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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       basically entirely Puzzlehunt
       Puzzlehunt went really freaking well - applaud staff and specifically Adam
       Sunday: did work
       Had a weekend!
       mostly Puzzlehunt
       Emily Forney and him are attached at the back
       Sunday: mostly work
       wanted to watch football on Sunday, but there was no more football
       new people: none
       Had a weekend!
       went into another dimension and fought an ice cream monster and got arrested
       EVENT! KGB's Bringing Down the House (Casino Night, Part 2) - UC basement
       special guest appearance by jcolmar
       Had a weekend!
       karaoke - that was a lot of fun
       Puzzlehunt - that was a lot of fun, and we won!
       Sunday: work
       lots of work, aaaaahhhhhh
       Had a weekend!
       Karaoke was fun, then hpf
       Puzzle Hunt was fun, then hpf
       Sunday: nice, relaxing, no homework
       Monday morning: got to Physics of Musical Sound, guess what: homework due.
           ccolombo copied down the problems and he did most of them during class - equivalent to 8% on the final?
       Had a weekend!
       similar to others - Puzzlehunt
       running around and standing around and costume changes
       work due today and tomorrow - kind of dying
       KGB has enough money to buy 466 tubs of cookie dough
       t-shirts: we found lots of old t-shirts; things are listed on the website
       Had a weekend!
       his hair is blue now - blue hair is cool
       blooed his hair
       redacted redacted
       pretending to be a talking cat

Committee Reports

   The eforney is Pretty Committee reports: turquoise is a good color on you (scunning)
   The misappropriated Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee reports: not sure why I'm this tired, but February 29 is national public sleeping day (dkirby)
   The CtFwS Rules Committee reports on rules changes for upcoming CtFwS (tbroman)
   The ad-hoc Department of Gambling Redundancy Committee has 2 clarifications: 1) it's just the Department of Gambling Redundancy... 2) get your wallets ready! (jcolmar)
   The misappropriated 251 Torture Committee reports: exam 1 grades back today
   The ad-hoc I'm Sitting In Front of You Committee reports
   The Sincere and Unironic Positive Reinforcement Committee reports a sincere and unironic heartfelt thank you to PuzzleHunt staff (tbroman)
   ITR Committee reports: ITR this weekend! Wean 4 couches, Saturday 10pm! You should come! (mmeyerho)
   The ad-hoc Firefly Quotes Committee reports I noticed while I was down there on my back that the undersides of chairs are really dusty
   The ad-hoc Committee to Say Fun Team Names reports 3 counts of success
   The Kirby & McGinnis Variety Hour did not have a convo with Terry about 4chan this time. He has secrets. (dkirby/memcginn)
   The ad-hoc Underground Tour References Committee was in entrance of CFA, saw a woman with a CMU jacket giving a tour - pointed out that Mendelsshon is misspelled (eforney)
   The ad-hoc Committee to not burn down Woodlawn 6 reports really close to failure on behalf of Naomi, rhofer and Naomi's brother (kharring)
   The Committee to Not Split Infinitives reports faliure
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports: Wendy's - it's what's for midnight (dkirby)
   The ad-hoc Committee to Carefully Split Infinitives reports success
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee encourages everyone to be on the lookout for whatever burger-based powers Dan Kirby may obtain after eating Wendy's (angibson)
   * Doesn't the Committee to Not Split Infinitives always have to report failure?
   The ad-hoc Out of Order Commitee reports failure
   The misappropriated Fortune-Telling Fish Committee ate a fortune cookie yesterday, and it contained fortune and not advice!

Old Business

   due to tbroman losing the Thing, the Thing is now a garlic-flavored condom. tbroman gives the Thing to anbrown. Not his fault: becoming a sex offender to kill vampires

