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       had a weekend
       doesn't remember much
       event! cool games
           the game of spite
           it lasted a long time
           might not have played any other games, actually
               maybe bananagrams
       did a lot of work
       not enough work
           even though it took all of Saturday and Sunday
       the Packers haven't played yet but 210 is due tonight
           doesn't know where his priorities lie
       had a weekend
       Halloween party was a blast
       there was enough homework
       made a lot of food
       watched a lot of Netflix
           didn't come out from under the covers for an entire day
       new people
           Doyee, physics, south korea, has hair
       had a weekend
       Halloween party
           managed to throw squirtle out of a ph window
       had a rest of the weekend
       didn't leave his apartment for most of it
           Improv Night!
           Friday, 7:00, one of the PH A18* rooms
           NPP people are great!
       had a weekend
       dressed as Sailor Uranus
       ate food and forgot food in another place
           hopefully it's still there
       worked on things and learned about making bump maps and other cool things
       had a performance today!
           had to lipsync to a song for an art class
           dressed up as a stepford wife and sang hush little babie
       Had a weekend
       did many booth things
       got a tattoo!
       Didn't really do work
       had a weekend
       costume was a literal joke
       3 day weekend!
           Saturday: Got up, inventoried the booth, then went to bed
           Saturday take two: got up, did work, then went to itr
           Sunday: did work
       had weekend
       managed to get sick not once, not three times, but TWICE
       also managed to do booth not once, not three times, but TWICE
       and went to ITR


   Committee To Think Up Things To Say Ahead Of Time
   KGButts Committee
   Min Bid Committee
   Max Bid Committee
   Daniel John Kirby Scared Stupid Subcommittee
       a surprisingly horror movie free weekend
   Yoga Flame Committee
       Winter Sun Salutation
       Wake Up
       Foot On--ohgodit'scold
   Attendance Committee
   The Onion Is Real Committee
       area girlfriend reports plans to stay under blanket for next five months
   Shit I Read In The Tartan Committee
       harrassment: a student sitting on bench was harrassed by an old white lady about popcorn
   Agriculture Committee
       that was a corny story
   ad hoc Dairy Department
       that was a very cheesy pun
   ad hoc Livestock Committee
       Steven, you just upped the steak
   Spontaneous Shark Pun Committee


