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-Bubbles: weekend, improv, eldoc, today: broman / rntz, in kitchen heard sounds, bird? maintanence request, later saw bird flying repeatedly at glass door trying to get out, violently, bubbles got coat as shield (masculine), opened doors, bird bolted out, was a free bird. Yay no poop from scared bird

Tvaughan (looks like pcd): weekend, stuff, sunday -> aeronauts

-broman: weekend, studying not early enough, bird in house (heard it in bathroom not kitchen (someone stalking on shower?)), EVENT! Mafia Night! RSVP if forgot, can maybe fit you in, uc black chairs at 6 (maybe leaving at 6!), bring money 20-25

-mmeyerho: dancing, work, PRAVDA

-Xander: ??

-Kelly: weekend, grilling, lots fire :D, stupid things with fire, homework saturday at midnight, procrastinate sunday (wake up at 4:30) INTERLUDE: mckinnie tries to shoot bubbles, marlena intervenes trying to do work, daydreaming about new york. PostGazette for free MOONNNEY!

RecSec was late because art people do not know what end of class means when it comes to critique

Xander had a weekend. Learned a lot about being an adult. Totally overrated. Will remain an obstinate child forever. Thinks it is going well, though.

Marlena: Grillings, Frisbee, did not injure herself, wdid work, playetesting, staying up until n in the orning finishing an awful paper.

Old business:

Ad hoc birdhunter committee: you should have called me because I used to trap shorebirds. Birds do not poop when scared.

Pasta knight committee: upcoming success

Puzzling committee: puzzlehunt planning at 8 PM in porter A22. Let broman/scorri know if you want to be on the list

Eforney is pretty committee: is it going to be like this forever?

The test the recsec committee will not try anything funny today because Xander actually brought a doomsday device

Ad hoc art committee reports… What?

251 torture committee: good news and bad news – we only have a week left and we only have a week left

Thing: Pcd has the thing was given to ccolombo so it would not corrode. This is news to her. Molly wants the thing – sunburn is not her fault

New business:

Where in the world is Carmen phennego
To locate the phenning with history and shit
The pfenning is in a live duck
$2 to twright

Create the aeronautics committee
Purpose (throws a paper airplane)
Glorious people airforce committee reports success
Is the people glorious or the airforce? – yes
Ad hoc Oren can’t make paper airplanes committee reports: wtf is this?
$2 to twright disbanded

Create crazy comrade companion cube cosplay crossover
Purpose: (companion cube with a whip and hat)
change name to ccccccccc – failed for lack of second
create out of order committee - dilatory
Motion to overturn chair - failed
some poem about ccc
and then there was a joke about ccing in an email
apature science + Nazis = profit?
$3 to Margaret
she will chair

Create the $2 hole into which all committees must pass
Purpose: to exist at the end of august
It makes perfect sense!
This will not last till august
Motion to postpone until the next school year

Committee for furniture recognition of posteriors
To get the president to say “the chair does not recognize your ass” more
Eforeney is sure the chair recognizes her ass
Bubbles sounds whiter than jboning when he says that.
Motion to overturn the chairs ruling
Motion to ban the word dilatory – you are all dilatory
Motion to create out of order committee - ignored
Everyone is dilatory
Motion to impeach the president - ignored
Motion for a role call vote
$2 to pcd
he will chair

Create the piiikkaaawobwobwob
Purpose: to observe more sick beats
Append “and to remix everything with sweet dreams are made of these and paper cranes and crazy train” to the purpose - friendly
Oh my god Becky look at her butt. It is so big
Broman is a troll. I flick him off with a giant metal hand/doomsday device
$3 to caroline

create the 10 dimensional committee
Purpose: to turn everything into a string
Tvaughan: and over here we have space
Change name to something unrelated to purpose
So there are 10 dimensions and everything is srings? Science or performance art?
Timecube reports success
Time travel does not favor timecube
Timecube says something about physics
Tvaughan: I could make a guitar with the universe
Time mafia: all y’all shut up
$3 to steven
anything not related to strings chairs

Real Relevant Announcements: Mafia night! Go to dinner so bring money and awesomeness. Go to black chairs at 6 pm even if you are taking a car. Dress fancy and arrive at 5:50

Pay for useless stuff! Please pay now. Because it is annoying otherwise. K is leaving on Sunday so this is your last shot until the fall.

Puzzlehunt planning!

Shmucks who like to mouth off: Marathon of Sherlock at 11:00 this Saturday in DH 1212