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Officer Reports

       Had a break!
       stayed in Pittsburgh
       watched Scott Pilgrim at movie night
       her computer sucks for watching movies; Christian's computer is awesome for watching movies
       voting system was "fine"
       video games were played
       played trombone in a thing
       attempted to cook things - aka bought cheese and gave it to the people who were cooking
       watched Archer
       Had a weekend!
       went to orlando, where his cousins are
       wore shorts and shit
       ate bad meat on Friday, was in bed and sad
       sunday - booth meeting
       new people (name, major, where from, something completely uninteresting)
           Shannon, CS, CA, has hair
       had a Thanksgiving
       saw friends, family, had delicious food
       it's uncomfortably warm today
       put on coat, went outside, "oh, I don't need my coat"
       there's a thing this week - GAMBLING. but FREE!
       Had a weekend
       and a thanksgiving
       went to Rochester, NY, where there is no snow
       Thanksgiving, and food
       came back on bus - supposed to be 4 hour bus ride, which seemed very convenient, except... sat on the shoulder of the highway for 4 hours. Bus shook every time a semi went by
       Had a long weekend!
       Also turkey
       also mono
       Student Health Services declined to test for mono
       Home doctor tested for mono...has mono
       very relaxed weekend, except for the not getting enough work done - paper due tomorrow; hasn't started
       really likes walking around own house in the dark and not running into things
       [plays video of Bubbles and Kelly lip-syncing to "Don't Trust Me"]
       looks like mbritton
       had a weekend, which was not as interesting as mbritton's
       he drove to NJ, had a Thanksgiving, then drove back - that's 14 hours of driving
       tvaughan asked him for a ride on sunday, then tvaughan's flight was delayed by 2 hours, so tvaughan did not get a ride
       had a weekend
       highlight: celebrated Melvin Day, the day they toss their Halloween jack-o-lanterns out the 3rd-story window
       also a haircut

Committee Reports

   The ad-hoc Committee to Make Months Excuses for Not Shaving Facial Hair: after No-Shave November comes Viking December
   The ad-hoc No Name Committee saw tbroman in the airport
   The misappropriated Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee: soo much sleep, so many dreams - involved Godzilla, girls, fighting monsters
   The bswolf Memorial Committee says there are two constants in the universe: death and taxis
   The ad-hoc Space Travel Committee: why does this room seem empty?
   The Puzzling Committee reports: we're gonna do it! we're gonna do it so hard.
   The misappropriated KGB's Evil Twin Committee reports: several crossovers over the holiday (haircuts)
   The Most Interesting Committee says: the Britton family doesn't usually buy pies, but when they do, they buy six
   The misappropriated Kitty Hawk Memorial Committee reports: *crash and burn*

