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Bubbles: Had a weekend it was booth and carnival and all that funk. It has been an absolute pleasure being on exec these past few years and serving as president. It was so awesome kicking ass with all of you. Current exec was a pain in the ass and a half some times but they were awesome. Next exec will be awesome.

Tim 1: Set his clocks 10 minutes slow so he would be late for everything. A lemur for my valentine with dbesse and mbritton as scav hunt 4 years ago. No matter what happen, this club has been here for 25 years and is always a haven for weird of all times. If you don't win, you are still an important part of this organization. IF you do, DONT SCREW IT UP. HAve fun, these guys are your friends and are there for you.

Tim 2: (booth trophy). Has been an increasingly longer year, was 2veep and booth chair. Was fun but would not do again. Was worth it, though. Was glad he got to do both of those things. Has been a great year.

Margaret: HAd a carnival was cool and booth and old people and cake and pineapples. Smashed a pineapple for the first time. Can't tell which parts of car and neck are red because of sunburn and dye. Go one last pravda.

Xander: Had a year. Involved getting elected RecSec, therefore dooming the KGB to a year of unending minutes wankery. It involved becoming a weapons instructor for small children, meeting people who would change my career path forever, and having bad luck with housing. It involved getting very excited about how awesome and numerous the freshman were at the beginning, and overjoyed that most of them ended up staying. I met one of my heroes, and was not disappointed. I fought and won against two brutal semesters of lab work, which I still love despite the unending punishment it tried to put me through. I wrote for and helped put on two phenomenal puzzlehunts. We all lost a dear friend. There was learning new languages and helping people out in strange places in the mountains. There was telling mostly truths and one lie during officer reports. There was snow when there should not have been. And of course, there was an incredible booth that was perfect in every way. And I may have posted minutes once or twice. It has had its ups and downs, but I had an amazing time through all of it and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this year so awesome. It was an honor, my friends and comrades.

Kelly: Had a week it was a busy busy week and made booth happen. it was fun and crazy and adjectives. If you want to go for spring carnival committee it is an amazing time. IT was hard moving away from KGBooth to carnival comitte but it is well worth it. You learn quite a lot. KGB put on a totally kickass booth. The judges loved it and were really glad to reward us 2nd place. HAs been here for two year as treasurer. Right now we have a weird financial situation, because Dropbox has not mailed us a check and the university has randomly reimbursed a bunch of people for stuff they should not have. But we still have ~$2500 in various places. Started with ~$900 and ended with this. Thank you KGB. Will be assisting new treasurer with finances.

Marlena: Had a year. Had highs and lows. Carnival was especially good. Got little sleep over it. Elections. Is exicted.


Booth committee: Thank you to everyone who made this possible. At the beginning of the year, we were kind of nervous at how this turned hour because so many freshman. Turns out they are super competent and really good at booth.

Taxidermy: really happy about funkelstiltskin mannequin

Spring carnival: Success

White carnival committee: success

THE FUNK: success

DJ is full of himself: Feels the need

Floor is lava killed all exec not wearing lava boots.

We have Quorum


New president: Tim Broman

New 1veep: Caroline Colombo

New 2veep: JRAM

New CorSec: Marlena Abraham

New RecSec: Zora Gilbert


Natural Number pride committee: Imaginary #s : we’re number 3 Eforney: Number dos! PASSES $3 to tvaughn, booth chairs

Marlena has Points of Business:

Marlena: motion to replenish the fund! Kelly: Motion to increase the fund to $500 (We CAN support the increase) PASSES, fund replenished & increased Marlena: motion to poundify (?) techie Bubbles: motion to

Dillon: Motion to set dues to $5/semester, $10/year Thomas: increase to $15/semester, $20/year Eforney: In the case of people not being able to afford, should be able to talk to exec Margaret: people can do most stuff w/o dues anyway Broman: motions to suspend, fails PASSES, dues set and increased

JRAM: $50 for food for event

Get vanilla oreos for the next event committee: Fails for lack of a second

The Dillontory committee: dilatory


Event: Bake barter Fri, 10 AM to 5 PM. Googledoc on fb for tabling Event: Useless stuff auction 7 PM Wean Commons

Kelly: Turn in hardhats



Rglenn: Talk to him about Puns for Lemonade!

McGinnis: Dillon is the first male treasurer! Congrats KGB. (also broman has dated all treasurers who have been treasurer during his time at CMU)

Dkirby: Nerf wars this weekend? At least one more this year.

Maija: Thanks alums for helping make food for booth!

Mbritton: email him about buying new wood for booth! Especially if you have a job

The Assassinations committee would like to report! Attack!

Twright: 2008 was the last time exec was mostly female.

JRAM: Puzzlehunt! Staff it! Email him!

Kelly: motion to GTFO (but we’re already purple)