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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       Needs her google calendar to recap it.
       Sorority event right before KGB--CtFwS!!!!!!!!
       215 people at the first game. including 6 pitt kids. it was amazing. except the rules didn't match themselves
       playtested puzzle hunt, it was awesome
       went to Banghra in the Burgh
       "interesting" is the only way to describe an R7 party.
       cleaned out the garage of the other booth org she works on
       got incredibly far on the readme (which is covered in memes)
       going to Facebook Q&A instead of class tomorrow
       Had a weekend!
       which started with fence-painting, and it's still there! (nobody else has taken the fence)
       CtFwS was a "whole barrel of laughs"
       R7 party - highlight was the aftermath, where there was a cigar and a wrapped condom found during cleanup
       Sunday - booth planning. We have a floorplan and front!
       new people - none
       EVENT! Video game night - Friday Night Fight Night in the WeH 5300 corridor
       Had a weekend! CtFwS. That was good
       started hacking together an AI for hackathon, but then left
       Had a weekend!
       CtFwS! It was awesome.
       I see your pitt people and raise you a Duquesne person.
       board games: played 7 wonders
       Saturday: ethiopian food, a party.
       Sunday: was going to do work, but cleaned the kitchen instead and some work
       kernel due in 2 weeks
       Had a weekend!
       CtFwS was super-awesome. Oh man, forgot how awesome CtFwS was.
       R7 was fun, and it was R7.
       Things supposed to happen: write a psych essay; leave early from R7; not buy any computer games. None of these things happened.
       Had a weekend!
       very similar to everyone else's
       fence painting
       got rules wrong at CtFws (but right at the same time--thanks, inconsistencies)
       we will burn the rules
       Saturday there was R7
       Sunday there was booth planning
       should have been more kernel work done
       Had a weekend!
       spent too much of it reading webcomics
       might have been reading webcomics for the last 24 hours
       his monitor has set his eyes on fire
       made a to-do list, then didn't do it (like his assignments)

Committee Reports

   The Ad-Hoc My Bad? Committee reports: If you're at a fencing tournament, and you make a little girl cry, you feel bad, but if you make a college girl cry it's just funny
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Find CtFwS Stuff after CtFwS reports success (and a Key)
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee reports that the sudden proliferation of kernels is due to a hankering for cyberpopcorn
   The Dan Kirby is So Full of Himself Committee, in conjunction with the Fun Facts About New Jersey Committee, reports: received postcard from aunt listing interesting facts about NJ, she appended "birthplace of Daniel J. Kirby"
   The Time Travel Committee reports success, we went one hour back over the weekend
   The Misappropriated Ben Wolf Memorial Committee reports that the Red Team is represented by red bands, the Yellow Team is represented by yellow bands, and the team you've never heard of is represented by indie bands
   The Mmmm, Popcorn Committee reports: no nuking popcorn
   The B| Committee reports, B|
   The Ad-Hoc Doctor Who's Weird Fashion Sense Committee reports: bow ties are cool... especially when you can tie them
   The Ad-Hoc Naum Kats is the Nicest Professor Committee makes a report which consists of eforney speaking in a funny Russian accent
   The Ad-Hoc I'm Sitting In Front of You Committee reports, "I'm sitting in front of you..."
   The Ad-Hoc 462 Procrastination Committee reports: I'll get to that ray tracer... later...
   The Ad-Hoc 213 Torture Committee reports: it's malloc o'clock
   The Puzzling Committee reports: look at the board (there's Puzzle Hunt info there)
   The Misappropriated 213 Torture Committee reports: "mal" as in "bad," "loc" as in "place"
   The Misappropriated Booth Committee reports: yo mama, last night
   The Misappropriated Yeah, That Committee reports: Yeah, that
   The Supersonic Limbo Committee reports: *the bright shiny sound projectiles make as they just miss your head*
   The Ad-Hoc Non-Torturing TA Committee reports: people are skipping his class for Zuck...
   The Misappropriated Booth Committee reports: yo dawg

Old Business

   pcd gives the thing to dmeng. Not his fault: workdeath involving kernels and raytracers

