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       Had a weekend
       event for three minutes before puzzlehunt planning
           but not entirely because there were mistakes, and then more mistakes
       then puzzlehunt
           there were mistakes, which they fixed, then more mistakes, which they fixed, etc.
           it went okay
       did work eventually on sunday
       decided not to sleep
           watched highlights of football on the internet instead
       good decisions
       had a week
       started with a hat that mysteriously did nothing to her
       still only in the double digits of job applications sent out this week
       has a group project and everyone is chill and awesome
           doesn't know what karmic reprecussions will happen
       had a weekend
       started with a sliver of the event
       then lots of puzzlehunt being broken
           and then being fine
       his friends have off school so he's been playing dota instead of doing work
           video game night
           Friday at 7:00 in the Wean 5300 corridor
           we'll post a thing for people to sign up to bring things
       had a weekend
       involved being possessed by a deceased Soviet officer
       after that work maybe got done
       had a weekend
       did a lot of shouting in a terrible russian accent
       then Doctor Who
       then puzzlehunt
           and like three hours of goodbad tv to decompress
           it was great
       then presumably work
       had a weekend
       planning puzzlehunt
           planning runaround for puzzlehunt during puzzlehunt
       went rather well
       then did lots and lots of work on Sunday
       had a weekend
       friend visited, who she had to pick up from the bus station
           the soviet possession didn't really know how to drive a car, so that was interesting
       didn't notice the puzzlehunt problems
       tried to do work on Sunday but comics instead


   ccolombo Is An Anti-Aircraft Tank Committee:
       It's not a challenge. It's not.
   ad hoc Lie On The Floor, Try Not To Cry, Cry A Lot Committee:
       the puzzlehunt was a field of broken dreams
   Innovative Technologies Committee:
       this is actually a tech talk, they lied about it being a KGB meeting
       sign your name on a blank piece of paper for the Adventure Initiative!
   Illustrious Journalist Collective:
       various ghosts, spirits, whites, and revenants have appeared for an annual haunting of Tad McDaniels
           (who allegedly murdered someone once)
   ad hoc And I Would Have Gotten Away With It, Too, If It Weren't For You Pesky Kids Committee:
   SCP Committee:
       any ghosty things can be returned to SCP for a reward
   Daniel John Kirby Scared Stupid Committee:
       He got Dead Space.
       planning meetings in Porter A18A on Sundays at 3 for the rest of the semester
   Innovative Technologies Committee:
       will not accept brides as bribes
       there's a typo on their flyer
   Guild of Calamitous Intent:
       calling evil seafood a bunch of little bitches
   Evil Seafood League:
       what I'm sorry we can't hear you over the sound of your families screaming
   ad hoc What Is This Committee:
       I don't even
   eforney Is Pretty Committee:
   50 Shades of Xander Committee:
       the electric bill came back with refund for 12 dollars
           nobody complained, whatever Xander's doing seems to be working