New Business

   create the Screw the Rules, I Have Blue Hair Committee to Clyde's the Sergeant at Arms, he makes the rules anyways
       Violet, you're turning violet!
       Bylaws Committee objects to the purpose of this committee
       The Meh Committee reports: meh
       dabu di dabu da
       He punched the highlights out of her hair!
       the Wish I Ever Watched Any Anime Ever Committee says, interesting anime noises hah!
       the Homestar Runner References Committee asks: are you the guy? (from 20XG6)
       screw the rules, I have blue hair (cshaffer)
       motion to append to the purpose of the committee: as long as Clyde's hair is blue, he must speak in only Rufus the Cat's voice: unfriendly
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Screw the Rules, You Have Blue Hair Committee: unfriendly, fails
       motion to change "makes" in the purpose of the committee to "breaks" - friendly
       motion to append to the purpose of the committee: as long as Clyde's hair is blue, he must speak in purple - friendly
       we purple
       the ad-hoc Synesthetics Committee approves
       vote: passes with the purpose "Clyde's the Sergeant at Arms, he breaks the rules anyways. As long as Clyde's hair is blue, he must speak in purple."
       sold $1 memcginn, chairs all but Clyde
   create the Committee to Bake 46,600 Cookies to "boop heeheehee" (acrichto)
       the Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar supports this committee's creation
       can you repeat that in song?
       we haven't had paper crane in a while
       does anyone have any idea about the volume of this?
       just thinking out loud with hands, nothing to see here (rglenn)
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tbroman, people who don't eat cookie dough before it's baked
   create the Hackathon Fire Safety Committee to set off fireworks outside of Gates
       someone dropped a firework on the Gates helix
       only you can prevent cluster fires
       motion to replace all instances of "fireworks" with "firewalls" in the name and purpose: unfriendly
       Mitch Hedberg's words of wisdom: if you have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit
           unless you are a chair
       off the roof is outside, right? (sacunnin)
       the ad-hoc Committee to Burn Down the Gates-Hillman Center disapproves of this committee's creation
       motion to change the name of the committee to "earth, wind and fire" - unfriendly
       out windows is outside, right? (sacunnin)
       Tazza is outside, right? (sacunnin)
       Clyde was not raising his hand
       wait, what's outside? is that like a food? (dkirby)
           it's the room with the light that won't go off and the shitty A/C (Xander)
           oh, you mean Wean 7500
       flushing down a toilet is outside, right? (sacunnin)
       vote passes
       sold $2 dmeng, chairs any people who go to hackathons
   create the Straying from the Original Purpose Committee to every committee
       the Squid is Abstention and Octopus is Abstention Committee objects to current events
       the wtf You Guys Committee watches warily (dmeng)
       the Uncomfortably Friendly Committee predicts success
       not related to purpose, but it is: Crazy Train/Born This Way mashup (Bubbles plays the "mashup"--every instance of the words "born this way" in "Born This Way" is replaced by twright shouting "CRAZY TRAIN!")
       motion to change the purpose to "straying from the original purpose of this committee" - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to "haha do you see what I've done here" - unfriendly, fails
       motion to change the purpose to "KGB is clever and we don't care who knows it!" - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to crazy train - unfriendly, passes
       I think that this committee is going off the rails
       motion to change the purpose to "researching a new and clever way to survive 251" - unfriendly, fails
       the But It's an Experiment, Right? Committee is watching intently (tvaughan)
       vote: passes
       sold $1 memcginn, chairs DISBANDED
   create the KGB A Cappella Choir Committee to sing beautifully
       the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee reports failure
       the Repeat That in Song Committee asks: repeat in song please
       the WTF You Guys Committee and the Oh Shit, What Have We Done Committee are both intrigued
       motion to change the name to the Day the Music Died Committee - (prepend w/ aka)
       the ad-hoc Orchestration Committee asks: why do the singers get all the attention
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee
       vote: passes
       sold $6 kharring, chairs her, anyone else interested
   create the Phone Call to Question Committee to hello?
       then who was phone???
       call to question (by phone)
       vote: passes
       sold $3 cshaffer, chairs anybody who wants to answer when the question is called
   allocate $50 for the event - it's a good idea
   allocate $300 to t-shirts (includes $150 already paid, won't get all the way to $300) - it's a good idea
   create the Out of Order Committee - no second
   create the Faceless Superhero Committee to call the Question
       the Committee for All Things Doctor Who reports: silence will fall when the  question is asked
       but is it that question?
       the Experiment Committee proposes a different kind of Rorschach test
       Doctor Who was phone!!
       vote: passes
       sold $3 tbroman, DISBANDED
   create the Lack of Second Committee to hand out fails
       I tried to create anti-seconds, but then time exploded
       the Evil Seafood League demands $1 billion lest we weaponize the fail whale
       the ad-hoc Emu Seafood League says eeemmuuu blub blub blub
       motion to change the name to the Fails for Lack of a Squid Committee - unfriendly, fails
       the ad-hoc Delayed Reaction Committee reports success
       the ad-hoc Delayed Reaction Committee reports...
           (wait for it)
       that was an action, not a reaction
       The ad-hoc Delayed Action Committee reports
       question called
       vote: passes
       sold $2 ccolombo, chairs fail (hand motion) and everybody
   create the Evood Seafvil Committee to Evood Seafvil
       that is hard to pronounce
       the ad-hoc Crazy Train Committee reports success
       motion to change the name to the Evood Q. Seafvil Memorial Committee - unfriendly, passes
       the Horthemen of the Apocalythp Committee doesn't want things to be hard
       this just goes to show that Evood Q. Seafvil was a ghoooost!
       Evood Q. Seafvil was a great man. A great man!
       vote: passes as the Evood Q. Seafvil Memorial Committee
       sold $3 Oren, chairs him and tvaughan


   EVENT! KGB's Bringing Down the House. Friday 7pm, Scotland Yard/Andy's Lounge
   booth builds on Wednesday 7pm, Satudray 12
   CtFwS Judges Meeting next week


   Chamber Orchestra String Theory really needs cellists. egorelik is begging.
   ITR this saturday at 10! Yay!
   My Little Pony, Saturday 4pm DH2315
   go to the courtyard and see the chalk drawing
   Satire movie night! Dr. Strangelove at 7, PH125B (eforney)
   Bubbles' friend BCSA is doing an alternate-reality game for a capstone - do it, it's cool (Bubbles)
   we purple
   we gtfo