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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       very relaxing, unlike this week
       went to mbritton's house for dinner - soooo good
       lots of work now
       had a weekend!
       event - poker, a cool time
       2 things detracted from his work: 
           gaining access to 1000s of New York Times crossword puzzles on the online archive
           football - watched the Texans/Falcons game, who knows why
       is such a man
       went disc golfing - tbroman is "the arborist"
       new people - 
           Rhiannon, Rochester Mills PA, CS, shoes
       had a weekend!
       dinner with mbritton
           delicious chicken, carrots, stuffing, yams, juice - 2 kinds mixed
       event was awesome - so much fun
       took out loans for komrade points, broke even
       egladdin owes 2500 komrade points to jcolmar?
       EVENT! ice skating; Phipps conservatory. Ice skating is $4 + $2.50 for skate rental
       had a weekend!
       event - ITG, pinball, poker
       Saturday: math aaaaallll day, then played games
       realized there is a need for more OS work
       also wrote up all her math homework for Friday
       only OS matters
       1 more Pravda? this semester, next Monday
       Had a weekend!
       Casino night was awesome. Played some pool; won a poker tournament for Komrade points
       Saturday night: played Puerto Rico, which is a game that involves black people
       missed the Big Ten Championship Game (football), which was apparently terrific
       Sunday: went disc golfing, nearly beat Bubbles but didn't
           Packers won as time expired, great game
           Booth planning--man, there's a lot of stuff in our booth. It's gonna be awesome
       Had a weekend!
       Casino Night
       booth meeting
       otherwise boring
       reason for being late last week: a special agent was trying to track her down because her identity was stolen, we don't know how
       maybe other people have her personal information?
       PSA: check your credit report and stuff
       Tartan police report: "rooftop party": at 8:45pm, 3 students were on the UC roof, smoking cigars after completing their coursework
       we now have enough money to buy 1777 feet of dryer hose
       *enters with a gunfight*

Committee Reports

   The Assassinations Committee is too busy to report right now
   The ad-hoc Matlab is not C Committee reports: I don't have to care anymore soon!
   The ad-hoc Notable Journey Committee asks, what happens if the ice skating rink is too full like last time?
   The misappropriated Committee to give Scorri More Sugar reports success
   The ad-hoc Phipps is Awesome Committee reports: did you know facts?
   The ad-hoc Unduly Long and Agonizingly Slow Board Meeting Committee reports success
   The ad-hoc Department of Gambling Redundancy Committee, in conjunction with the misappropriated KGB Debtors Committee: four people have outstanding debts
   The Dan Kirby is So Full of Himself Committee reports failure: this is Clyde's hat. It's too big for Dan's head.
   The ad-hoc Committee to Cause Permanent Hearing Damage reports: standing in front of a giant wall of subs for 5 hours can cause damage...
   ITR Committee reports ITR this Saturday! 10pm, Wean 4 couches. You know the drill.
   The I Went to Sleep... in Bed Committee reports I went to class today... in my pants
   The misappropriated Pop Occultism Committee reports actions speak louder than talks
   The Could You Please Repeat That in Song Committee asks, please eforney, repeat that in song
   The Fonzie Committee reports, I can spell words with my grades: aaaaaaaaaaaaabcdf
   The ad-hoc Emcee 4knee Committee reports success
   The ad-hoc Sarcastic Grading Committee gives a K for anything between -25 and -35
   Booth Committee reports: you should be getting an email with the notes from last meeting, updated sketch of booth - we may or may not have a meeting next week
   The ad-hoc Nick of Time Committee woke up at 4:29
   The Committee for Awkward and Inappropriate Musical Accompaniment has a song: "Scotty knows everything"
   The Can You Repeat That in Song Committee reports success
   Storytelling Committee: Sully tells Sullies #12, 9, 4
   The misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee reports: Scotty doesn't know...
   The Can You Repeat That in Song Committee requests that Sully repeat that in song
   The Shark-Jumping Committee reports: possible overuse of above may lead to shark-jumping soon
       There was a shark in cluster!

