturally watched 4 hours of football
       friendly reminder not to kill anyone at all during Booth discussion
       Had a weekend!
       which began in CA
       really confusing- red-eye to get back for Kiltie, but Kiltie was cancelled due to snow
           had lots of chili instead
       did OS stuff-that's kind of boring
       Ladies and gentlemen of the KGB, We will pass through the American patrols, past their sonar nets, and lay off their largest city, and listen to their rock and roll... while we conduct missile drills. 
       (his Halloween costume is Marko Raimus)

Committee Reports

   The Committee to Groan at Ben Wolf's Jokes misappropriates the Storytelling Committee
       story about land wars in Asia: the unhelmeted army won, because cooler heads will prevail
   The Ad-Hoc Small World Committee, in conjunction with the Misappropriated Creepy Stalker Committee and the Ad-Hoc Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover Committee: was at a music festival, got a hotel room with creepy dudes, random girl comes back to room with one of the guys. Turns out she goes to Pitt and her brother is at CMU. Guess what: her brother is Glisson
   Booth Committee Report - Booth Theme Discussion
       My Little Pony and Doctor Who have been removed as choices. Too divisive to the org. We have 10 options (list below)
       Oren: Star Trek should go back up on the list (dkirby concurs)
       Xander: no it shouldn't: if we don't do it well enough, people will be disappointed. It won't look real. It's too iconic.
       vote: it does not go back up
       What's a giant TV booth? it's the inside of a TV. Would we have a projector inside? maybe
           would probably be a CRT model
       Crime Scene: not based on any particular show, just a general crime plot but also kid-friendly
       What would Wonka be?
           just the candy room. Art-heavy. "WE ARE NOT DOING A WATERFALL" - Scorri, all other Booth chairs
       pcd: how is Wonka on TV? it's a movie? (but it's been on TV)
       memcginn: why are MLP and Doctor Who missing? (topic for later, not this discussion)
       Marlena: crime scene (-): it would be hard to do because not kid-friendly
           price is right (-) because you can only reproduce the set, not much else you can do
       dkirby: agree crime scene (-)
           twilight zone (-) because very character-driven, not memorable visuals (note: itym plot-driven?)
       kharring: idea of twilight zone was to make a twilight-zone story at CMU
       Avi: dexter's lab (?) how well can we reproduce the animation style?
           art people say they can do it
       Xander: we have many more art people than before
       pcd: crime scene would have to be the tropes. But that wouldn't be very interesting for those who haven't watched lots of those shows
       zac: dexter's lab (-) for would be uninteresting those who haven't seen it
       Sully: things people need to think about: every booth needs visuals, game, education 
           eforney: (except not educational content this year, they took it out because everyone just BS'd it)
       Oren: Would Wonka have any edible components?
               answer:wonka would not be edible
               oren: that might disappoint people
           sesame st: how feasible would having people manipulating muppets be? (somewhat...)
       dbesse: Futurama (-), Schoolhouse Rock (-), Twilight Zone (-): these might go over kids' heads
       Marlena: most of these there's only one thing we can do with, except Giant TV and Animal Planet
       Margarita: one theme similar to wonka is Alice in Wonderland. (But it's too late for new ideas)
       tbroman: @Marlena: keeping our options open now does not actually mean we will have more stuff in our booth. It's an 18x18 box.
       dmeng: would schoolhouse rock have the songs? (Quite possibly)
       pcd: does no eatability apply to the prizes? (yes)
           is the 2-people-per-shift thing a rule or our manpower limit? (not clear)
       dkirby: Animal Planet: what's on it?
           each room would be a different biome (eforney)
       tvaughan: if you're afraid of things too show-specific, remember that the whole carnival is show specific. Tons of show-specific booths
       vote: Dexter's Lab 21
           Futurama 7
           Giant TV 38
           Twilight Zone 13
           Crime Scene 4
           Price is Right 3
           Animal Planet 11
           Sesame Street 9
           Schoolhouse Rock 7
           Willy Wonka 13
       Planning meetings start this Sunday evening! 8 in PH A18B (tentative)
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Misspell Names of Characters on TV Shows reports: success, at CMU Ceilidh Weekend
   The Gratuitous Obscenities Committee, in conjunction with the Ad-Hoc Committee to Make Alex Talk About Balls For a Minute, the Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar, the Committee to Give Scorri More "Sugar", the Committee to Burn Down Roselawn 7, and the Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7, reports: there will be a party at 7, probably not with 8, at 9
   The Misappropriated Pop Occultism Committee reports: "correction does much but encouragement everything"
   The Guild of Calamitous Intent is slightly disappointed over the lack of bloodshed during the Booth discussions
   The Puzzling Committee doesn't see any information about PuzzleHunt on the board
   The Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar is having its annual festival today
   The Ad-Hoc Committee for Waking Up 5 Minutes Before an Exam reports success
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Destroy the One Ring makes its presence known (jzimmerm is Gandalf)
   The Committee to Use Michaela as a Groundhog for Winter reports: it's not winter anymore, but it was on Friday
   The Ad-Hoc KGBeeple Committee has a KGBeeple drawings
   The Ad-Hoc "Awwwww" Committee reports success
   The Ad-Hoc Redshirts Commitee reports: Michaela still lives
   The Ad-Hoc Creeper Commitee reports: sssssssssss
   The Ad-Hoc 150 TA Committee reports: the rationals are not closed under square root...