   The Thing!
       too many freshmen going home is not Skye's fault


   Captain Vulcanov Committee: zis is not games, zis is training exercises
       ad hoc Twister Chess Committee: many butts
       ad hoc Words Committee: success
       $10 to Marlena, she and anyone else who will wear the hat will chair
   Daniel John Kirby Scared Stupid Committee: to report on any scary games that he will play
       isn't this committee made redundant by the existance of Dan?
       change name and purpose to "Daniel John Kirby Scared By Stupid Committee: to report on terrible horror movies"
       change purpose to "shit Dan does":
           already exists
       committ discussion to Daniel John Kirby is So Full of Himself to make it a subcommittee
   KGButts Committee: to put all of KGB butts above KGB heads
       so, twister chess
       change name to "Semore Butts"
       isn't this committee a little cheeky?
       ad hoc KGB Gymnastics Committee: success
       motion to append cloud
       misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee:
           lookit dat butt
           lookit dat butt
           lookit dat butt
       Touchin' Butts Committee: doesn't say anythign
       change name to "KGands"
       $7 to Stuart, anyone with a butt will chair
   Outdated Memes Commitee: hail englip
       why aren't you buying more tangerines
       this this this this this this this this this this this this this this
       epic fail
       epic win
       invisible bicycle
       dancing baby gif
       supersonic limpo: pew pew pew
       yuma yuma
       omg shoes
       the bubonic plague
       Dillon would like to welcome the KGB to the internet
       charlie bit my finger
       xander votes no on everything
   Twister Chess League: oversee all games of twister chess and ensure that they're all unsafe and unproductive
       change name to "Strip Twister Chess Committee"
           not yet friendly
       KGButts Committee: approves of both
       isn't this a committee a duplicate of the KGButts committe
       ad hoc Recursion Committee: approves
       motion to make this committee the set of all committees that don't contain themselves
       Dillontory Committee: dillon!
       $4 to Zeph, Dillon will chair
   Ill Spirit and Bitter Committee: bid on committees so that people will have to pay more
       misappropriated Alcoholist Committee: would like to know how this committee feels about bitters
       this is what Drew does already
       report from treasurer: yessssssss
       $14 to Drew, he will chair
   Committee for The Real Meaning Of Columbus Day: to spread the spirit of Columbus Day by invading everyone's yards and spreading new diseases
       Caroline thought that the true spirit was for CMU students to complain about how everyone else got the day off
       no, you're all wrong, the real purpose is to take credit for things that other people have done first
       no, you're all wrong, the real purpose is to kick people out of their homes
       you're all just wrong
       wait but isn't it just a holiday where we watch the show Colombo
       Oh God Why Committee: you should not do these things around Xander
       no, you're all wrong, the real purpose is to take credit for things that other people have done first
       $3 to McGinnis, disbanded
   Flat Earth Committee: if the earth was round then we'll all just roll off it
       actually with a sufficiently large sphere and the right axis you can get it to rock in stable motion forever
       Ptolemy was right, motion to append geotension
       motion to declare universe as flat
           out of order
       don't worry earth, one day you'll hit puberty
       misappropriated Don't Worry It's For Science Committee: we sent some one to investigate. Don't worry, it's for science
       append turtles all the way down
       Conspiracy Theory Committee: if the earth is flat then how did we fake the moon landing?
       Max Bid Committee: approves
       Guild of Calamitous Intent: if the earth is so flat, then how did we take over your government?
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
       just no
   $29 to drew, no one will chair because it DOESN'T EXIST
   Dillon's Weight in Gold Committee: to procure enough gold to replace Dillon as treasurer
       motion to replace the water in R7 with lard
       glasses of water can be purchased at the moon for $10 a pop
       will this golden Dillon still be a pokemon?
           yes, a shiny
       change KGB to the gold standard
       JRAM: diet tip: if you eat multiple things from the same animal then only the first thing counts
       Caroline: waffles are shaped like 0s so they have 0 calories
       change name to "Committee To Make Dillon Fat"
       Don't Worry It's For Science Committee: JRAM and Caroline's statements are true
       Innovative Technolovies Committee: They've made a macine that turns things into gold, but it also turns the user bald
           (it's for sale)
       Dillontory Committee: many counts of noooooo
       point of order: we need $2.6 million to do this thing
       $10 to McGinnis, anyone who might have the treasurers will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for the event
   Crazy Horse Committee: to do any experiment possible for the KGB
       change name to "Crazy Train"
       KGB Mashup Committee: trains are really just iron horses
       we're goin' off the reins on a crazy horse
       $11 to Zeph, Mike will chair
   KGBrains: we're more than our KGButts
       KGB Zombies: approve greatly
       all we want to do is eat your brains, we're not unreasonable
           I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes
       append to purpose particle physics
       misappropriated Skeptics Committee: there is nothing to support string theory
       change name to KGBoner
       change name to KGBiceps
       change name to KGB rains
       $25 to Drew, people who appreciate brains will chair


       Video Game Night
       Friday at 7:00 in the Wean 5300 corridor
       sign up in the google doc to bring things!
       we're gonna post a facebook thing, fill it out
   CtFwS is in 11 days!
       Judges meeting at some point
       if you want to judge send exec an email
           required that you've played before
       planning meeting
       Porter A18A, 3:00 on Sunday
       we're gonna take and hold the fence next week
       also doing fun and interesting things! like handing out candy and ribbons
       we need people to sign up!
           googledoc on the internet


   round of applause for Drew for funding KGB
   new episodes of Doctor Who uncovered
       McGinnis has Enemy of the World
       he'll stream it at some point
   it's been recently uncovered that episodes of 3rd Rock--DAMMIT THOMAS GET OUT OF MY HEAD
   The Illustrious Journalists Committee is gonna start planning and doing things this midsemester break
       message Xander on facebook
   The Innovative Technologies Committee is recruiting just outside the door