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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       went to UPA - got bought, bought people
       went to Booth
       did something - pep band
       watched the Super Bowl
       Had a weekend!
       UPA - bought Ed to fetch him food during build sessions
       Sunday - the Super Bowl. "I like sports and I don't care who knows!"
       Did work for 4 hours while other people were trying to cheat on that same problem
       New People - none
       Had a weekend!
       UPA was a lot of fun
       jammed mbritton into a crate, or jammed with him.
       played RPGs, wasted a lot of time
       EVENT! Get Board of Directors, Get Career! Like normal Get Board Get Carded, plus a business casual costume contest
       Had a weekend!
       UPA - bought some people, had some terrible awful ideas
       went to Razzy in dresses
       saturday - Diplomacy, fun, all day. Is still friends with tbroman, right?
       Diff EQ, Super Bowl, Diff EQ. Prof had changed a problem to make it easier but she didn't know...
       Had a weekend!
       UPA was ok. Owns 6 hours of Margaret, James, Oren/Clyde, and Vis. Taking suggestions.
       Classy-dressed Razzy after UPA - was not wearing a dress
       played Diplomacy on Saturday--lots of fun, surprising amount of running up and down stairs involved
       Super Bowl was a pretty good game. Some good commercials, a good halftime show.
       T-shirts! We have a new t-shirt design for CtFwS! If you want a t-shirt mark your size on the attendance sheet and pay $10 to Kelly.
       oho, had a weekend!
       doesn't remember
       UPA - had a cool dress, but it didn't have much structural integrity.
       Saturday: Home Depot shopping trip. It was snowing; she was driving.
       LMFAO won the Super Bowl
       has no voice - Xander is magnifying his voice
       had a weekend
       sort of lost his voice / doesn't like you people
       wants Dan to go away
       played D&D for too long / really doesn't like you people, but time travel
       will leave after report due to illness


   The Minimum Bid Committee reports failure during UPA - accidentally won some bids
   The Conspicuous Crossover Committee, in conjunction with the Taxidermy Committee, reports moderate success in longest hybrid animal with giraffe anteaters
   The misappropriated Whaaa Committee, in conjunction with the ad-hoc Out of Order Committee moves us to purple
   The Lion Turtle Committee says bitch please
   The KGB Debtors Committee reports *point*
   The ad-hoc Disco KGB Debtors Committee reports *point point point*
   The Everybody Hates Going to Ginger's Committee reports partial success
   The eforney is Pretty Committee reports I love your earrings
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee ate lots of food, it hurt his tummy
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee predicts the Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee's next report will be on cannibalism
   The Antipenultimate Flying Disc Committee reports hmm
   The Antipenultimate Flying Disc Committee reports no, it's going to snow Friday
   The Antipenultimate Flying Disc Committee reports fuck you, broman
   The Oh Shit What Have We Done Comittee reports crap - Useless People happened
   The Evil Twin Committee reports failure (at Xander's clean-shaven face), or is it success? we don't know
   The Puzzling Committee reports: a Puzzlehunt! Saturday 2/18, 12pm
   The CtFwS Rules Committee reports: we have a playtest this weekend! Saturday 2/11, 3pm WeH 5421
   The Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7 reports j4cbo is in town til Sunday
   The ad-hoc Civil War This Year? Committee is confused, has heard stories of fight between g-men and patriots
   The ad-hoc Committee to Explain References to Xander would like to explain, but chooses not to

