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       had a weekend
       has been gone for a while, sort of
       went to New York last Monday
           for an interview that probably went well
           got to fly home directly, at a reasonable hour
               instead having to be at the airport at four in the morning and having a connection
       has concluded flying operations for the next three weeks
       is stuck at the airport
       "goddamn plane was so full so they had to check my bag"
           and other beautiful texts
       new people
           Steven, MechE, South Florida, only has one pair of shoes that work in the snow
       had a Thanksgiving
       had two Thanksgiving meals
       got grad school applications done
       played a lot of video games
       it was a successful break
           KGB Falls On Its Ass
           Friday, 8:30, PHA18A
           we'll leave for the rink soon after that
           cost $4, plus skate rental ($2.50)
           Geek Eat
           at the Cheesecake factory, the reservation is for 5:00
           meet at black chairs at 4:00
           RSVP by the start of the event on Friday
       had a Thanksgiving
       began with a 9:00am plane flight
       got to see her dogs, who are fluffy
           and also family, she guesses that was nice too
       participated in three generational cook shenanigans
       given her sister's love of showing her youtube videos, has now probably seen every single tf2 video on the internet
       came back on a 6:00am flight
       had a Thanksgiving
       started on Tuesday, with baking pies
       then catching a plane at 9:00 in the morning on Wednesday
       Thanksgiving itself involved getting in a fight with their uncle about linguistics
           then using a recording of Thanksgiving dinner, which included the fight about linguistics, to do a linguistics project
           linguistics was a theme over break
               also homework
       then eventually they got back to Pittsburgh
       had a Thanksgiving
       left campus at four in the morning
       spent Thanksgiving working becuase his family is moving
       still tons of food and tons of fun
       got back late last night
       had a weekend/Thanksgiving break
       started with driving Zora to the airport at ass o' clock in the morning
       made mashed sweet potatoes on Thursday
           which included putting brown sugar on top and applying a blowtorch
               and not buring the apartment down
           Maija held the fire extinguisher
       then watched a lot of media
       and did not do work


   ad hoc I Feel Safe Committee
       the TSA confiscated Frieder's Swiss Army Knife on the way back to Pittsburgh
       but not on the way out
       and not the other two knives that he brought back
   ad hoc I Feel Safe Committee
       at security for one of Dillon's flights there was nobody even WATCHING the x-ray machine
   ad hoc I Feel Safe Committee
       Maija misses her fire extinguisher
   dkirby all of the committees, one of which is misappropriated
       his family spent Thanksgiving complaining about Obamacare
   ad hoc I Feel Safe Committee
       there are a lot of coyotes in Texas
       Marlena's neighbor offered to teach them tricks for dealing with them
           also mentioned that they have a silencer
   ad hoc Unfortunate Typo Committee
       97% of public would prefer GMOs to be dangerous
   ad hoc I Feel Safe Committee
       half of Maija's jaw cracked really loudly just now
   ad hoc Peace Love Turnpike Committee
   ad hoc Minnesota Transportations Committee
       they're building a whole airport across the state
       in order to get from place to place, you just run across the airport
           which covers the whole state
   ad hoc New State Mottos Committee
       Minnesota, the land of a thousand lakes and one airport


   The Thing!
       all the travel headaches caused in the coming week are not Stuart's fault


