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Bubbles: Weekend, doesn't remember Friday, wait, no totall recall - a parody, memento - "clevar", weekend, festivities, improv show, kelly birthday, lots of work to do

Tvaughan: Remembers Friday out of order (memento joke), good event never saw total recall before. Saturday - aeronauts playtest discovered generated LOTS of content, need to make it easier, Ethan was hero instead of at party. Yesterday buried vampire in pyramid with catapults. LIVE! Bloodgod

New Peeps: Cristina; civ-e; pittsburgh; wearing socks

Tbroman: weekend - forgot thursday night stuco, kgbmovies - saw total recall, saw memento, kept remembering had seen earlier parts than last time Saturday - doesn't remember Sunday: WOOOORK, booth meeting, productive = awesome, up til 4 w/ hw

Event: Video GAme night porter A18, 7pm

Mmeyerho: Weekend, kage cleaning, movies - memento was awesome; Knitted on Saturday; booth meeting on sunday, also graphics, shaders are obnoxious PRAVDA

Xander: (Ethan) - is Xander, left on friday to go to Maryland to pick up rglenn, be proud of rglenn, saw family, fell and took 2d6 damage rock climbing, Sunday - went to jcolmar's character creation, ate chocolate and talked late at night

Kharring: Birthday! didn't do work, but had a final today :(, studied from midnight, went eh, but lowest exam is dropped, dad loves totall recall, stuff?? pennies

Marlena: movies - saw them previously, played fiasco friday night, woke up at 4 on saturday, playtested instead of work, sunday - made drunk cookies instead of doing work no regrets

Committeeeeeeeees' Reports:

eforney - committee to propagate random art - crazy train jcolmar - taxidermy committee - success with geodes stephen - creep - watch people take creepy photos mcginnis - epic failure - reddit was down because amazon storage failure, also brought down imgur jcolmar - crossovers - dory quests to kill john g ethan - make good decisions - divided front, massive success eforney - short hair - break => success vaughan - musical accompaniment - song report la la la boom boom strum strum d it's not the little things that don't seem to matter, it's not the life we left behind it's the moment that comes after all these memories subside , a wild Xander appears!

Technobable committee: Independent… something. I am not going to even try. If we let rho = a is it possible to get … Fuck it.

Shenanigans committee: failure. If you want to take the fence, you have to take the fence.

Time Police: Everyone remain calm. (kills a time travelling alien criminal)

ITR: There will be ITR this Saturday at 10 PM

The People’s Glorious Airforce committee: success

Without a second: notice the beautiful weather? Pittsburgh toggles winter and summer to get fall.

Storytelling: Toucan notices holes in the ground. Undead moles named marty converse with curious toucan. The undead moles don’t need a toucan. But apparently they do. We can only use the tools that we have. That should never stop you from doing the things you are interested in. YOU CAN HELP WRITE PUZZLEHUNT. YOU CAN HELP BUILD BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH! There are a lot of things that are really cool here at CMU, you should not be afraid to try something interesting.

Old business: Tim wants the pfenning (gets the spirit). Political debates are not his fault.

New business:

Create the Wombo committee
Bring things that are wombo to KGB
Technobabble approves
Wombo is not a real word
I wombo… etc.
Thomas has also been on the internet.
Pernoonciation asks watt ha fack is a woombo.
We still have a really small squidward in a jar.
Ad hoc plumbing the depths: He has been to all of the internets.
Passes. $2 to Thomas. He and anyone else who watched PBS as a kid

Create the Math goggles committee
Find a drink to make math easier
Does not make it easier. Just lowers your standards for what math you are willing to sleep with
There is ass o’ clock where you make NEW MATH
Meth of Math?
Marlena did not used to have a drinking problem
Add Balmer peak to purpose. Appended.
The goggles they do nothing committee: Math is still hard.
Passes. $7 to Thomas. Everyone who can not be described in fewer than 100 words.

League of ordinary gentlemen
We can sit around and be gentlemen and not have superpowers
“And paul” is added to name
Some math joke. I did not get it. Partial diff EQ?
Tim 2 is concerned that we do not have the ability to line up at all, let alone make a league long line.
More math jokes I can’t really hear.
By definition this committee can have no chairs as it is an extraordinary committee by the bylaws.
We are fucking purple.
Change name to 5.556 of ordinary gentlemen and paul. Friendly.
Passes. $8 to McGinnis. He, Dan, Mckinnie, Marlena, and anyone who has read League comics

Banana phone
Make telecommunication devices out of food and distribute them to impoverished
Append ring ring ring ring ring banana phone to purpose
This committee would do well with tacos
This new phone is pretty rotten
Using banana phone called question
Passes. $2 to Thomas. Disbanded

Committee group
Ensure every committee allows us to form the identity committee
Change name to group committee fails for no second.
What about non invertable committees?
POI what is the identity committee in this grop
Motion to go back to dick jokes as opposed to dick jokes. Overwhelming support.

Accurate impersonation
Impersonate members of the KGB. But others are ok.
Shank: Committee without a second wold like to report Cthulu
Tim 1: Something about Tim’s mom also I’m mbritton.
McGinnis. Takes off his shirt to imitate Thomas
Ethan: POI that is not a POO.
Thomas POO. That is not a POI
Patrick: One dollar!
Eforney: Purple purple purple: throw stuff at me
Eforney: (bagpipe imitation)
Dan: (Pant pant) just ran here from bio lab I can kill you with my toe.
Passes: $20 to Tim 1. Everyone who is not who they say they are and no one who is themselves.

Real Relevant Announcements: We have an event: Videogame night in normalish time in the normalish place. We will have a signup sheet for stuff to bring.

BOOOOTH There was a planning meeting yesterday. Next week will be art. Show up if you want to talk about booth, 7:30 Sunday a18A.

Buy more tangerines.

We will start accepting $ for sweatshirts.

Pay your dues.

Shmucks who like to mouth off:

Dr who is happening on Saturdays. Talk to McG and Dan

ITR is happening on Saturday at 10. There will be random this time.

Shennanigans will happen with the fence this week. Maybe. Upadtes on fb group.

We are in purple GTFO and out of order.