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       had a weekend
       there was the event, which was good
       R7 party on saturday was a lot of fun
           there's an email where he can tell us about that?
       did work on Sunday
           the Packers beat the Redskins
           which is HILARIOUS because Bubbles is in town
       didn't do enough work on 210
       had a weekend
       involved the first 3 things that Broman's did
       it was a lot like Broman's weekend
       spent a lot of time with Broman and Caroline this weekend
       had a weekend
       involved similar things (event and r7 party)
           r7 party proceeded without incedent...
       worked a lot on compilers but not enough
           Running Jumping Climbing Trees (Drew)
               Friday, 6:30, Flagstaff
       Submit to pravda!
       had a weekend
       was sick for half of it, couldn't talk for all of it
       maybe it's still the weekend since they still can't really talk
           (it's not the weekend)
       had a weekend
       see Broman's weekend except with different games at GBGC
       also still has a lot of work
       had a weekend
       involved playing card games
           catan ended bitterly
       got on a bus for 6 hours to grandmother's house
           ate too much grandmother food, which is really good food
       drove back for only 5 hours
           (got a new car)


   ad hoc Society of Intrepid Journalists: There's a window open at the top of the black tower at the edge of town
   Benjamin S Wolf Memorial Committee: before the age of the internet & telegraph, people communicated through psychics.
       someone wanted to talk to their dead father...
       it was glaive pun
       fuck everything
   Committee to Warn President of Impending Doom: Xander is prepared.
       Xander is REALLY prepared.
   Committee to Assassinate the President: incredible potential
   Daniel John Secret Southerner Committee: offroading in geagle parking lot is possible
   KGB Rocks the 80s Committee: music!
   ad hoc KGB Music Awards: nominates JRAM
   ad hoc Don't Worry It's For Science Committee: approves whatever R7 was drinking last weekend
   ad hoc Alternative History Moonshine Committee: he blinded me with science
   ad hoc Society of Intrepid Journalists reports an edit: A tower has appeared at the edge of town (it repels bone. not flesh. bone)
   All of dkirby's committees, as well as the Committee to Explore Pittsburgh, some other ones, and the Bolth Committee: dkirby went running and cycling this weekend. both
   Benjamin S. Wolf Memorial Committee: foreshadowing pun
   misappropriated Spontanious Shark Puns Committee: requests a report
   ad hoc Society of Intrepid Journalists reports a further clarification: tower coming out of GIANT EARTH BEAST'S face. There's weeping coming from the window
   Alcoholist Committee: made 2 new tasty drinks, doesn't remember what they were


   The Thing
       everything that isn't Skye's fault isn't Skye's fault this week


   Committee to Pee in Mike's Car: to at least give some good reason for the smell
       what if the seats are made out of jellyfish tentacles
       change name and purpose to "Establishment of a New Public Restroom Committee: to pee in Mikes car"
       motion to replace all the fabric in Mike's car with jellyfish tentacles
           out of order
       change all instances of "Mikes car" to "my scar"
       change all "Mikes car" to "my scarf"
       Bubbles really wants to pee in Mikes car
       change all instances of "Mike's car" to "Jack's van"
       replace "Jack's van" with "Dan's bike"
       remove all instances of "in"
       $3 to Bubbles, Mike's car will chair
   Thomas Wright Memorial Committee: dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks; also, disband all $2 committees
       change purpose to "to kill Thomas Wright"
       change purpose to "wait until Thomas Wright dies and then erect a giant penis statue"
       change all instances of "penis" and "dicks" to "bug mars"
       motion to remove this committee's shirt
       motion to remove this committee's pants
       Drew's sorry couldn't hit the harmony's, he had performance anxiety
   The Society of Intrepid Journalists: would like to report stuff about the tower and the beast (it's gone but the window's still there)
       Change name to "The Lovecraftian Filibuster Committee"
       change all instances of "intrepid" to "apathetic"
       Xander has a talent for something, Bubbles doesn't know what that something is, but it sure is something
       motion to replace Xander with jellyfish tentacles
       motion to get Xander a job at the Tartan
       replace all instances of "window" with "the moist demanding chasm of his mouth"
       change name to "50 Shades of Xander Committee"
       $8 to Drew, JRAM and Drew will chair
   CMU KGB Intrepid Journalism Committee: to get off campus and see the sights
       change name to "Freshmen Intervention or Normal People Committee"
       change name to "KGB Goes on a Kindergarten Field Trip Committee"
       ad hoc KGB is Now in Preschool Committee: will we be having naptime and juice after this?
       50 Shades of Xander Committee: need a chaperone?
       change purpose to "PUPPIES?"
       what if Broman was Ms. Frizzle
           what if that
       append "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die" to the purpose
       $3 to Caroline, she shall chair--as will anyone who explores and steals puppies for her
   That Sounds Better Than the Original Committee: to create such things as 50 Shades of Xander and the Nightmare Before That Day Where We Were All Really Tired
       an oreo milkshake
       pride and prejudice and zombies
       sense and sensiblility and seamonsters
       I can't believe it's not butter
       dessert bus two
       ghost shark two: urban jaws
       electric bugaloo
       change name to "Really Bad Movies"
       snakes...on every plane!
       the squeaquel
       51 shades of xander
       a second serving of tortellini
       bug jupiter
       speed 2: cruise control
       disney's star wars??
       $3 to Paul, every shade of Xander will chair
   motion to create the Committee For Haikus: for self reference
       even this acronym
       Bubbles is killing some time for people to think of haikus
       motion to nominate bubbles as hero of the poeple
       refrigerator, refrigerator haiku, refrigerator
       if you think I'm writing the filibuster text you're probably drunk
           like, really drunk
       $2 to afrieder, everybody will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for the event
   Good Game Committee: to congratulate well mannered opponents for games that were played well
       change name to "the Drewisms Committee"
       ad hoc Committee for Freshmen to Confuse the Rest of Us: success
       change all syllables to korean equivalent
           FAILS fuck you
       append qq more to purpose
       append diaf
       append asl
       append a flipped table to purpose
       modify flipped table to mini fipped table
       $4 to Drew, Drew will chair
   That's What She Said Committee: if you finish someone's sentence, that's what they meant to say
   KGB Is Now In Preschool Committee: thanking Xander for putting us all to sleep
       caroline gives Xander a 1 out of 10
       PLOT TWIST Bubbles reads a thing
       lorum ipsum dolor set
           and that's what I have memorized you can google the rest
       notice that this is very empty and boring
           that is because someone is reading something
           and I do not care
       append "i am a full time internet" to purpose
       I think JRAM is quoting a thing WITH YELLING
       $2 to Drew
   That Picture of Mike Sleeping Was Way More Important Than The Minutes Committee: apparently the point of this is web apps
       there's a chrome extention that will change all pictures on a website to ryan gosling
       there's a chrome extention that will change all instances of "the cloud" on a page to "my butt"
       $2 to drew, disbanded


       Running Jumping Climbing Trees
           Friday, 6:30, Flagstaff
           you'll do all of those at the same time (you shouldn't do all of those at the same time)
   exec is now in Wean 5312
       Tuesdays at 6:30
   dues! pay them!
       we'll vote on Booth in the next month
       we need to know who booth chairs can be before that
           have to have paid your student activities fee and be a member in order to work/vote on Booth
           you should talk to exec (or email them) and/or come to the exec meeting
       grads can't be on midway
           eforney can tell you more about that


       Xander why
   TOC is in the next couple days
       it sucks
       go, it's important
   NSA is recruiting you, if you're interested you'll get an email soon

purple and gtfo