   New Boots Committee: perform a series of tests on said boots to see if they are in fact made for walking
       change all instances of "boots" to "booth"
       has she tried the Minnesota airport?
       Booth Committee: this booth is NOT made for walking
       change all instances of "booth" to "booooooooth"
       there's not three feet of clearance in those boots
       Ethan was going to make a kinky boots joke
           but now we can make a kinky booth joke
       $2 to McGinnis, disbanded
   Naptime Committee: snoring
       change purpose to "xxxxx chhhhhhh"
       change purpose to "darth vader breathing noises"
       during Marlena's 8:30 art class, everyone was really tired
           so to wake them up the teacher made them line dance for 10 minutes
           it worked
       change purpose to "dark helmet breathing noises"
       your kitchen spices need their rest too
           nap thyme
       did Marlena really get new boots?
           they look really smooth for reality
       $3 to Ethan, you become a chair of this committee each day that you nap
   Committer Committee: to commit and push
       Frieder gets this joke
       we aren't ready for this kind of committement
       the KGB can't stand for this kind of subversion
       change all instances of "Committer" to "Committer Critter"
       ad hoc I Got Beaten To The Get And Subversion Jokes Committee
           mercurial, bitches
       something about pull
       I'm not a cs major so I don't understand what this commmittee is for loop
       WHILE we're on this topic
       motion to roll back this committee? I don't like these changes
           $3 to Frosty, everyone shall chair
   Apparently I'm Still Sleeping Committee: it's a dream it doesn't matter anyway
       Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
           Oren kinda knew he was asleep
           he was dreaming that he was in calc lecture
           He was called on by the professor to do a problem on the board
               He replied, "No thank you, Professor. I'm asleep, I don't have to do math."
       you have to wake up
       ad hoc Lucid Dream Committee: let's fly
       Marlena will be accepting purpose changes for things that she has to do while she's asleep
       change puropse to "buy a bagel and shoot the cashier"
           sorry Ethan
       change purpose to ...something?
       change purpose to "always be squidding"
       change purpose to "[insert otherwise unattainable celebrity here]"
           which one?
               the one that you want the most
       insert unatainable actor WHERE?
       you have to wake up
       change purpose to that kickball thing
       change purpose to "buy this committee"
       misappropriated KGB Makes A Porno Committee: motion to change the purpose back to the one including second base
           dilatory, poorly defined
       $13 to McGinnis, dkirby will chair
   KGB TSA Committee: to be directly responsible for making sure that no one in this room will get home on time
       change purpose to "to be directly responsible for making sure that no one in this room will get to kiltie on time"
       bar the doors
       change all instances of "on time" to "with nailclippers"
       who brought a fire to the meeting?
       append "with nailclippers" to the purpose
       $2 to Frieder, no one who will leave this place never will chair (so everyone)
   Consensitive Committee: create unusual words sounding like things--like "predactive"
       this is a wonturfferal idea
       how does this committee feel about the concept of ethnophysics?
       how many words do you think this committee will make? like, a guestimate?
           more than threeve
       how does this committee feel about pseudosyzygy?
       $3 to Frosty, McGinnis will chair
   Committee Dedicated To Exploration, Discovery, And Research Of Space Pickles: to build a dillatorium
       ad hoc Watchtower Committee: we found pickles in our fridge
           they weren't put in there as pickles
       motion to add suspicious quotation marks around the last word in the purpose
       Innovative Technologies Committee, in conjunction with the Dillontory Committee: approves
       Skyentology: sorry about the abundance of space pickles
           they weren't there to start
       ad hoc USSR Committee: would like to rspond with a space potato
       it is Oren's opinion that space pickles are the only ones that can be used for pickle chips
           to be eaten with grilled cheese sandwiches made from moon cheese
       $4 to Mike, Mike and the other chairs of the Innovative Technologies Committee will chair
   Real Money? Committee: you mean we're supposed to pay real money for these?
       change name to "Bitcoin"
       but real money is uncountable
           what no
       Sharky Freshman Committee: would just like to get up and stomp around
       $1 to McGinnis, bitcoin users will chair
   Appun Committee: yip yip
       how does this committee feel about the Sesame Street Aliens?
           they are welcome in this universe
       you're opening pundora's box here
           like, from the movie
           with the blue people
       $2 to Mike, eforney will chair
   Out Of Committees Contingency Plan: we're gonna run out of committees at some point, we need a step by step plan for when that happens
       has that ever stopped us before?
       board games
       are you aware that as a chair you can create subcommittees
           with very little regulation
           really long schmucks
           was that a dick joke
       the obvious solution is to use red matter to open up a portal to another universe so we can use their committee
       imagine it, a horrible distopia, youtube parties week after week
           please don't joke
       t h e   c o m m i t t e e   t o   t a l k   r e a l l y   s l o  w l y   r e p o r t s   s u p p o r t   f o r   t h i s   s u g g e s t i o n
       would this other universe have a strong antisecond?
       scientists have informed us that by 2050 there will be no more puns or committees
           you can help
           get a hybrid committee-pun
       get Marlena to wake up
       motion to designate this universe KGB Prime in the interest of multiverse organization
           out of order
       on second thought, let's not go to the universe where committees aren't created
           it's not a very silly place
       $4 to Frieder, the person who creates the last committee ever and he will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for food for the event contingency plan
   Last Committee This Committee Will Ever Be: to be the last committe this committee will ever be
       change name and purpose to "Second Committee This Committee Will Ever Be: to be the second committee this committee will ever be"
       change name and purpose to "Last Committee This Committee Will Ever Be: to be the first committee this committee will ever be"
       change all instances of "committee" to "giraffe"
       Max Bid Committee: approves
       motion to make this committee a subcommittee of the first subcommittee of the committee
       $1 to McGinnis, he doesn't know who will chair
   Russel's Paradox Committee: to contain all subcommittees which do not contain themselves
       change name to "Russel's Sprouts Committee"
       what if there is a subcommittee, somewhere out there
           you can't prove it
       math joke, physics joke, computer science joke, art joke
           we're done here
       change name to "No Subcommittee Left Behind"
       when do we have to take our 50 standardized tests?
       No Child Left Unblind Committee: hey, I'm relevant!
       oh my god Ethan could get a dog and name it Rage
           so he could unleash Rage
       $3 to Frieder, every dog named Rage will chair


       KGB Falls On Its Ass
           meet in PH A18A at 8:30
               bring cash
           If weather prevents the event, we'll just be in the PHA18* rooms
       Geek Eat
           Cheesecake Factory, Wednesday, Dec. 11
           meet at the UC Black Chairs at 4:00pm
           email exec by the start of the event on Friday to RSVP
       meeting on Sunday at 3:00 pm
       mostly art discussion, probably
       most of plot and construction planning has been finished
   there will be a KGB meeting next Monday
       we'll get out early so people can get to finals
       it will be interesting
           Broman promises


   Marlena needs your screams
       no seriously, she needs to record them
       talk to her!
   dkirby is moving
       he needs help to move a dresser and a tv
       they're big
       soon would be good
       talk to him, he'll feed you

we are now in purple