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       had a weekend and a spring break
       was relaxing in the sense that he got nothing done
       had an interview
       hung out with friends from high school and some of their college friends
           realized that these would have been the people he hung out with if he had gone to school in Madison
           it was a moment of great insight
       had a weekend and also spring break
       took up smoking chalk
       went home
       played games on Steam
       wasted life
       had a week and a spring break
       went to California
       visited Albert and grad school
       was able to walk down to the beach and back in a 15 minute break
           Improv night
           Friday, 7:00, Porter A18B
       had a weekend and a break
       went to SXSW
           it's a convention for interactive stuff and music and film
           felt like a middle schooler visiting a high school
           there were a lot of 20-somethings in hipster attire and business suits
           there were cool people there! also not there, but there via Skype
       then went home and was with her family
           played Pictionary
               no mother that's not a vibrator that's a lobster but good guess
       there's a Pravda?
           made by Skye
       there may be another one soon
       had a weekend and a break
       did jack shit
       actually, cleaned the office
           there was a pile that was taller than JRAM that is now shorter than Zora
       and made pie
       "I believe I have mentioned it before but I am currently on a bus from New York"
       spent break drugged up on his couch
       wisdom teeth are for losers and bus wifi is still terrible
       had half a week, a weekend, and a week
       came down with not strep throat
           which was all the symptoms of strep but not the actual illness
           super not fun
       cleaned out the office
       ate really good pie
           pie that is secretly a brownie is best pie


   Time Travel Committee
       less success than usual
   ad hoc Mechanical Mothers Committee
       vending machine gods giveth and taketh away
       (the muddy buddies are gone)
   ad hoc Mother Knows Best Committee
       several generations of really good cooks in the family means good food
   misappropriated Innovative Technologies Committee
       sorry Mike got sick but at least Frieder's internship has a product now
   steel toed ballet flats?
   ad hoc Shit I Found In The Archive Committee
       the artist's impression of a nostril
   Booth Committee
       builds are Thursday (5:30), Saturday (noon), and Sunday (noon)
       move on is sooner than you think
           2.5 weeks
       we really need artists, there's a lot of art
       we alson need designs for tshirts, get it to us by Friday
       there will be a form for tshirt ordering
   Nominations Committee
       taking nominations!
       nominations have to be seconded and accepted
           people can't be nominated unless they're here
           you can nominate yourself
           nominations will be open until move on ish probably
       Mike nominated for 2vp
       Zora nominated for corsec
       Skye nominated for corsec
       Mike nominated for president
       Frieder nominated for recsec
       Stuart nominated for 1vp
       Frieder nominated for treasurer
       Skye nominated for s@a
       Frieder nominated for s@a
       Marlena nominated for president
       Mike nominated for 1vp
       Stuart nominated for 2vp
       Skye nominated for recsec
   I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You Committee
       but then I took an arrow to the knee
   Skyentology Committee
       sorry for stray arrows
   misappropriated ad hoc Some Poster Committee
       lost arrow
       if found please return to owner
       answers to Harry
       may be lodged in a human
   Fist Bump R&D Committee
       when I was a child I had a bunny but he only had one ear
   Committee For ccolombo's Fascination
       skyes name is indeed spelled 7 different ways
   ad hoc Tim Broman Memorial Committee
       article 5 section 3
           all officers shall be voting members who pay activities fee
   Sharky Freshman Committee
       would like to nominate Broman for Jared
   Snarky Junior Committee
       would like to nominate Broman for leader 3 life
   ad hoc Snarky Old People Committee
       nominate Glisson for Jared
   misappropriated Snarkolepsy Committee
   possibly ad hoc I've Made A Mistake Committee
   Spontaneous Shark Puns Committee
       Sharky Sophomore Committee would like to steal James's thunder
   Anthropomorphized Question Committee
       the question today will be the last person nominated for a position
   misappropriated Assassination Committee
       heavily considering pound defining Steven as president
   Dyslexia Committee
       would like to understand who was nominated for anything
   ad hoc KGB No Actually Committee