Old Business

   dmeng gets the Thing. Not his fault: clusterfuck due to 440

New Business

   create the Ambivalent League of Neutral to represent neutral in the spectrum
       ambivalent means simultaneous and contradictory feelings
       motion to change ambivalent to apethetic in the name of the committee - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to eh - friendly
       my gut says maybe
       the ad-hoc ITR Committee says meh
       if I die, tell my wife... hello
       motion to change the name to unpredictable league of chaos - fails
       reports requested from the Guild of Calamitous Intent and the Good League of Good
           the Guild of Calamitous Intent reports fuck everybody, we will kill you all
               wait, is the fucking first or the killing first? not ok either way
           the Evil Seafood League resents not being included
       the Evil Seafood League reminds everyone that there ARE 10000 leagues under the sea, and we buried them all there
       The ad-hoc Fedora Committee reports hmm, this is a nice committee
       The misappropriated Animal-Free Cruelty Committee for Musical Accompaniment plays some bagpipes
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Switzerland Committee - appended
       motion to change the purpose of the committee to chocolate! - appended
       the Unconfortably Friendly Committee is disappointed
       vote: passes as the Apatehtic League of Neutral Switzerland Committee, with purpose eh, chocolate!
       sold $4 tbroman, chairs people who don't talk during KGB meetings... and himself
   create Mispronooncing Wurds Committee to it's quitay foon
       write about it in our blags
       you're `puttin the em`phasis on the `wrong syl`lable
       as long as the first and last letters remain the same, English majors will remain short of an aneurysm
       what the hoyle is an English major
       motion to change the purpose to "to speak in cockney accents" - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to 'to address Sully as "guv'nor'" - appended
       *much cockney cockery*
       the ad-hoc Chinese People Committee says bitch please
       *more cockney cockery*
       pip pip cheerio wot wot
       vote: passes as the Mispronooncing Wurds Committee with purpose "to speak in Cockney accents; to address Sully as 'guv'nor'"
       sold $6 dmeng, chairs anyone not a WASP, or anyone who reports from this committee in an accent
   create the Eettimmoc Committee to go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog!
       change purpose to wait no never mind I'm not even going to say it - fails
       nurses run
       the Realism Committee approves
       may a moody baby doom a yam
       a dog, a panic, in a pagoda
       madam I'm Adam
       a man, a plan, a canal, Panama
       Natasha sees Satan. 
       No devil lived on.
       naomi I moan
       a Toyota's a Toyota
       (lyrics of dammit I'm mad) (by Dimitri Martin)
       how would this committee feel about the evil olive?
       the WTF You Guys Committee says wtf you -no palindrome here
       The Misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee approves of tvaughan's, does not approve of Xander's report
       wtf ftw
       the Conspicuous Crossover Committee approves
       will the KGB recognize "Madam I'm Bubbles" as a palindrome? (yes)
       The ad-hoc Retaliation in Foreign Languages Committee says something that was probably a swear
       wow, mom, wow
       what is a palindrome?
       NASA is a palindromic organization - sub-orbital, then moon orbits, then landing on the moon, then moon orbits, then sub-orbital, and now they're back on the ground again
       vote: passes
       sold $11 Jimmy, chairs anyone who has intentionally made their bank account a palindrome
   create the Deaf Mathematicians Committee to increase awareness of sine language
       the ad-hoc Euler Fan Club feels like Euler got left out
       the ad-hoc Charles Babbage Fan Club wishes he was deaf
       who will cosine this committee?
       I secant this committee
       what did the anorexic parrot call itself? Polly No-Meal
       what did Polly No-meal the parrot finally eat? a parallelogram cracker!
       if two people are really really efficient, are they coefficient?
       vote: passes
       sold $2 dmeng, chairs anyone who is a Math or CS major or minor
   allocate $50 for event - it's a good idea
   motion to extend the Booth allocation by $800 up to $1000
       hear more about finances at exec
       it's a good idea
   create Committees O'Clock to proliferate the number of things that end in o'clock
       you should have waited until stupid o'clock
       shirtless o'clock?
       it's decidedly shirted o'clock
       the Ad-Hoc-Block Committee asks: what do you call it when you prevent Dan Kirby from using his favorite noun? o'clock block
           objection - that's not Dan Kirby's favorite noun
       hawk o'clock
       ock o'clock
       ed: that doesn't look like 251 o'clock...
       people are squidding, is it octoclock?
       did the first Doctor Who speak in o'clockney accent?
       if I see a bug with a sundial pattern, is it a clockroach?
       spy kids 4 all the time in the world
       question o'clock
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tbroman, DISBANDED


   EVENT! Get Board of Directors, Get Career! 7pm Friday, PH A18*, business casual costume contest
   Booth build: 7pm Wednesday, 11am Saturday in the Kage
   register for Puzzlehunt - Saturday 2/18, 12pm-8pm
   Capture the Flag with Stuff playtest this Saturday! 3pm, WeH 5421.
   T-shirts! Don't forget to pay in advance.
   playtest puzzle hunt this Sunday


   go say hi to alumni at EOC
   ponies Saturday, 4pm McConomy