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Bubbles - weekend - ctfws, was a success, was the fun, 200 people first game, rad, sat - fiesta, rollicking good time, old peoples in town sunday - tried to do work, slept more than expected

texas tim - has a weekend - rode a horse to school, forgot lasso, turned around, rattlesnake in boot, bit, hospital used leeches - went to party was kinda liked <-- that Had people over sunday, played aeronauts, went to hpf

New people: Peter - phsics / ece, lives 1/2 hour north, wearing a shirt

wisconsin tim - weekend, ctfws, tiring, sore legs, alot of fun, don't remember much because tired was 7 party and on sunday woke up - got food - graded for 7 hours, booth meeting - graded another 3 hour - slept - got up at 7 for register - ate, did more grading for 3 hours - then classes and essay and "fun" EVENT

next week - variety show how many interested in performing? 5-7ish

EVENT - KGB takes a nap, chillaxing, ph A18* 7pm, maybe sleeping / children books / games?

Margaret - weekend, ctfws, party, truffles, bake sale, tabling, time? not until

Xander (Glisson) -have a sword, stabbed somebody, running from law, maybe blew up a house, will blow up new house soon but you can come over and have pancakes first if you want

Kelly -ctfws, party, didn't do any other shit, phone broke, need to do shit PENNIES

Marlena - ctfws, r7, nonsense, fun, got something done? maybe? fun, food, hfp, stuff


Mcginnis - richard nixon calculus - I'm registered for lambda calc - michaela groundhog for winter - not winter today Oren - good question - tvaughan is that a picture of foot? (picture of texas on board) Jram - puzzling - meeting tomorrow, 9, wean 5304 dillon - shit in tartan - odor of marajuana, police did not find weed, but did find nitrus brian - nostalgia - gak is back vaughan - concept album - ditch hitler is story of how hitler was childhood friend and now annoying then he dies glisson - storytelling - (interrupted for matt briton white elephant) - story of gimli glider mcginnis - everybody hates gingers - failure this semester, not enough people go twright - read one-star reviews of candyland on amazon - does just what ad-hoc committee says, reads about sad children broman - not burn down r7 / not throw up in labbots backpakc - thanks for cooperation mcginnis- something - bought little ponies - labelled 3+, which includes 22

Old Business:

Thing - thomas - toddlers getting upset at candyland apple - motion to unpostpone a thing not actually

New Business:

Committee to annoy the recsec (unpostponed b/c rec-sec not here) motion to postpone until first meeting at which recording secretary born in this millenium - fails motion to postpone until recsec not xander - fails Vote - passes Auction - sold to mckinnie for $20 Chair - anyone who has never been and never will be recsec

Marlena- learn and teach new language committee help globe-trotting members of the kgb to recognize important phrases such as: "she's got a cute smile", "my nose ring is infected and oozing pus" append to purpose: the sketch dirty hungarian phrasebook motion to s/teach/"teach"/ - passes motion to s/"/"""/g Vote - passes Auction - to shank for $8 Chairs - people who like to teach people "useful phrases"

broman - motion to create the sports desk -purpose : report on sports from previous weekend motion to change purpose to " to create a desk that can play sports" not friendly, pursued, passes broman tries to withdraw motion, can't without a vote motion to randomize words in purpose and title - passes question called Vote - passes Auction - to broman for $15 Chairs broman / adam

new title + purpose "that sports" "sports plays create Desk a desk to"

Vanilla squid
(many tasty types of squid)
Change vanilla to chocolate in purpose – only friendly if said in a deep an sultry voice
Motion to carefully slice up, dip in oil and fry until golden brown.
Twright says something racist
Evil seafood league: Muahhahahahha
Culinary R&D: oooh!
Passes. $4 to caroline. She and other food pun people

Allocation $50 for food for event

Untable committee group
Motion to table until next meeting – passes

Create the real world holiday reminder
It is observed veterans day today. In the real world things are closed today … 0_0
The fun kind of get lost when you are not celebrating the victory on the 11th day of the 11th hour of the 11th month.
On the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13 month, the school board decided to discuss the misprinted calendar.
Passes. $4 to broman. People who respect our armed forces will chair


We have an event! KGB takes a nap. A18* we will not be sleeping over but we will be there for a while.

BOOOOTH!!!! Come to planning meetings! 8 PM on Sundays from now on. Porter A18A on Sundays.

There was a proposed bylaws change. Keep an eye on the bboard and facebook group for more information.


Dr. who is happening

3rd rock from the sun group is meeting. Talk to Thomas

ITR will be this weekend Saturday at 10 at WH 4

There is buggy! Talk to ethan

There is a free All university orchestra next week. Talk to eforney.

Glisson says hi.