   the Thing!
       misspelling names is not Skye's fault


   I Love You, Parents, However Committee: I love you, parents, however I'm gonna tell this funny story about you because you're old
       change "however" to "and"
       dat low hanging fruit
       caroline:  "....no."
       Marlena was an hour late to leave for SXSW
           her mom wanted to pick a good lipstick color for her
           really wanted to
       "Skye, is that your natural hair color?"
       Mike went to grandma's house for break
           they had a purple mohawk
           they walked in the door and grandma just GASPED
       Caroline's parents don't drink much
           she had never seen them drunk
           went to wine country
           they were very fascinated the WHOLE week with twerking
       McGinnis got his mother cards against humanity for christmas
       the male in Brian's family with the next longest hair has hair shorter than Frieder's
       someone in James's family got a recruitment offer from a South African PMC
       append to purpose "and spend the rest of the meeting listening to jcolmar's stories about his father"
       James's dad was once rendered unconscious in a barfight by a block of the cheese
       at SXSW there are a lot of parties
           like, all the time
           you walk in you get a free tequila, a free beer, and a taco
           Marlena's mom offered to go bar hopping with her
       James's father had a friend named Fuzzy who tried to trade bugs with the zoo
       upon trying to print out their boarding passes, Caroline's family had to turn on three computers
           one didn't have the Adobe plugin, one didn't have the right email, and one ???
       James's father tried to buy the bounced check to a prostitute that ended Jerry Springer's career as mayor
       Glenn's parents will repeatedly take trips to go and observe the new wind farm developments
       $3 to James, he and anyone with parent stories will chair
   I Love Your Parents, But Committee: eyebrow waggle
       at SXSW, speaking of urban dictionary
           there was a games corner
           they asked Marlena what she thought about Butt Taco
           and Marlena went, no.
       Steven's mom has got it going on
       Sam needs an adult
           if you know what he means
   "Unneccessary" "Air Quotes" Committee: ehehehehehehehehehe
       replace purpose with ""endless" "laughter""
       point of order, what's a "butt taco"?
           that's not a point of order
           you don't want to know what a butt taco is
       something that JFK said
       but, what if Sam wants a taco
       $2 to Frieder, he will chair
   motion to allocate $500 for booth
       we need it
       Dillon thinks it's within the bounds
   World Travellers And Explorers Committee: to go to or pretend to go to and bring back or make up interesting stories about those places
       there was some dude who went from Europe to China and back and made up stories about alligators
       so this one time, at band camp
       Marlena saw Edward Snowden at SXSW
       the only deadly animal Mike saw in Australia was a wallaby
       eforney went to Australia and the only deadly animal she saw there was MAN
       Anton Giradelli has a prosthetic leg and a real foot
       this one time, ccolombo went to Disney World
           and had a magical day
       Steven went to Dormont
           the cafe closes at 2pm on Sunday as opposed to 3pm
       Mike is Nicolas Cage
       $5 to Marlena, anyone who can tell or come up with an interesting story WILL CHAIR
   The Kids Call Me The Crimea Committee: because [insert something funny]
       all the kids call me Crimea because everyone wants this port
       now don't Crimea river
       $1 to McGinnis, anyone who does inflate the KGB's bids will chair
   No Pun Intended Committee: to have discussion on this committee where no pun is made and the discussion lasts 10 comments
       point of order: not a chance
           (not a comment)
       Steven did the "no pun in ten did" joke
       this committee fails
       two people are rowing through the forest
           one says "where's your paddle"
           the other says OH GOD A TALKING MUFFIN
       $5 to McGinnis, people who intend to be funny and aren't will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for the event
   Jokes Jokes Jokes Committee: explaining a joke would defeat the purpose
       misappropriated Dicks Dicks Dicks Committee reports
       porpoise pun
       boats boats boats
       change name to "spokes spokes spokes" and purpose to "bikes bikes bikes"
       change name to "yokes yokes yokes" and the purpose to "too many oxen"
       change purpose to "eggs"
       change name to "blokes blokes blokes" and the purpose to "getting into barfights"
       change purpose to "My headache came back and I need eforney to say something so my headache will go away"
       change name to "Zokes Zokes Zokes" and the purpose to "that's not even a word"


       Improv Night
       7:00, Friday, PH A18B
       we counted all the tshirts!
       they're for sale
       Mike will post a count online
       builds Thursdays at 5:30 pm
       Saturdays and Sundays at noon
       we need artists!
       we need designs for t-shirts by Friday
       think about nominations and stuff


   Puzzlehunt is Saturday
       register at mazeoftwistypassages.com
       you can have up to five people on your team
       you can also register solo
   if there are any ladies who want to push buggy for apex, they want you
   Zombies CMU is next week
       you can register with CMU Parkour
   AEPi will be selling donuts ouside of doherty on weds

we are now in purple