New Business

   Create the Committee for Grand Lord Pittsburgh to because he is watching over all of us
       The Grand Lord Pittsburgh has smiled upon us with his weather today
       The Grand Lord Pittsburgh frowned upon the Steelers
       dmeng: every single time winter comes, Grand Lord Pittsburgh gives us the cold shoulder
       Grand Lord Pittsburgh smiles upon all rioters
       tbroman: what??
       winter gets chilly in pittsburgh, and that's snow joke!
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tvaughan, chairs "oh god not $80"
   create the Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee to encourage Dan Kirby to devour his enemies
       dkirby: I'm already really fat... on the other hand superpowers
       The Remember Last Year's Elections Committee: Dan Kirby will be full of all of you
       The Misappropriated Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee says: Dan Kirby will be full of himself... and everyone else
       The Conspicous Crossovers Committee approves, if it comes with a Detective Munch cameo
       motion to change the name of this committee to the Out of Order Committee - dilatory
       the Misappropriated Time Travel Committee says: don't do it!
       vote: passes
       sold $8 skaefer, chairs whoever wants to--except dkirby
   create the Create "Walking to the Skyward Sword" Committee to replace the ugly monument with a mastersword
       isn't that kind of phallic?
       if it's longer than it's wide...
       the Ad-Hoc Highway to the Dangerzone Committee reports: walk along the razor's edge
       the Art Appreciation Committee comments: that artist is actually the pioneer of public art
       The Ad-Hoc We Played Spotlight a Lot Committee says: walk this way! talk this way
       cshaffer: it needs christmas lights so badly!
       the Time Travel Commitee reports: the next committee is relevant
       tvaughan: we need more giant lego men around campus!
       motion to postpone for 7 years - fails
       vote: passes
       sold $5 amckinni, chairs everyone besides dkirby
   create the Questionable Theory Conspiracy Committee to have you ever seen Batman and Clyde in the same room? have you ever seen Australia and Clyde in the same room?
       the Committee for Redundancy Committee reports success
       the Committee for Redundancy Committee reports success
       The Ad-Hoc Has That Ever Stopped Us Before? Committee reports, has that hever stopped us before?
       have you ever seen Batman and Australia in the same room?
       look, Superman would not need glasses. so he's not Clark Kent
       the Committee for Redundancy Committee reports that it reported success (x2)
       vote: passes
       sold $7 memcginn, chairs everyone but dkirby
   create the Film Club Committee to so every week I pick a movie and then you all watch it
       KGB makes a porno?
       motion to change the purpose to "to come up with arcane and obtuse voting systems" (appended)
       motion to change the name to "Terrible Film Club Committee"
       tvaughan is also offended
       every movie is mysoginyst anyway
       motion to append to purpose "have dkirby own this committee" - not friendly
       motion to change the purpose to KGB makes a porno, and it shall be called "film club"
       bubbles: here's the plot of "Film Club": a confused-looking gentleman looks into KGB and we all fuck him in the butt
       the Time Travel Committee says, remember remember the 5th of nov
       the Dammit You Guys Committee says dammit you guys
       motion to change the name to: Most Excellent Film Club Committee - friendly
       the Booth Committee would like to mention drilling and screwing...
       the Whoa! Committee says "Whoa!"
       append to purpose "spear-tunneling"
       call to question
       vote: passes as the Most Excellent Film Club Committee with pupose "Every week I pick a movie and then you all watch it, and come up with arcane and obtuse voting systems"
       sold $11 memcginn, chairs everyone including dkirby
   create the My Commentary Slipped My Mind Committee to there's a word for this in psychology, dammit
       wait no call on somebody else
       avi: I know exactly what I want to say
       ccolombo: but I hve no idea how fast I'm going
       the Ad-Hoc/Misappropriated Lolcat Committee says, cat got your tongue?
       the Uncertainty Committee reports ?
       motion to put all the physicists in one corner
       salutes all around!
       the Misappropriated Don't Worry, It's For Science Committee reports success!
       tvaughan wants to draw statistical significance to these two rows
       chaos is cute
       based on the high population density of those two rows, it must be New Jersey
       steffen: I'm from New Jersey and I find that offensive
       vote: passes
       sold $3 dmeng, chairs ???
   create the escorney Committee because rhyming is fun
       oooh, everybody's a linguist
       oh, you mean the lovechild of eforney and scorri
       molly: scorri made a girl cry with swords, be careful
       kharring: I would have eforney's love child
       KGB Makes a porno Committee approves
       change purpose to "something far, far dirtier" friendly
       change purpose to "because friendship is magic" fails
       change purpose to "that sounds kinky" friendly
       append to purpose "doodle" - no second
       vote: passes with purpose "that sounds kinky"
       sold $4 mnabraha, chairs everyone including dan kirby except for onthursdays
   allocate $50 for event - it's a good idea
   create the KGB's Mind is in the Gutter Committee to bring all of our committee discussions back to porn
       the Ad-Hoc Dammit You Guys Committee says dammit you guys
       the Misappropriated Gratuitous Obscenity Committee, Select Subcommittee for the Research and Development of Rule 34 says it's already trying
       motion to change the purpose to "Committe of the Hole"
       ministry of truth: dammit you guys
       change purpose to KGB makes a porno - fails
       vote: fails


   game night, with games. 7pm friday Wean 5300 corridor
   puzzle hunt on saturday! 12pm
       register on mazeoftwistypassages.com/register.html
   approximate 8pm end time
   booth meetings! we had one sunday at 8, we'll have another sunday at 8 in PH A18B


   this weekend egarbade will have a bagger and a half-empty room
   there is a free concert: the evening of puzzlehunt, but not at the same time. Tokyo Police Club