Old Business

   afalk gives the thing to sacunnin, not his fault: the "for rectal use only" sticker on the thing

New Business

   create the Meteorology of Style Committee to suggest ways that fashion sense can accommodate inclement weather
       more hats
       Doctor Who scarves? hard to say this weather
       motion to change the purpose to fashionable weather (unfriendly)
       motion to append to the purpose "to classify fashion styles as hurricane categories" - friendly
       thundersnow is the most fashionable of the snows
       how does this committee feel about umbrellas in rifle scabbards?
       the misappropriated Classification Committee reports that it agrees
       "sleet is the new black"
       vote: passes with hte purpose "to suggest ways that fashion sense can accommodate inclement weather; to classify fashion styles as hurricane categories"
       sold $4 tbroman, chairs him, Bubbles, alex, twright
   create the Pseudonatural Coyote Committee to *tentacle-ear coyote*
       the ad-hoc "Whoa, That's a Creepy Motion" Committee reports" whoa, that's a creepy motion
       were these coyotes bred in japan?
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to change the purpose of the committee to "to give natural coyotes admin powers" - friendly
       motion to change "admin powers" to "root privileges" in the purpose - friendly
       vote: passes with the purpose "to give natural coyotes root privileges"
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs quiet people
   create the Clyde's Bonnie Committee to find Clyde a criminal girlfriend to go on a massive crime spree across the United States
       the Supersonic Limbo Committee very nearly achieved takeoff, but then was subsequently grounded
       fwatson: his Bonnie lies over the ocean
       the Guild of Calamitous Intent approves
       "I thought that was Dan Kirby"
       dkirby: no, I'm not a girl
       request report from the Evil Seafood League: *evil laughter*
       request more evil laughter from tvaughan - request granted
       the ad-hoc Appreciation for Paul Newman and Robert Redford Committee reports: it could totally work
       the Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee approves
       clyde: at first he was like ? then he was like ! then he was like ? then he was like can we skip the part about being gunned down? (no second)
       the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee says: don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy, she'll beat you if she's able; the queen of hearts is always your best bet
       the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee also says: her daddy had a crooked soul...
       the ad-hoc Creepy Comment Committee: that was really freaking creepy
       the Super Committee reports: Clyde is awesome, we all love him
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tvaughan, chairs Clyde's future wife
   create the Committee for Appropriate and Suave Rhythmic Accompaniment to "the little thing eforney did with her ears during the song"
       the ad-hoc Eurhythmics Committee reports you all have really good eurythmics
       is this a porn groove committee?
       *finger snapping*
       vote: passes
       sold $10 kharring, chairs musicians
   create the Committee to Reclassify the Kingdoms of Life to append trees and life forms to the animal kingdom so the statement on the board is valid
       the ad-hoc Erasmus Committee is outraged, but also intrigued
       if Marlena was an animal, she'dbe an acorn
       pineapples are two fruits, right?
       what is this committee's stance on vegetarianism?
       the Frut Slad Committee approves
       motion to change the name and purpose of the committee to something having to do with my little pinecone - NO
       request a report from the Taxidermy Committee: it is concerned at the prospect of filling pinecones with cotton
       we'd better hope for our sake that vegetables don't have souls
       do pizza count as a vegetable? (yes)
       vote: passes
       sold $7 mnabraha, chairs anyone whose spirit animal is now a vegetable
   motion to allocate $50 for the event just in case we're in Porter


   EVENT! Ice skating this Friday. Meet black chairs 6:45
   Wednesday reading day: Cheesecake factory! They have EVERYTHING. Bring cash.
   Bring back classy clothes from break for the Useless People Auction!
   Booooth! may or may not be meeting this week. Keep an eye on your email.
   PUzzle Hunt! you can still get on board, but the train is accelerating - Tuesday, 9pm PH A21. PUzzlehunt staff should decide that before break


   ITR this Saturday! 10pm, Wean 4 couches.
   Scotch 'n' Soda has auditions this weekend
   Saturday in between finals week: Firefly marathon
   Dancers Symposium this Friday and Saturday 8pm Rangos
   we purple 
   we gtfo