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Frieder's Seconds from December 16, 2013

Officer Reports:

       Had a weekend
       Done with everything
       Needs to grade
       Had a time
           Got an email
           Still wants a job
           Finals week, can't talk, no time
           Confusion and bad timing
           Tag, you're it
       Doesn't want a job
       Had a weekend
       Dan knows nothing
       Oren moved out
       It's a thing
       I'm missing    
       New people!!
           Mini Forney:
               English, Ohio, Goes to Ohio State
       Had a weekend
       Play Magic on Sunday
       We don't have an event:
           None. What did you expect?
       Had a weekend
       Tried to care.
       REALLY tried to care.
       Took an exam
       Had a weekend
       Ate too much food
       Tried to care
       Day is going to be terrible
       So many midterms (finals?)
       Had a weekend
       Zora did not see Frieder
       Nobody's going to pass

Committee Reports:

   Broetry Committee:
       Something something Blackbird.
       No, I'm not writing it.
   Free Food Committee:
       Frieder's awesome
   Daniel John Secret Southerner Committee:
       Girlfriend's truck is larger than his truck
   Birthday Committee:
       Frosty is one year older
   Daniel John is so FUll of Himself Committee:
       Daniel John's birthday is soon
       Marlena's birthday is soon
   Committee to teach you all yoga:
       Dead man's pose looks like a dead man
   Committee Committee:
       Committee Report
   The Last Committee Daniel John will Ever Buy:
       Success or Failure. I don't know. I'm not the Rec Sec.
   Innovate Tech. Committee:
   Daniel John is So Stupid Committee?:
       Horrible movies are horrible
   Random Facts Committee:
       Fireplaces have classical music. crackling, christmas music, stuff happens
       Just email it to Stuart

Old Business:

   The Thing:
       Travel delays are not Caroline's fault

New Business:

   Motion to create the War on Christmas Memorial Committee:
       Purpose: Honor veterans of the war on Christmas
       Not racist, obsessed with Christmas
       Santa Claus is white. Biological fact.
       Ad Hoc Judaism Committee reports support
           $3 to Daniel John, Bill O'Reilly will chair
   Motion to create the Carbohydrate Santa Claus Committee:
       Purpose: Sneak into kitchens, place bagels
       I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
           $1 to McGinnis, 
   Motion to create the Free Food Committee:
       Purpose: Redistribute Food
       Chocolate -> Marlena
       Now Free Food Distribution Committee
       Now Glorious Free Food Distribtuion Committee
       Now Democratic Glorious People's Free Food Distribution of the Revolution  
           Thanks Obama Committee
       Now Glorious Free Food Distribution Committee
       Now Democratic People's Glorious Free Food Distribution Committee
       Committee to test the Rec Sec: 
           $3 to Frieder, he will chair
   Motion to create the Committee of Life:
       Purpose: I ask myself that everyday
       Now Conways Committee of Life
       Committee was contemplated. WAKE UP.
       We don't know where MMA16 is.
           $2 to Frieder, he will chair
   Motion to create the Committee to Help the Disabled:
       Purpose: Yeah pretty much that
       Purpose now Tasteless jokes
           $1 to McGinnis, he'll tell us later
   Motion to create the RecSecRespect Committee:
       Purpose: I have tasted their pain and it tastes like broccoli
       Now RectSectRespect Committee
       Purpose now Destroy small religious groups
       Now ReckSeckRespk Committee
       Daniel John has poor peripheral vision
       Committee to Inappopriately Discuss Elections in the Fall:
           Hahahahaha (points to Frieder)
           $1 to McGinnis, all cult leaders will chair


   Colmar is 1VP


   Vote for Frieder for RecSec
   Merry Christmas
   Happy Holidays
   Daniel John is lonely

We are now in purple

Mike's minutes:

Minutes for the KGB secret meeting:

Broman. Weekend. Had. Done with things. Now he's telling a story. I'm sure its important. Its about jobs. So yeah important.

Jcolmar missing in action. Daniel John Kirby stepping in. Things stuff. Rambling. NEW PEOPLE: Bree Forney little sister to Eforney -English Major -Ohio State - uniteresting fact -From Ohio

Jram also MIA, skittles stepping in: He said things.


Marlena Not MIA, Marlena stepping in. NOT CARING.

Zora MIA frieder stepping in. Frieder didn't see zora, Confirmed with Mike that frieder in fact didn't see Zora

DILLON: WEEKEND. CAPSLOCK. Meger sums were aquired

Comitee Reports: Eye of the Blackbird with Commentary by Eforny

Frider more than less free food.

Secret southerner commitee reports failure: Tanya drives a bigger truck than me.

More comitee reports about b-days

Dead man yoga pose

Something about pnoies and money


Digital Fire Has Been Obtained. Sucess.

Fire is actually Porno. No questions please.

Old Business: Travel delays not her fault this week. Everything else is.

New Business: We made comittees. Yay War on Christmas Bagel Fairy DEMOCRATICE PEOPLES GLORIOUS REDISTROBUTION FREE FOOD COMITEE Conway's Comitee of Life Comitee to Help the Disabled - Tasteless Jokes

Frieder is also taking minutes much more seriously. So now I can say what I want. I herby declare that this document is an official document of the KGB. This now standing means that important values have been changed in our life. These sentences mean nothing. If you are still reading this look for the Ilustrious Journalist Comitee. They have an important message from you to your future self. After that continue on your quest by finding the great Squid of Abstention. The Squid will tell your family all your embarasing moments. This is for your own good. This message was sponcered by the Innovative Technologies Comitee