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Bubbles: Went to Orlando to visit his cousins for thanksgiving only to get the same weather as here so what was the point of that. Did not enough work

Tim 1: Had a thanksgiving had delicious food and real margaritas from a real place that was once mexico. Fog in Chicago delayed a flight, which makes sense as that is when most of the world shuts down. His friends were nicely blocked so that there was optimal overlap.

New people: a spy fails at infiltrating the KGB

Tim 2: Had a long weekend. Was thanksgiving and saw relatives some of whom were not relatives. On the way home, he was flying through Chicago, he tried to get on a different flight but had to do a lot of unnecessary running instead. Trying to switch flights almost screwed him over. WE HAVE AN EVENT: Trivial art! Usual time and place. Trivial things and non trivial things will be there.

Margaret: Had a thanksgiving! Rode greyhound! Which was a bad decision. They gave away the bus. Made it home anyways and did not do enough stuff. Got back, and now it is now, spop submit TO PRAVDA

Xander: Had a long time since my last report. Since then, he met one of his heroes, leveled up his archery skill, did not get a haircut, fought and killed an eldritch horror that had taken up residence in his bathtub, accidentally averted an apocalypse, ran away to and from the circus, had Schrodinger’s thanksgiving, Spent too much time not working, and lied once in my officer report.

Kelly: Had thanksgiving, and did not get delayed on flights. There is Star Wars Settlers of Catan! Sweatshirts might be able to be picked up after exec. Keep an eye of the facebook group.

Marlena: Had a thanksgiving. She and her mom made a ton of food for thanksgiving, which is likely spoiled now, because refrigerators.. Had a fiasco of fiasco with batman and transsexuality. Got bitten a lot by an adorable untrained puppy, and had enough girl talk to fill 3.5 movies. None of the other stuff was work.

Time travel: Happy thanksgiving

Spoken song: [REDACTED]


KGB doppelganger: success. Dammit rose and shank

Greyhoud sucks: 2 hours in Baltimore

M. Spoken lyrics: I want my (baby back)^200

Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland: had weird and sexual dreams

AH oversharing: success

Evil twin: A bunch of people got haircuts

Brian wants the thing: Greyhound and flight delays not his fault

Triple entendre

Would you like to come to my house and hang some curtains? (really needs an extra pair of hands)
Now Triple entente committee
Change name to triple entre committee – passes
Entente is an alliance between the central powers or something
If it would be a quadruple entendre it would be like the purpose only with a sexual ending…
Dominoes 555 deal (change name)
Change name to herman caine 999 deal – passes
Passes $9 to McG. He and will 8 other

Committee to inturrpt the spoken song lyrics committee
Inturrupt the spoken song lyrics committee
Change name to out of order committee - passes
Append with “more vulgar songs“ to the purpose
Spoken songs lyrics: I want jesse’s girl, but…

Create prior southern love interest
All his exes live in texas
This is Daniel John Kirby is so full of himself committee
Change purpose to all my sisters live in Alabama – passes
Note: the purpose of this committee is now about incest
I-N-C-E-S-T keep it in the family!
Change purpose to all my cousins live in WV
Change name to Distant relatives committee - friendly
Passes. $2 to Thomas. Disbanded

Wheelie chars are awesome
Nevermind! Stop Spinning!
Change location to baker hall – friendly
Motion to physics joke
Change location to Gates helix – no kesden will kill you
Passes $4 to Dillon pretty much everyone will chair

Brush with a fate worse than hell
I answered the call of Cthulu. He had the wrong number.
Change purpose to booking tickets with greyhound – fails
Change purpose I’ve already been married – unfriendly
Change purpose to to change the name of the Chicago airport to Rl’yeh – unfriendly
(Eldrich speech)
Passes $3 to brian anyone outside of this plane of existence and him

To play telephone during shmucks.
Change name to banana phone – friendly
Purpose to play telephone from committee reports to schmucks – friendly
Change name banaphone committee – friendly
Committee to mess with the recsec- success. Suckers.
Tim Vaughan is great and its in the record
Fuck this shit. I am done with writing rules
Motion to write on a banana with a pin. Sure.
Passes. $4 to eforney she will chair

Allocation $130 for the next two events – it’s a good idea

Colonial era on mars
The colonial ear is awesome lets do it again on mars
Change mars to bug mars in everything – friendly
Change name to GET YOUR ASS TO MARS
Append purpose to break glass
Motion to change to bug mars – friendly
Change name of committee to puff the magic dragon
Motion to make 40 terabytes of bug porn and cause massive inflation - dilatory
Change to puff the kosher dragon
Change dragon to bug mars - fails
Motion to cube the purpose – dilatory
Motion to at the end of each meeting to replace mars with bug mars – dilatory
Ends up being Get your ass to Puff the Kosher Dragon committee with the purpose The colonial era was awesome lets do it again on puff the kosher dragon puff the kosher dragon mars
Passes. $ To Tim 1 he and fractions will chair

KGB international energy agency
Keep Xander from getting weapons of mass destruction
Purpose is redundant because Xander already possesses the most deadly weapons – his hands
Change instances of mass in purpose to inertia
Append meatball to purpose and in general
Change instance of meatball to bug meatball – passes
AH citizens of Chernobyl approves
No sanctions were placed on Evil Seafood league
Replace bug with meatball bug in all instances
Dammit, you guys: Dammit, you guys
Replace meat with tofu in all
Every evil committee owned by Xander Reports my weapons have nothing to do with this nuclear physics bullshit.
Replace tofu with man meat
Ad Hoc Scientist elitist reports success in response to Xander’s report
Change man to unicorn every instance
Add biological and chemical have been added it appended
Change uni to candy – friendly
Change every instance of Co to cobalt.
KGB international energy agency bug candycobaltrnmeat bug
Keep Xander from getting weapons of inertial destruction bug candycobaltrnmeat bug
Passes. $11 to McG. Everyone who is against Xander getting WOMD
Recsec is kindly saluted

RRA: WE HAVE AN EVENT! Normal time and place Trivial arts and crafts

During Reading day of exams we will have dinner and all go out and have fun. We will have more on this later.

Sweatshirts are getting in this week. Pay ASAP.


S&S moon over buffalo. Friday at 6:30 and other times. It is quirky

Kiltie band concert UC 5:00 on Thursday free cookies More Dr. Who: talk to McGinnis

Third rock from the sun – talk to Thomas. They have not yet remade it.

We started a bike cult – this is obvious.

We purple and GTFO