Old Business

   afalk is absent. Not her fault: Thanksgiving weight gain

New Business

   create the Committee to Turn Exec into Lip-Syncing Pop Stars to yeah, that
       the Yeah, Pretty Much That Committee approves
       Bubbles: too late
       pcd: has that ever stopped us before?
       mhranick: I want it now
       the misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee is nervous
       the Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens wonders...
       the Awkward Palm Tree Committee wants to do karaoke
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs those who sing along to stupid songs
   create the Applied Qualifications Committee to "yeah I took an art history class, he's right"
       the XKCD Committee reports "I used to think correlation implied causation..."
       motion to change the name to the Applied Quantifications Committee (failed)
       tvaughan: yeah, I played lasertag.
       motion to change the name to the Theoretical Qualificaitons Committee (friendly)
       motion to change the name to the I Minored in ____ Committee (friendly)
       I know how programming works, because I wrote this web page once
       Alchemy is not a major at CMU, and if it was KGB would be the last to know
       memcginn: in statistics classes, everything is ok, because your threshhold for not ok is very low
       vote: passes as the I Minored in ____ Committee
       sold $7 Bubbles, chairs him, people who say minor (ever)
   create the TIE Fighters Committee to wildly misinterpret eforney's hand gestures
       motion to append to the purpose "and also watch Tony Jaa movies" (friendly)
       memcginn: bow ties are cool
       motion to append to the purpose "you can also use a tie as a garotte" (fails for lack of a second)
       motion to append to the purpose "to equip eforney with ion engines" (friendly)
       mandatory tye-dye pun
       vote: passes with the purpose "to wildly misinterpret eforney's hand gestures, and also watch Tony Jaa movies; to equip eforney with ion engines"
       sold $2 pcd, chairs everybody who owes the treasurer money
   create the Committee to Keep the Worldview of the KGB Pretty Much Exactly Even While Still Making Horrible Changes to even though Thanksgiving has passed, we should get canned food and then donate it to a war-torn country signed "love from the KGB"
       it's the thought that counts
       point of fact: pandora is not an african country
       motion to make the destination a city in eastern Germany (no second)
       'tis the season to be trolling, tralalalala
       itym trolololol
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tbroman, DISBANDED
   create the Kirby and McGinnis Variety Hour to tell silly stories and to make Doctor Who references and physics puns and stand on the side of the room
       eforney: you kind of look like shawn and quuxum...
       memcginn:note of warning: facial hair won't last
       motion to append to the purpose "and give everybody $20" - not friendly
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee - out of order
       vote: abstained
       sold $34 dkirby, chairs him and memcginn
   create the Imaginary Numbers Committee to create imaginary numbers like threeve and tweight
       how does this committee feel about imaginary colors?
       motion to append to the purpose "and to allow use of these in KGB payments" - ignored
       how does this committee feel about friendly numbers?
       does this mean that this committee has found a value for bleem?
       how does this committee feel about imaginary things to throw at rntz?
       on behalf of the ad-hoc Imaginary Numbers Committee, motion to rename to the Pretend Numbers Committee
       tbroman: it appears this committee creates more questions than answers...
       kharring: motion to postpone indefinitely: you don't really want to do this auction eforney...
       eforney: challenge accepted!
       vote: passes
       sold $26 dkirby, chairs him
   create the Shawn and Quuxum Memorial Committee to bid incredibly large sums for committees, and to have jobs
       seniors will have jobs soon
       the ad-hoc eforney is Full of Herself Committee reports success
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Patriotic KGBer Committee - not friendly
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Shawn and Quuxum Patriotic Memorial Hour - friendly
       the ad-hoc I'm a Parade Float Committee reports success
       the ad-hoc Making Committees with Absurdly Long Names Committee reports failure
       vote: abstained
       sold $5 rntz, chairs Shawn and Quuxum
   create the Repeat That in Song Committee to repeat that in song
       could you repeat that in song?
       the Fortune Telling Fish Committee predicts that once started, this committee will never end
       the ad-hoc Committee to Turn Exec into Whose Line reports possible success
       tvaughan sings the hits
       the misappropriated Inappropriate and Awkward Musical Accompaniment Committee reports success
       motion to change the purpose to "to put the KGB on a boat" - fails
       the misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee: possible loopholes
       autotune the KGB!
       Just a small town girl...
       the ad-hoc Adam Leibowitz Sings the Hits Committee approves
       motion to change the name of the committee to "Tim Vaughan Sings the Hits while Eating Pasta and Drinking Dr Pepper Committee" - fails
       motion to append to the purpose "and we make a Christmas album" - ignored
       "we should ge the band back together"
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Be Musical Committee - friendly
       motion to pass this committee by rock'n'roll call vote
       the Dramatic Speech Committee reports: the Battle of the Bands is in 5 days!
       the Most Excellent Film Club Committee wants a soundtrack
       vote: passes
       sold $12 memcginn, chairs margarita, him
   allocate $50 for snacks for the event - it's a good idea
   create the Committee that Really Should Exist Already to create other committees that really should exist already
       motion to postpone indefinitely - 
           motion to take the turkey off the table (passes)
       vote: passes
       sold $6 rntz, DISBANDED


   EVENT! friday, 7pm in the UC basement
   BOOTH! booth meeting sunday 8pm A18B
   PuzzleHunt! do you want to be on the mailing list?
   meeting sometime soon


   friday night: steven queen's blacklight techno laser dubstep rave
   motion to seafoam green (out of order)
   Xander wants to do an actual charity thing
   is there a blacklight laser?
   kiltie band has a winter concert!
   motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
   cluster gaming!
   nerf thing is happening this weekend