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Bubbles: Had a weekend. Oppa Colmar style was epic during karaoke. Saturday he did work and something else interesting. Sunday was partially puzlehunt, partially work. Saturday was poker, that was it. Did not have lab this afternoon and skipped Kelly’s class

Tim 1: Had a weekend. Involved karaoke. There was aeronauts which was good. Mbritton is in town. Has taken corporeal form and thinks he is the queen of England. Really awkward report form the awkward and inappropriate musical accompaniment.

New person: Satvaka, Harrisburg, don’t have a major, likes one direction

Tim 2: Had a weekend. Might be dead due to chalk outline. That is how that works now. Karaoke is one of his favorite events. Played kill fuck marry supreme court edition after poker. Puzzlehunt will be fucking epic. In nature of language this afternoon he noticed a mistake in a professor’s slide and talked to her about it after class as it had nothing to do with the lecture. He has grown as a person. We have an event: Casino night: stationary spaceship party! In the UC basement. We have an event the next day! Puzzlehunt on Saturday from 12:00 – whenever mazeoftwistypassages.com

Margaret: Had a weekend. There was karaoke on Friday which was fun. Saturday was unmemorable. There was a contra dance on Sunday which was twirly awesome. Has to take GRE’s next weekend so will adjust sleep schedule accordingly. Will publish Pravda!?! soon. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.

Xander: Had a weekend. There was karaoke on Friday, bagpiping on Saturday which some of you heard regardless of your desire to do so. Then there was MTG which was fun

Kelly: Had a weekend. Was weird as she flew in on a red eye on Friday and everything is surreal. There was Frisbee and 5 hours of karaoke and found out that her mom stalks her on facebook, her mom judges her on her gangnam style. There was free chili for kiltie. Played some poker and fell asleep. Sunday did midway and puzzlehunt stuff. Which was fun. Pay dues ASAP.

Marlena: Had a weekend. She went home and got a Texas sweatshirt. She has a new cute puppy named Cobalt who is bitey. It is a miniature black poodle. Did not get work done. Sweatshirts are a thing.

There were committee reports. I missed most of them, Sorry.

McGinnis wants the thing: the clearly malfunctioning weather machine is not his fault.

New business:

Pretentious committee
Purpose: you don’t know?!?!
Change name to hipster committee. Fails for lack of second
Condescending is when you talk down to someone, you know?
Change name to condescending jackass committte – friendly
KAAHHHHHNNNNNN – descending jackass committee - friendly
Change to prodescending jackass committee – friendly
Lets go down these stairs like right now, committee – unfriendly
Professional union of descending jackasses. Friendly
Passes. $4 to Tim 2. Chairs will be graduate members of KGB.

Staple time committee
STAPLE TIME!!!! (click staplers)
Stop. Hammertime.
It is not the cluster stapler
I believe you have my stapler.
This organization has been taken over by the staple carrying elite. Motion to flip table. Tiny tables are flipped.
Passes. $4 to dlareau, everyone with a stapler will chair

Create the motherfucking flexagon committee
To research the uses of hexafelxagons
Change name to hexaflexagon committee. Friendly.
Information about flexagon.
Point of order. That is not a point of information. (broman and Thomas together, It was so cute)
Check out these hexaflexagons!
Change name to motherfucking hexafluoride – failed
Passes. $13 to Tim 1. He will chair as well as all hexagon based life forms.

Create committe to make good decisions
To discuss good decision s made and direct KGB members to make better decision
Append with copious amounts of alcochol.
Change name to “good decisions”
Boardgames all night with alcohol, buggy all day with alcohol.
Motion to table indefinetly – fails. Motion to overturn the chair’s decision – ignored.
The jbonaparte committee approves.
Motion to purple.
Passes. $45 to ethan and friends. All contributors will chair. (ethan, shank, rose, others?)

Reasonable things
Postpone and table indefinitely.
Motion to table indefinitely. Tabled.

Motion to take off the table the committee for reasonable things. Passes

Back in discussion.
Motion to table again. Passes

Motion to follow Newton’s laws of motion –passes

Neil Bohrthday committee
To make sure we are not bohred with the proceedings
Append to purpose, celebrate his bohrthday with plum pudding
Passes. $ to anbrown. People with atoms will chair

Allocate $750 for sweatshirts. It’s a good idea.

Allocate $300 for puzzlehunt pizza.

Allocate $65 for entry fee for booth

Committee for inconspicuous weaponry
(People quietly carrying weaoponry)
I have not noticed a need for this committee
Append bite ninjas to the purpose. All of them. Friendly
Baby shark baby shark
Motion to spell bite whit a y
(byte ninjas) motion to append obvious sexual connotations (concealed weapon) to purpose. Friendly
Oren will shoot you with a banana.
Request report from assassinations committee. (moderate success)
Passes. $2 to Ishan. DISBANDED

Committee whose purpose is built one word at a time
Append committee -friendly
Passes. $10 to mbritton. HE will chair

Motion to protect the world to devastation. Fails

Motion to table tim broman. He was tabled. Almost.

Committee for rent.
Also for rent
Change name and purpose: committee for wicked. - $2 – no, passes.
Change name to allegiance and purpose to allegiance. Fails for lack of a second
Change purpose to for good. Friendly
Change name and purpose to for evil. Fails
Passes. $2 to Tim 1. The wizard and I will chair.


WE have an event. Casino night (stationary spaceship party) casino games and gambling redundancy in Andy’s lounge.

Puzzlehunt on Saturday at noon. Sign up at mazeoftwistypassages.com. You should all come it was awesome, especially all the bits

Next week on Wednesday chairs will decide on individual themes. Vote, contribute, and comment before Sunday.

Last chance to order sweatshirts.


Computer club will do domosplash. Visit demosplash.org

There is humans vs zombies campaign. There is a table somewhere.

AB lectures are bringing Valve to campus.

Does anyone have scotch tape

If you want classic who, talk to McGinnis or Daniel John

Late night this Friday with board game club. There are prizes! It is free.

Readme is fun. Go help and or read.

Register to vote. Deadline is tomorrow.

Dresden files RPG, talk to gswagner.

Sign up for Aeronauts if you want to playtest.

Shank has pie. Go to her with a fork if you want some.

Talk to rose if you are interested in bikes.