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Tim 1: had almost a margarita, did an aeronauts playtest

New people: Jean, chem-e from MIT, has wet feet Patrick, high school bagger, Wartonsburg, planned cs, 2/3 of other baggers were cs, there are bottlecaps in pocket

Tim 2: Had a weekend with doing stuff like grading and video game night and read for a quizbowl tournament for a while which was fun. ITR was fun as well. Sunday stayed up till 5 AM which was not fun for real anal. Had an appointment with a tardy professor and a more important meeting later. Was going to get a haircut but decided against it.

WE have an event! Hall o’ Wean party. Usual time and place bring board and card games. Dress up exec will be there. Donate $ to kgb to put exec in costumes of your choice. They will give you a price if they are interested. You must provide said costumes

Margaret Had a weekend. There was stuff Friday. There was rock band. On Saturday there was a math competeition which went OK. Went to geagle to bake a cake when there were no eggs went on a 20 feet adventure twice. Ther was ITR which was fun. Then there was sleep. Then she slept to noon 30 and did no work. Pravda will be coming out soon. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.

Xander Had a weekend in the most technical sense. Did a lab report. The whole damn time. In a break did Dark Crusade where I came up with the best plans ever.

Kelly: Had a weekend which included Frisbee and ITR and watching people at pitt dressing up. SLUTTY ROBINS FTW. I’LL SHOW YOU BATMAN. There were things and other things.

Marlena: Had a weekend where everything was completely legal. Went to game night, went to Aeronauts playtest and did other things

Committees: If you think you have free time you don’t
Puzzling committee: Puzzlehunt feedback meeting is at 9 pm in porter A21. If you were at all involved with hunt or not show up!
Committee without a second: hurricane sandy
Make good decisions… wait no... wait yeah. Fourth or fifth week of continued success
Foreign students committee: Pittsburgh has a sandstorm.
Misappropriated Committee With Out a Second. You and you have a sandy vagina (bubbles and Tim 1)
Keep an eye on egladdin failure
Premonition committee: Do we meet in breed or a14
Ad hoc stupid stuff I read in the tarten. People spit off the roof.
Misappropriated Committee Without a Second. Failure in a duel
Floor is lava: The floor is solid rock due to weather.
Shennangignans committee: continued hold of success. This Saturday there is some stuff with a football game representing the organization. We should go as the geology club.
The always late to kiltie: this is the last kiltie day of the year. Will be scatter show. The seniors will be recognized. Remember rule 0
Ad hoc day after tomorrow: and you said hurricanes cant do snow.
Ad hoc this has flooded. Impeding success

Old business:

Tim has the spirit of the thing. Falk wants it. Something is not her fault.

The committee group
All committees should have an inverse such that it forms the identity
Motion to table until next week.

New business:

Marionette committee:
The floor is lava
Chang purpose: to pull all of the strings of exec from behind the scenes. FAILS
Motion to ignore convection
Motion to ignore conduction
Append dance lava dance to purpose
Change purpose to let them eat chairs. Fails
Spoken song lyrics (m): baby your note the only one… blah blah blahh… no strings attached.
Tautology: the air is air.
Append to the purpose: you are now breathing manually.
Passes. $ 4 to caroline. She will chair. And Falk

Not in sequence with the naturals.
Math jokes. Again.
Motion to not make math jokes or committees for the next year. Massive approval, but is out of order.
Point of information. Is point of information a question? Yes.
POI when did fuck you change to hearts? Look on the wiki.
Postpone this until committee group is no longer on the table. Passes.

Committee to drain Daniel John.
Poke holes in Daniel john so he is not as full of himself.
The entire drainage system will be backed up from the storm. Motion to postpone until after the hurricane

Create XXX KGB president
To cross X KGB presidents and XX KGB presidents.
This has to do with Glisson, doesn’t it?
Whenever Glisson is in the room it is always shirtless o’ clock.
We are not old enough to have a 30th president
Passes. Thomas tries to take off his shirt. Twice. $25 to Margaret. All past KGB presidents and herself.

Allocation to make $120 for hall o’ wean party and CTFWS

Sin based stick shift social combat
Fails for lack of a second.

Create natural disasters
To combine all of natural disasters. For SCIENCE
The guild of calamitous intent, Don’t worry its for SCIENCE, and well that was supposed to work committees approve.
Evil seafood league looks forward to collecting protection money.
League of ordinary gentlemen hopes we will survive despite storms and evil aligned committees.
Passes. $7 to tim all evil people and all who were born to rule.

Joke throwback
The best thing about buying more tangerines. McGiniss kills jokes
Most of this is confusing.
Append to purpose confuse freshmen.
Seafoam green protectorate reports yesss!
Motion to all of us say all of our names at the same time
And that old joke was a ghoooossstttt
Some jokes should be thrown back
I would call the question but who was phone?
Passes. $ 4 to Tim 1 Something clever that he said will chair

Whoosh committee
Calcuate the velocity of jokes going over freshmen’s head
The velocity is 2
Out of order committee – out of order x2
We are in purple.
Passes. $3 to Dillon. Freshmen shall chair

Real Relevant Announcements: WE have an event Hall o’ Wean party. A18*. There will be candy and stuff. Will resemble get board get carded. Bring costumes.

Next week we will be in DH 2315.

CTFWS is in two weeks. Email exec if you are interested in judging.

Pay dues. Membership from last year will expire on Wednesday.

You can start paying for sweatshirts.


Dr. Who is happening. Contact Mcginnis.

Shelby has tasty lemonade

Nerf assassins is starting. Contact Daniel John if you are interested.

Ethan brought a gavel. But there is no order in the KGB.

Contra dancing this Sunday at 5:30 in skibo.

Gavel is a justice mallet

Freshmen assassins is happening talk to mwoolfor