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       had a weekend
       started with Capture the Flag with Stuff, which was awesome and went really well
       then an R7 party
       then a booth meeting
       then football
       and NO WORK
       had a weekend
       it was awesome
       started with CtFwS
           in one game went to jail 8 times
           during 6 of those times, spent a combined total of about 3 seconds in jail
       had an interview today!
       new people!
           Brian (Frosty), Math, North of NYC, has played videogames
       had a weekend
       involved a lot of similar things
       also a standard, low energy, CAPTURE THE FLAG WITH STUFF
       R7 party
           played his first game of 7 Wonders in a while
           Halloween party!
           7:00, Friday, Porter A18*
           there will be candy, you should be costumes
       had a weekend
       there was a last minute art field trip!
           it was excellent
           maybe potential for money dollars
               met a person in need of some environmental design work
       ctfws was great except for the bit with running in heels
       hung out with folks from far away
       homework got done?
       had a weekend
       CtFwS was great!
           surprising no one
       on Saturday repeated the now annual tradition of watching Under the Red Hood on while R7 parties are happening
           Saturday was great
       Work must have happened on Sunday, because it got done
           but not enough got done
               surprising no one
       had a week and a weekend and whatever
       autograder broke, fixed it
           autograder broke again, fixed it
           then it worked
       then party
       all was fun
       had a weekend
           had a moment with Caroline in jail--they looked at each other, keyed themselves, then both tagged each other
               after which Mike tagged someone else and etherealed back
               caroline split and got a flag
       got some homework done by 5pm on Saturday
       and then made pancakes that tasted like childhood


   ad hoc I Miss My Home State Committee
       in New York there's a law must be an outlet every 6 ft on every wall
   Illustrious Journalist Collective
       will report via proxy this week
       mysterious forces are sending messages
       come to the harvest, there you will find ancient answers to ancient questions
   ad hoc R7 Shenanigans Committee
       eforney is now 8 for 9 on walking up to people, asking if she can lick their nose, and getting permission
   Insomnia Committee
       success last night and the night before
   misappropriated Committee To Burn Down Roselawn 7
   ad hoc Overheard At CtFwS
       [to be added, all of these are beautiful]
   ad hoc For Those Who Don't Know Committee
       Broman wrote an essay about doors
   misappropriated Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee:
   Yoga Flame Committee
   Storytelling Committee
       The Dude Bird
           (Warning: contains fowl language)
           (it's a dick joke)
   ad hoc Culinart and Diversity Committee
       Worlds of Flavor is serving American food tonight
       "Cheddar" is a dish
   Committee Caroline Made A While Ago About Costumes
       woooo costume party on Friday!
           (costumes are optional but please wear clothes)
   Mashup Committee
       Train on Me
           "It's really good."
   Costume Committee Suggestion:
       Bring a friend
       Go as each other
   Commmittee To Think Up Interesting Committees Beforehand
   ad hoc Tables Have Turned
       treasurer owes Frieder money


