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Officer Reports

       is looking for her passport
       looks like pcd
       Had a weekend!
       doesn't remember
       it involved traveling
       is looking for passport
       Had a weekend!
       went to improv show - that went well
       went to Casino Night (Friday)
       Saturday: build session went well
       after build: went to Panera, then fell asleep at 8pm and woke at midnight, fell asleep at 1am and woke at 11
       Sunday: probably did work
       new people: (name, major, where from, uninteresting fact)
           Laura, Miami FL, Art, has two thumbs
       Had a weekend!
       Casino Night was awesome, I hope you all lost lots of Komrade points
       EVENT! Capture the Flag with Stuff!! 7pm DH2210.
       Had a weekend!
       friday: parkour, is still sore. walked on rails
           Casino Night: lost 0 komrade points
       Saturday: did some hw, did some booth, did some hw, did some dancing, did some ITR
       Sunday: sleeping, hw, food
       has a Pravda?!
       Had a weekend!
       Event - Casino Night. Went to NPP, went to Razzy. played some games
       booth build - salvaging mission with Xander
       had a weekend
       similar to the above
       event, NPP, ITR, Booth, not sleeping, sleeping til 4 on Sunday
       build session: Alex, Scorri and her got plywood. and a TRUCK. Drove for 5 blocks behind a biker.
       today: went to bank. we can afford 12,960 poptarts.
       t-shirts: you can use our website for them! And we have CtFwS shirts to spare.
       looks like dmeng
       weekend - work - got some work done - work
       picture of him with blue hair on facebook

Committee Reports

   The Boring Discussions About Coal Committee reports you can put coal in the back of a Home Depot truck too, if you're still interested in the truck. (tbroman)
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports: it got really meta when he was ctrl-f'ing meeting minutes for his own name and found an entry about ctrl-f'ing for his own name (dkirby)
   motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
   The ad-hoc 11-inch Ruler C: success
   The Committee to Use the KGB as a Groundhog for Winter reports: fuck it
   The Committee to use Michaela as a Groundhog for Winter reports: still not winter
   The Suspicious Packages Committee reports: Warner is now a suspicious package
   The Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee, in conjunction with the Kirby and McGinnis Variety Hour: had the weirdest nightmare about transformers on a network called The Hub...
   The ad-hoc Censorship Committee, in conjunction with the Ministry of Truth, reports: the Fence was always slightly brown
   The ad-hoc Some Thing Related to News Committee read an article about a "mom threat" where a flight attendant said "mom" over the intercom and was misheard as "bomb"
   The ad-hoc End Parens Committee reports: )
   The KGB Reconnaissance Squadron reports partial success
   The Committee for Loyal Opposition, in conjunction with the Time Travel Committee, reports: recall during last elections, Margaret promised kittens in every Pravda
   The Committee to Burn Down Roselawn 7, the Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7, the Gratuitous Obscenity Committee's Special Select Subcommittee for the Research and Development of Rule 34, the Committee to Not Throw Up in labbott's Backpack, the Gratuitous Obscenity Committee, and the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee report: party at R7 this Saturday at 9!

Old Business

   the Thing: anbrown -> mbritton. not his fault: sprains and strains
       the Thing is no longer a condom. It's Old News about something
   Bylaws Amendment Vote - passes

New Business

   create "The" Committee to *beard stroke* "the" purpose
       I'm Spartacus!
       I like to use "quotation marks" to add emphasis
       the misappropriated Committee to Give Scorri More "Sugar" is cut off by a punch from Scorri (mbritton)
       motion to change name of this committee - unfriendly, passes - now the Committee Formerly Known as "the" Committee
       the Committee to give Scorri More Sugar regrets what I just said (mbritton)
       motion to append to the purpose of the committee - friendly (the purpose is no longer null-terminated)
       the Shenanigans Committee reports shenanigans
       motion to buffer overflow this committee - dilatory
       here's a zen quote for all of you - when the fire goes out, you don't ask which way it goes
       motion to change the purpose of this committee to a series of random unicode characters followed by a null - unfriendly, fails
       the misappropriated Committee That's Some Sort of League of Bad People would like to append to the purpose of this committee tectonic fault - unfriendly, fails
       vote: passes as the Committee Formerly Known as "The" Committee to *beard stroke* "the" purpose[non-null-terminated garbage follows this point]
       sold $7 pcd, chairs him and anyone who segfaults
   create the Team Wean Committee to this team will have the purpose to have the team in Wean always win CtFwS
       objection: redundant
       how can you guarantee that this team will always Wean?
       motion to change the name to the Team Doherty Committee - unfriendly, passes
       motion to change the name and purpose of the committee to "Wean or Doherty Committee" to this team will have the purpose to have the team in Wean or Doherty always win CtFwS - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to "to have Scaife Hall win every game" - friendly
       motion to change the purpose to "to make Wean Hall transform into its robot mode" - dilatory
       vote: passes as the Wean or Doherty Committee to have Scaife Hall win every game
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs judges
   create the NSH Sneak Attack Committee to Wean thought they were winning CtFwS until...
       how long does it really take?
       vote: passes
       sold $2 pcd, chairs disbanded
   the Imaginary Numbers Committee makes a subcommittee
   create the Committee of Loyal Opposition to KGB is cool, but everything exec does is wrong
       postponed indefinitely
   create the Committee to Rest the RecSec to slloooooowwwwww doooooowwwwwwwnnnnn and enunciate
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Committee to Arrest the RecSec - unfriendly, passes
       the Could You Repeat That In Song Committee asks if you can repeat that in song
       the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee asks, can you pull up the lyrics to "End of the World as We Know It"?
       motion to Arrested Development the RecSec
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Committee to Crest the RecSec - unfriendly, fails
       I am a mother pheasant plucker
       the ad-hoc Scientist Solarian Committee says, I am the very model of a modern major general
       irish wristwatch
       vote: passes
       sold $5 tbroman, DISBANDED
   allocate $50 for CtfWS stuff - it's a good idea
   create the Aggressive Pursuit Committee to pursuing a vehicle is dangerous, pursuing in KGB is boring
       the Uncomfortably Friendly Committee approves
       vote: passes
       sold $5 egladdin, chairs anyone who doesn't second


   event! CtFwS Friday 7pm
   poster for CtFwS!
   fence painting!
   judges' meetings
   t-shirts! you can get them.
   booth builds Wednesday 7pm and Saturday 12pm


   Kiltie has a spring concert: 7pm in Rangos hall on Thursday
   New buggy org: Apex
   we purple
   we purple
   r7 party this Saturday
   we gtfo