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       had a weekend
       started with the event which he already forgot
           it was karaoke
           it was nice
       guesses he did homework on Saturday
           walked into ITR, saw that it was Massachusetts, and just walked away
       more work than usual on Sunday because the Packers weren't playing
           less work than enough
           which is a pattern
           but at least he doens't have a 251 exam next week because he's a TA for that class
       had a week
       mostly built a website
           and by that she means that eforney built a website
       on Friday there was a duck!
       did work over the weekend
       new people!
           "This is our hazing thing, come on, it's really quick"
           (name, major, origin, uninteresting fact)
           vivek, MechE or ECE, San Jose, has black hair
           Zeph, MechE/arts, Tennessee, that
           Caroline, public policy, Colorado, has freckles
       had a weekend
       started with the event
           proved he could beat Colmar up with infinity knives
       did various things
           a lot of grading
           Movie Night!
           Friday, DH A302, 7:00
           it will be an interesting experiment in government
       had a weekend
       started with event, where she sang
       spent weekend building a game where elvis fends off mole people with his guitar
       had a weekend
       volunteered computer for Karaoke and then was TRAPPED
       then ITR on Saturday
           didn't sleep much
       aaand then work all of Sunday
       and a failed attempt to find pants
           at a STORE jesus christ people
       had a weekend
       went to the event
           only sang twice
       ITR was fun
           never heard of Massachusetts before, that was interesting
       worked all of Sunday
       karaoke night
           danced, it was fun (sort of)
           sort of danced, not it was sort of fun, it was definitely fun
       homework due at five on Saturday so she woke up early
       not as much work happened as it could have but whatever


   KGB Rocks the 80s Committee: reports
   Horse_ebooks Committee: everything was a lie
   ad hoc KGB Plans Ahead Committee: theme of today's meeting is "Dillon!"
   Innovative Technologies Committee: we've been working on black highlighters
       they create black holes where ever they're used
       but they're on sale now!
   ad hoc Less Than Half Of Us Will Get This Joke Committee: KELMAR
   Call of Cthulu Committee: approves the Massachusetts rule set
   SCP Committee: don't pay attention to the missing journalists in Massachusetts
   Spoken Song Lyrics Committee: I don't give a duck, duck everything
   possibly misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee: twrights mom has got it going on
   Alcoholist Committee in conjunction with the Pokémon Committee: there's a thing of pokemon related drinks going around the internet
       their favorite drink is the Flareon
       they haven't tried it yet but they're gonna make it tonight


   The Thing!
       failing all his interviews not Drew's fault


   motion to make an allocation for $65 to pay booth fee this year
       this year's theme is "the Best of the Best"
       9 days until meeting in which individual org's themes are selected
       tomorrow (if we vote to do booth) exec will pick chairs
       at next Monday's meeting we'd pick themes
           sophomore, last year was first booth
           "Booth is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, but ultimately worth it."
           It's a lot of work, there are a lot of builds, but it's FUN
           Build week is really cool
           we won 2nd place this year!
           maybe we have more money to buy better wood!
               addendum: MAYBE we have more money. maybe.
           done booth for two years, wants to do booth!
           we've said good things! But don't forget that it's a LOT of work
           we need to know that there will be people working on it
           we can't do it if just the booth chairs show up to builds(it would be a crappy booth)
           in general, 3 categories for voters
               don't want to do a booth: vote no
               want to do a booth, don't know if can help: vote abstain
               want to do booth, will be able to help: vote yes
                   yes means at a minimum, you'll show up at build week and pretty much definitely move on and probably some builds
       how many people have expressed interest in booth chairing?
           Booth costs a minimum of a couple thousand dollars
           we are sufficiently equipped to do booth
               it won't negatively impact our other activities
               this isn't a one-or-the other kind of decision
       we don't know when the planning meetings would be, but we'll find out
           usually once a week in the evening during first semester
           did booth all three years
           really great experiences (but different)
               put a lot of effort in
               went to basically every build
               got to build week and died
                   not literally
               booth chairs put a ton of time and effort in
               didn't think he could chair because he didn't think he could make it through build week
               not a chair
               still put a lot of work in
               still relieved to be able to go home during build week
               decided to be a chair the next week
               was a chair (with scorri and ryan)
               made some changes (3 builds a week instead of 2)
                   bigger drain on chairs, asked more from members
                   got a lot out of it!
           not going to be a chair this year
           our chairs aren't gonna be any of the ones from last year
               3 new chairs this year, but Ryan and Broman will be around
               has confidence in the chairs
       blitz booth?
           Broman: "it's a smaller, shittier booth"
           half the size of a full booth, one story
           most of the time you only get one, MAYBE two small rooms
               very restrictive
       we'll try to take into account the resources we have in terms of people when planning
       how much is prebuilt?
           so how it works:
               you build flats beforehand (structures made out of 2x4s)
               ours are usually a max of 6ft wide
               after move on the flats go up, and then the ply goes up (that's usually painted beforehand)
               move on is when we bring stuff onto midway
                   it's the Friday before carnival
               build week is that Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
                   and then it bleeds through Wednesday night into Thursday morning
               Carnival opens Thursday afternoon and goes through Saturday
               and then Sunday is teardown
           as orgs go, we have a great spot for where we prebuild
               called the Kage, under Stever, so it's right next to midway
           sometimes we build stuff
       this is the last year on midway, so it's kind of specially significant
           also maybe the last year for two story booths?
       (midway is the morewood gardens parking lot)
       how many people would we need at each build?
           that's dependant on many factors
           anecdotal evidence:
               3 builds a week
                   5-9 people came on the weekdays, 10ish people came on the weekends
                   worked great last year
           16 yes, 1 no, 13 abstain
           please submit themes!
               Marlena will post a link to the subreddit
                   people who don't have an account need one, but it's real easy and doesn't require an email address
               also go read and vote on the others
               next week we'll discuss and take an advisory vote
           make sure your friends know about booth!
           even if you didn't vote yes you can still work on booth!
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for the event
   KGB is a Pokémans Committtee: to take the members of the KGB and put them in the pokédex
       Krigor Krigon Krigora Committee: success
       Dillon! evolves into Drewdles
           dillon dil dillon dil drewdles drewdles drewdles
       does this mean that we can have a pokerap but for the KGB?
       Caroline will pay someone a small amount of money for a real eforney with the four knees
       $5 to Caroline, Dillon! will chair
   Breaking Bad Committee: NOPE
   Dillontory Committee: he's our mascot and he's always so friendly, what if we changed that?
       Dillon is really this meeting's theme
       motion to dillonate the roles of this committee
       insert pickle between all "Dill" and "on"
       append Dillon to bylaws
           out of order
       they illin' we Dillon
       append bylaws to Dillon
       Dayton, Ohio Committee: Dillon state park is a park in Ohio
       $12 to Dillon, Dillon and Drew will chair
   Mini Bible Committee: wherever you look, there's a bible watching you with it's ears
       append minijesus to purpose
       misappropriated Illustrious Journalist Collective: the best time for Christian group to be tabling is during a prospective student tour
           next to an AHA table
           on Blasphemy day
       replace all instances of "jesus" with "cooper"
       note: it says in large print "this is not to be sold" inside the minibibles


       Movie Night
           Friday, DH A302
           will involve voting
       we'll devise some planning thing ahead of time and put it online
       sign up at mazeoftwistypassages.com
       October 12, the Saturday after next
       playtesters needed!
   submit ideas for Booth!


   it's still Blasphemy day

purple and gtfo