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Officer Reports:

Bubbles: Had weekend. Started with GBCG played 4 games of seven wonders for the first time. Is really bad at it, but it is a lot of fun. Screw armies. Went to cedar point on Saturday which was rad and a bad idea for Sunday. Got 2.5 hours of sleep.

Tim 1: Involved the same thing bubble’s involved. Played 7 wonders for the first time and enjoyed it. Drove for 7 hours on Saturday and there was fun stuff in between. New people: Nathan, Rockville, More awesome major than anyone’s, watch football occasionally. Audrey, Queens, global studies. Likes eggplant. Gilly, CS, Orlando, Shoes on backwards the first time this morning. Elana, Chemistry, Philly, lives in an apartment.

Tim 2: Had a weekend! Stated with GBGC, was great. Played bridge for a lot of it. Palantir puzzlehunt, and WON. Like a boss. The prizes were various sizes of towels. Oddly not hitchhiker’s themed… Sunday went well but did not do enough work. WE HAVE AN EVENT: running jumping climbing trees (at 6:30). After which we will proceed to Donner Ditch for s’mores and campfire-y activities. Dollops of fun!

Margaret: had a weekend: started before the event where she played cards. Then went to GBGC where she played games. Had a weekend. Nothing interesting Saturday, Watched Babylon 5. Working on PRAVDA!?!. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!?!

Xander: Had a weekend, but let’s start with last week. Bio lab tries murdering me all throughout it with varying methods and no success, so at the end of the week, they dress up in their Aperture Laboratories labcoats and bring us cake. … . Then I had a weekend were we went to GBGC, Chabad, and a party with some awesome dubiousness, then the next day there was halfprice which was awesome, and then Sunday I had a birthday which was as debaucherous as you would care to imagine.

Kelly: Had a weekend. Did not go to the event for a lot. Went to a kiltie band game, which was weird and very high schoolish. Did that and it was good because we won and got to do a kickline. Saturday went to cedar point. In Ohio the speed limit is 70, so she can drive 85. Having a car was weird. Was an adventure. Sunday did a lot of things that were not homework and is now screwed.

Marlena: Had a weekend, but did not go to GBGC because of bitlab. There was Doctor Who and work and some of Much to do about nothing. And more work and more work and more work.

Old business

Misappropriated Daniel John Kirby nightmare in Dreamland: slept for 13 hours. Also, visual basic.

Sign language: Hats and kitties.

Booth committee: it is about time to vote on booth! Next meeting we will vote on when we dare doing it or not. Booth chairs will be appointed the following Wednesday. To vote, you must pay your dues.

Ad Hoc talking with your mouthful: mmmfmmfmfmmf

Use Michaela as a groundhoug for winter: it is not winter

Booth is a lot of work but worth it in the end. Impending success

Ad hoc use Appel as a groundhog for summer: it is never summer.

WOOHHOOO: parabolic arcs are awesome.

Storytelling committee: CMU is hard. Also, dick jokes.

The pfenning; Eforney has it. Pcd wants it. Any programs that do not compile, typecheck, typechek, or compile are not his fault.

Create the brainslug committee
Discourage the use of hats
Change name to all glory to the hyponotoad. Friendly
Purpose changed to the sound the hypnotoad makes. Friendly.
Overly friendly committee approves
Passes $2 to Pcd. Himself and anyone else who is infested with a brainslug.

Fuck you Jane Goodall Committee
To go to anthropology classes and take notes on them.
Change fuck you Jane Goodall to fuck Jane Goodall unfriendly
This is part of the experiment committee approves.
Change purpose to take notes on them – unfriendly
Going into African rainforests and slaughtering all nonhuman primates. – appended to purpose
We should be dressing up in gorilla suits and messing with anthropologists…
The monkeys have stared masturbating more lately…
Automatic weapons appended to purpose.
Passes. $4 to me. Anyone who noticed the anthropologist at the last event.

KGB human orchestra
To respond to the conductor’s instruction
Change purpose to attending globalization through history class –fails.
Change the tempo to 150.
Append to the purpose buy Bubbles a blockbox. Unfriendly. No pursuit.
Append to the purpose, buy Bubbles a clock. Unfriendly. No pursuit.
Append more cowbell. Friendly
Key change!
Marlena used metronome! It’s super effective!
Metronome awakens in the attacker’s mind the futility of everyday life.
Motion to hold a joint concert with the barbershop.
Passes. $ 5 to twright. Shit. Everyone in the KGB who has or wishes to play his skin flute will chair.

Inverse vampire conspiracy committee
Have the red cross have more restrictions so vampires have a hard time
There are many blood drives and many reasons you can’t give.
Dan K: a new twilight movie is coming out (he is saluted)
Passes: $ 2 to pcd. Anyone who has been prevented from giving blood will chair

Allocation $50 for the event.

Committee to Hack the Gibson
To play electric guitars.
Only Tim 1 gets it.
There is a restaurant in Chicago which sells a large amounts of chicken.
The committee to cover other fruits in chocolate approves
Awkward and inappropriate: meedly meedly mow.
Spoken song lyrics: Meedly meedly mow.
Passes. $2 to Margaret. Anyone who understood both references.

Committee to Make the president regret what he said without thinking.
Self explanatory.
Rename committee to call the president’s bluff. Friendly
Be very careful when asking for votes, especially where knives and incest are involved.
Change name to Bubbles underestimates the dedication of the KGB. Friendly
Change name to Bubbles underestimates the dedication and sanity of the KGB. Fails
Rule Phi can’t decide if it is in favor.
Passes. $32 to twright. Only he will chair. You’re welcome, Kelly.

Create the KGB space program
To send cosmonauts to the stars
False. You cannot catch stars.
Shooting the moon gets you a lot of points.
Ask not what KGB can do for you, but what you can do for KGB.
We are lacking in RocketMatts
We’d have to be lunatics to consider this.
There are people who thing that the moon is an alien spaceship. (Dan thinks)
____ puns go! This committee is made of cheesey!
This goal is absolutely out of this world.
Investing in a space program to go to the moon.is for the crater good.
Passes. $3 to Oren. He and anyone who wants to work on a space program will chair

Allocation for $5000 so we can make a buggy – fails.

Get twright to spend exorbitant amounts of money on committees
Change exorbitant to obscene. Friendly
Obscene to fucking – fails
Change name to get Thomas to spend as much $ as cm per inch of his penis. Dilatory.
Change every word in name and purpose to fucking. Unfriendly.
There are prefixes and suffixes. Fucking is the only midfix.
Dick joke is appended to purpose.
Passes. $2 to skittles. Twright will chair.

RRA: We have an event. Running jumping climbing trees. 6:30. Might meet at black chairs.

PAY DUES. $10/semester. $15/year.

Next Monday, we will have a real business discussion for booth. Pay your dues if you want to vote. Email exec if you want to be a booth chair.

We have t-shirts. Buy them. Or Marlena has to sleep in the yard.

CTFWS is November 9th.


Greek life. Ask Caroline

Pittsburgh mini maker fair. Ask Maija. Sounds cool.

Shana Tovah!

Dresden files RPG. Talk to Glenn.

Frisbee at 4:30 on Friday

ITR this Saturday at 10 PM. Wean 4 couches.