   The Thing!
       the thing not getting passed on is not Frieder's fault


   Last Committee Daniel John Kirby Will Ever Buy: $10?
       Committee To Make Money For The KGB: disapproves
       change purpose to $30
       change "Last" to "Second To Last" in purpose
       Max Bid Committee: challenge accepted
       change purpose to "$5 for every stupid thing dkirby has ever said"
       $20 to McGinnis, dkirby shall chair
   Recreational Essay Writing Committee: to provide weekly prompts for those interested in having fun
       you should submit those to Pravda
       you should submit those to r/writing prompts
       change name to "Parks and Recriational Essay Writing Committee:
       $2 to Frieder, he and anyone who writes for fun will chair
   Interpretive Dance: [dance]
       change name to "Explaining Soft Scifi Committee"
       can this committee explain interpretive dance?
           it makes so much sense now
       change name to "Proof By Undergrad Math Class"
       change name
       how do you feel about Tai Chi?
       is there a such thing as uninterpretive dance?
       are these the droids you're looking for?
       ad hoc You're Standing Right Behind Me Committee: I have no idea what's going on
       is there a such thing as misinterpretive dance?
       can I pet your invisible cat?
       Interpretive Dance and Argument
           Interpretation And Argument: dance edition
           aka section GG
       show me where the light touched you
       $4 to McGinnis, disbanded
   Pickle Book Committee: to be dillostory
       Spontaneous Shark Pun Committee: approves
       change purpose to "Dillon's Story"
       how does this committee feel about purple pickle juice?
       ad hoc ccolombo's Facination Committee: dillon!
       how does this committee feel about peter piper's peppers?
       in 1842 in california, there was a family of dill pickles
           they had a son
           he went on to do many things
           this is his story
       how does this committee feel about cucumbers?
       $3 to Caroline, she and Dillon and Drewdles will chair
   motion to nominate eforney as the new Thomas
   Interpret Dance Commttee: to incorrectly interpret Marlena's dances
       do the Yoga Flame motions count?
       the intent of the essay that Ethan wrote for fun states that if the artist had an intention, it's never relevent later
           so it's impossible to misinterpret
           except for the doogie, there's a correct interpretation for that
       how does this committee feel about something?
           v hills, sideways, and i don't know what this is
       Marlena's next art assignment is to pick a crazy song to lipsync
           so people can interpret it
       ad hoc Misinterpretation And Bad Arguments Committee: success
       how does this committee feel about the Hokey Pokey?
       how does this committee feel about twerking?
           twerking is the representation of--
               --OF THE BUTT
           but is your heart in it?
               anatomically no
       $4 to Mike, Marlena will chair
   Committee For ccolombo's Fascination: to fascinate ccolombo
       why do we want to put 8 of them together? that would be weird
           fasten 8
       misappropriated Committee To Give Scorri More Sugar: success
       the duck
       7 Wonders
           Ethan did the thing
       $4 to Skye, all those who fascinate ccolombo will chair
   Adorable Assasinations Committee: to think up cute ways to kill people or dispose of remains
       apparently a lady's puppy chewed through her foot while she was asleep
           adorable puppies!
       John Wilkes Booth is adorable
       ad hoc Committee To Assassinate The President: let's drown Broman in cotton candy
       how does this committee feel about Rubius Hagrid?
           they're interested in collaborating
       ecoli is ADORABLE
       one of the favorite methods is:
           freezing a body then building a snowman about it
           when the Spring comes there will be lots of people standing very still
       $2 to Frieder, working on it will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for this event
   Committee For Interpretting Mike's Handwriting: bulunce
       the dance if impeeible bulunce
       the rice of impeeible bulunce
       skye's driver's license said she was born in 1866
       did Mike write "I just want to be stoned"?
           are those even letters?
       $5 to Frieder, Mike will chair
   Out Of Order Committee: motion to create the out of order committee
       can't have a motion as the purpose
   Bruce Sharkstein Committee: to replace words in lyrics with shark
   SHAAAAARK SHARK, do do, do do do do
   change name to "Shell Sharkverstein"
   goin' off the rails on a SHARK
   nanananananananananana SHARK
   na, na, na, nananana, SHARK
   carry on my wayward SHARK
   how does this committee feel about sharknado?
       cautious approval
   how does this committee feel about sharkano?
       cautious approval
   how does this committee feel about resold tickets at an inflated price?
   all you need is SHARK
   SHARKlights, SHARKlights
   I wanna be the very SHARK
   I like big SHARKS and I cannot lie
   are we humans or are we sharks
   I'm SHARK and I know it
   it's just a SHARK to the left
   cause every girl crazy 'bout a SHARK dressed man
   $4 to JRAM, he will chair


       bring board games
       there will be candy
   reminder to pay for committees you buy!
       meeting yesterday
       it went well
       meetings are sundays at 3:00, porter A18A
       that's where you do input on booth (or facebook)
       next week is finalizing floorplans and roof hight, and doing plot things


   ITR Saturday!
       Wean 4 at 10 pm
       it's kind of like mafia without talking and with running
   Stever Haunted House
       between 8 and 10 tonight
       at least one of the floors is gonna be awesome
   the all university orchestra is having a bakesale in the UC on Thursday and Friday
   The Conjuring will be showing this weekend
   thanks to people who came to the SDC party!
   Red Sox!

we are now in purple