Old Business

   tbroman gives the thing to pcd. Not his fault: warfare over the lack of bloodshed in KGB meetings/Booth discussions

New Business

   Create the Exorcisms Committee to banish, destroy and bind all malicious spirits, ghosts and spirits
       As an evil spirit, tvaughan feels discriminated against
       Whoooooo, I'm a Ghoooost Committee reports
       motion to append squids to the purpose: not friendly because it's redundant
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       vote: no, but yes
       sold $1 Xander, chairs anybody who has successfully performed an exorcism
   Create the Out of Order, Chaos Committee to run amok in serious places, on Halloween and pretty much any other time
       motion to change the purpose to "to go to student senate meetings" (friendly)
       bswolf would like to point out that we already have the Committee of the Whole
       comment requested from the Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee 
           DWifS says, "don't worry, we've got this one"
       Clyde: his original platform for Sergeant at Arms was that he was good at chaos, which is kind of like order, so he approves
       Sully makes a reference to FreakFest that only Broman gets
       vote: passes with the purpose "To go to Student Senate Meetings"
       we are now in purple
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs the Guild of Calamitous Intent, the Shenanigans Committee
   create the Ursine Army Committee to create an army with literal bear heads
       this committee approves of the right to bear arms
       bear cavalry are also supported
       motion to append bare appendices - not friendly
       motion to change the name of the committee to Cosine Army Committee - not friendly, fails
       dbesse: the Ursine Army has already fought a couple of battles... their force was just barely enough
       mbritton: is there any sort of application or barrier to entry in this army?
       dmeng: call to question, I can't bear it any more!
       vote: passes
       sold $12 dbesse, chairs Jared and him
   create the Every Committee Passes Committee to point out that every committee passes
       motion to table - tabled
   create the Dude, Where's My Submarine? Committee, whose purpose is the Hunt for Red October
       the Ad-Hoc Sean Connery Committee says be careful what you shoot at in a submarine
       picture Ashton Kutcher in the Hunt for Red October
       memcginn: we found white October this week
       tvaughan wrote a Sink the Bismarck/Hunt for Red October slashfic
       motion to purple october - ???
       call to question
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tvaughan, chairs cshaffer
   create the Balrog Awareness Committee to prevent balrogs from passing
       this committee shall not pass!
       as a balrog, tvaughan is offended
       the 251 Torture Committee approves
       the Conspicuous Crossover Committee approves
       motion to append to the purpose "to reduce the foolishness of Tooks" - friendly
       motion to append to the purpose "keeping it secret, keeping it safe" - friendly
       vote: passes with purpose "to prevent balrogs from passing; to reduce the foolishness of Tooks; keeping it secret, keeping it safe"
       sold $8 bswolf, chairs Middle Earth
   allocate up to $75 for CtFwS needs - it's a good idea


   EVENT: CtFwS!
   Advertising for CtFwS! Posters! Chalk! Paint the Fence? Mini-Fence
   Throw paper airplanes from doherty 2nd floor?
   Yellow/read headbands on Friday!
   Judges Meeting! Come to UC 306 at 5 tomorrow if possible. If not, email exec.
   PUzzle Hunt! Still happening. Week after CtFwS. Register! 11/12


   A bootleg of a really scary movie (Crybaby Lane) is airing forthe fist time on Nickelodeon
   Do a barrel roll!
   cluster gaming sunday at 6! bring headphones
   bring computers to cluster gaming!