   The Thing!
       Rolls not being cancelled is not Skye's fault


   Existing Committee: to report when Tim says "any reports from existing committees"
       does this committee think very much?
       does this committee ever not think?
       what happens if tim changes procedure?
       if it's always "reports" will this committee report multiple times?
       in order to ingrease longevity, replace "Tim" with "president" in purpose
       in order to increase longetudiny, motion to place the committee on a map
       in order to increase latitudity, this committee should be in Ontario
       $2 to Frieder, anyone who has ever reported will chair
   Mispronouncable Words: Marlena pronouces ricochet "ricot"
       this committee's purpose sounds too pacific
       Malasia, Indonesia, garage
       this is the epitome of good ideas
       all this mispronounceation is just a facade
       bear bear bear
       $3 to Zeph, he will chair
   Pumpkins On Meth Committee: so you know Jackolanterns in mid-November? That. Also celebrating the disappearance of pumpkin flavoring and the coming of peppermint.
       how does this committee feel about eggnog in late January?
       does anyone else think that chem teachers make REALLY good pumpkin pie?
       Physics Torture Committee: math meth and cheese does not go with tomato sauce
       $2 to Caroline, she and people who don't like the taste of pumpkins shall chair
   motion to propose a standing rule that any mention of "Drew" in auctions means "two"
       do we want it to be specifically two dollars?
           two American US dollars in currency
           accounting for inflation of the current year
           but if we do that, we can't say Drew Zombie
       what about Thomas?
           that is in fact drew's first name
       clarification on the spelling of Drew
       clarification on the spelling of two
       clarification on the spelling of ricochet
       how long does a standing rule apply?
           it depends
           in this case it would be indefinite
       motion to change timespan to "until there is no one left who remembers Drew"
           dilatory, needs a specific expiration
       if the president calls on Drew, are they bidding?
           the chair isn't supposed to bid
           a bid has to be both saying the number and intending to bid
   Eevee Completeness Committee: to create a new Eevee of every Pokemon type
       change name to "NP Completeness Committee" with purpose "create an eevee of every level of complexity"
       how does this committee feel about the ??? type or the bird type?
       who here doesn't get very many pokemon references?
           lots of people
       motion to change all Pokemon references to Digimon references
       $2 to Frieder, anyone who enjoys Pokemon shall chair
   Skyentology: to make skyence a priority
       how much money does someone have to donate to become a skyentologist?
       does the Skyentology Committee acknowledge biology as a real science?
       does this committee believe that skyenetics can be practiced by anyone?
           skyenetics can be practiced by anyone
       how does this committee feel about drama majors?
           it would love to disect their brains
       point of info: what does scizzoring mean?
       isn't the technical term for skyence meteorology?
       if you join the skyentology committee will you be bound by oath?
       $10 to Skye, she will chair
   Squidward Committee: to grumpily abstain everything
       request report from the Yoga Flame Committee about Squidward's interpretive dance
       report requested from the Evil Seafood League:
           no one is here
       misappropriated Evil Seafood League: is full of losers
       misappropriated Evil Seafood League: has stolen the Evil Seafood League
       Guild of Calamitous Intent: oh really?
       misappropriated Evil Seafood League: committed that crime for the halibut
       misappropriated Evil Seafood League: has kidnapped the calam intent's chair
       misappropriated Guild of Calamitous Intent: it's okay, they have the seafood league's table
       note: we're so indoctrinated that we don't even need Xander to be here for Xander to be here
       this should possibly wait for schmucks, but would anyone like to buy some chocolate?
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
   KGB Perches Committee: pretty much that
       change name to "Louisiana Purchase Committee"
       the floor is lava, only exec is safe
       ad hoc Dudebird Committee: approves
       ad hoc KGBirds: approves
       Ad Hoc Committee: approves
       free bird!
       five dollar bird!
       Committee to Test Exec's Memory: wants to remember to try to perch
       Bruce Sharkstein Committee: free shark!
       motion to change name to "Louisiana Birdchise Committee"
           changed to "Louisiana Birdchefs Committee"
       ad hoc Vegitarianism Committee: approves and is slightly hungry for turkey
       birds are plants
       $3 to Caroline, vegetarians will chair
           clarification: does that include pseudo vegetarians
   KGB Avoids Sexual Harassement Committee: to avoid contact with people against their consent or in any ways that are against state local and federal laws
       also try not to be creepy on the internet
       KGButts committee aproves
       append "and Native American federal reservation regulations" to purpose
       $7 to Drew, all members of KGB will chair because it's everyone's responsibility
   allocation not to exceed $50 for event
   Nicolas Kageebee Committee: to steal the Declaration of Independance
       how does this committee feel about obsessive fanboys with godly powers of breath?
       reminder of the sexy body suit costume covered with his face
       append "also president's secret book" to purpose
       what is on that last page?
       Skyentology Committee: you'll have to go through me
       The Rollercoaster Was Better Than The Movie Committee: faceoff
       $3 to Zeph, anyone who wants to will chair
   Death Star Committee: to blow up Bug Mars once and for all
       will this committee promise to disrupt all Bug Mars happenings?
       motion to cover up small exhaust part not much bigger than whomprat
       change name to "Moon Committee"
           it's no moon
       change all instances of "Star" to "Mars" and "Insecticide" to "Bug"
       you're watching the long, horrible, drawn out death of a meme
           be very happy
       if the Death Star Committee has it's way, the death will not be long and drawn out
           it will be short and explosive
       Skyentology Committee: Disney's Star Wars
       if you strike Bug Mars down now, it will come back stronger than ever
       this committee is looking for love in Alderan places
       $8 to Stuart, anyone who pledges to fulfil the mission will chair


       Improv Night!
       Porter A18B, Friday, 7:00
       NPP will be coming to help us out!
       still having meetings
       Porter A18, 3:00 on Sundays


   Stuart is having an Artemis party this saturday!
       4-6 ships hopefully
       will probably do combat between ships
       tutorial at 6:30
       games will start at 7:00
       meet in Baker 140C!
       it's posted to the facebook group

we are now in purple