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Officer Report

       Had a weekend!
       Went ice skating
       played ITR
       didn't do that much work, but did work
       pretty strightforward
       watched SpyKids 4 in smellovision, well not that but did have alcohol
       got her hair cut
       Had a weekend!
       ice skating - is not very good at that - was really ice walking and ice falling
       watched Up - that's a really sad movie
       did other shit
       final today
       gave blood today
       those should have been the same thing. Giving blood should be a final.
       New People (name, where from, major, something uninteresting) 
           Shane, Pittsburgh, ECE, used to have a rabbit but it died
       looks like ccolombo
       went ice skating
       went to ross park mall to buy a build-a-bear
       traveled by car in his car
       spent all of Sunday playing Aeronauts, which is his game
       has a final now
       EVENT! Geek Eat: Cheesecake Factory. Meet at black chairs at 3:45.
       EVENT! Firefly marathon, 11am Saturday, DH1212
       Had a weekend!
       ice skating - learned how to go faster
       found out she only has 1 final, but it's neeeexxxt Tuesday
       ran ITR
       made cake - red velvet cake. Made it Christmasy with green frosting, but really looks more like a watermelon, which is also cool
       made Pravda?
       Had a weekend!
       Not a lot of studying happened.
       Late nights happened for no real reason
       ITR happened--Wizards' Duel happened!
       Packers won again
       ERM final right after this
       Had a weekend!
       ice skating - fun yet painful
       watching Spy Kids 4 - painful yet somehow fun
       ITR - got injured in really weird ways - "fuck this" is awesome
       Sunday: "today I'm going to study" - turned out to be Halo and cupcakes
       next final a week from tomorrow
       we cool, gravity
       took his 3rd final this morning
       submitted take home final right before meeting
       just algo left now
       Had a weekend (oh yeah, that's the thing that's usually said)
       doesn't reember most of it - working, sleeping, staying up really late and then "holy crap I'm in the cluster"
       nobody woke him up thinking he was a hobo, well, except unless you count that one time

Committee Reports

   The Kirby and McGinnis Variety Hour: *throws a paper airplane.* I hear a screwdriver, I've seen it, but the classic version was better
   The Sincere and Unironic Positive Reinforcement Committee reports it's going to be fine, you're smart, and you can do it.
   The misappropriated Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee, in conjunction with the ad-hoc I Probably Just Made $20 Committee, laughs at those who bet against him saying we'd find the Higgs Boson
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee says: exactly one final will be interrupted due to act of Godzilla. With luck it could be yours.
   The Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee: Dan Kirby had a dream where he lands in Nazi someplace. Robo anne frank saves him, but he goes bleahhhh and robo anne frank has a nerf atomic bomb. He forgot to put on pants and his high school history class laughs at him
   The bswolf Memorial Committee, in conjunction with the Quote of the Night Committee, reports: the sinusorus goes whooooo
   The Oh Shit What Have I Done Committee reports: we accidentally a semester, where did it go
   The Can You Repeat That in Song Committee repeats "sinusorus" in an annoying voice
   The Committee to Use Michaela as a Groundhog for Winter reports: it's winter
   The Time Travel Committee, in conjunction with the Kirby and McGinnis Variety Hour, reports success on getting the paper airplane up there
       (exec: don't do that.)
   The ad-hoc Eliminate the Evidence Committee suggests helpfully: we could just burn it...
   The ad-hoc Pyro Committee reports a lighter
   The ad-hoc Brief Anecdote Committee: Steffen's firecrackers sound like gunshots
   The Dan Kirby is So Full of Himself Committee is sure that they've missed him, but he's back and will be around for dinner

Old Business

   the thing: sacunnin left it in Donner. Not his fault: Donner

New Business

   create the Companion Cube Sports Committee to throw companion cubes
       avi: instead of hoops, are there incinerators?
       Bubbles: I think people just want to throw things
       the cake is a lie
       ccolombo: at the physics secret santa party, got a portal-themed cookie present
       maybe if you played more sports you wouldn't be so heavy
       vote: passes
       sold $3 dmeng, chairs all
   create the eforney is Pretty Committee to tell eforney that she is pretty
       damn girl your hair is fine can i get your number
       motion to sexualize the president
       eforney, you're pretty. report success
       the Sincere and Unironic Positive Reinforcement Committee supports this
       the ad-hoc Stupid Story from Kelly's Childhood Committee: her mom decided that telling her she's pretty is code for her bra strap is showing
       change purpose to eforney's bra strap is showing (that's a little too friendly) (friendly)
       vote: passes with purpose "eforney's bra strap is showing"
       sold $2 scunning, chairs eforney
   create the Time Police to police time and make sure the timeline goes according to plan
       the Time Travel Committee doesn't know...
       motion to append to the purpose "keeping the peace" - friendly
       what is this committee's thought on time goblins? they gobble time
       the Evil Seafood League reports yeessss, but WHOSE plan?
       the Phantom Tollbooth Committee asks about killing time (it's necessary.) and wasting time (inefficient)
       Hitler always had a velociraptor army, okay?
       motion to change the purpose to "keeping the timepiece" - passes
       how does this committee feel about parsley, sage and rosemary?
       vote: passes with purpose "keeping the timepiece"
       sold $9 dkirby, chairs him, oren
   create the Portalmanteau Committee to create coats that keep you warm by having portals to warm places
       has this committee considered patents and licensing issues? (*heh*)
       but then you'd be naked from the view of the portal...
       so that's how Michaela stays warm
       so basically this is the portal equivalent of using a time machine to kick a skateboard up?
       who else wants to go around and punch through these portals?
       The bswolf Memorial Committee suggests portalpotties?
       what do you call it when there's a nuclear meltdown at Glados' lab? Aperturenoble (Aperchernobyl?)
       what do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? elephino!
       what do you get if you cross an wait shit your mother's a goose
       what do a plum and a rabbit have in common? they both purple, except for the rabbit
       what's the difference between a duck? one of its legs are both the same
       have you ever seen an elephant and australia in the same room?
       what do you get if you combine and elephant and an ant? an ant!
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs him
   create the Minimum Bid Committee to find the shortest sorority sister
       it's funny 'cause eforney's little and little-little are taller by a lot
       motion to create the Bad Posture Committee (out of order)
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       vote: passes
       sold $1 memcginn, chairs him and anybody else
   create the Awkward Silence Committee to *awkward silence*
       vote: passes
       sold $1 dmeng, chairs him, appel


   Time ghosts are real!
   Geek Eat! Meet at 3:45 Wednesday by the UC Black Chairs. 
       We're leaving at 4pm sharp, so please be on time. We're walking to Fifth and Craig to catch the 75 bus.
   There IS a meeting next week, here; there is no exec tomorrow or next week.


   changes ownership of the Supersonic Kitten Committee to Margaret
   Dan Kirby and McGinnis will be marathoning classic Doctor Who on Sunday
   Firefly marathon this Saturday, DH1212
   dmeng wants 21st birthday on saturday
   quick poll: does McGinnis work with the mustache?
   we gtfo