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       had a weekend
       started with Improv Night
           which was fab
       some people went to half price and gossipped about elections
           (none of nomcom shhhhh)
       Saturday was Puzzlehunt
           fun, with some frustration
       played Bonanza
           Which is German for "bean anza"
           included much shouting
       on Sunday procrastinated on work for a long time, well into the late hours of the morning
       had a weekend
       started with Puzzlehunt
           timezones look like congressional districts
       has a lazercut wooden pog thing
       games at Glisson's
       then a Star Wars game where their Wookie got his other arm cut off
       had a weekend
       on Friday dealt cocaine and explored the dark side of the monster truck business
           aka Improv Night
       on Saturday there was Puzzlehunt
           pretty fun
           was one of the only team to solve a puzzle
               like, a specific puzzle
       Sunday did work
           you should only enter the room through an upsidedown reverse direction
           PH A18*, 7:00, Friday
           there will be an Ouija board
       had a weekend
       flown out to Microsoft
           got an offer!
       very jetlagged
       oh god 210
       had a weekend
       started with Improv Night
           sat in the corner and watched, as is standard
           then sang badly
       no build on Saturday because Puzzlehunt
           had a lot of fun yelling about body parts that characters have lost
       actual build on Sunday!
       had a weekend
       helped run Puzzlehunt
       spent a lot of time sitting in a room not panicking
           then sitting in a room playing 2048
           then sitting in a room panicking because too many people finishing too many interactives
           it worked out
       Sunday was build
       had a weekend
       started with improv
           many shenanigans
       then booth
       and that was the weekend


   ad hoc Antijetlag Committee
       have to be up at 6:00 in the morning? oh, you mean 10:00, yeah, that's fine
       how did that math work out for you
   Committee To Not Assassinate The President
   ad hoc Conditional Dyslexic Committee
   misappropriated Ad Hoc Committee
       nest of baby hawks on Hammerschlag
   Innovative Technologies Committee
       look, dry ice!
       it's really cold
   Skyentology Committee
       has a serious problem with people stealing their cocaine
   Illustrious Journalist Collective
       ...send your taxes in?
   Martin Freeman Memorial Committee
       my lips are so chapped
   misappropriated Time Travel Committee
       in Europe, in the Elizabethan era, there were three different calendars
           Each of three calenders said that April 15 was on a different day
               about 11 days apart in one case
           you could travel through time by going to France
   misappropriated Alcoholist Committee
       it's okay that it's Monday, we're celebrating
   Booth Committee
       order t-shirts! design has been decided.
       fill out the midway release forms! you HAVE TO fill them out to work on midway
           Zora will post the form again, as well as the times when you can pick the wristbands up
       we need people for midway watch and booth watch shifts
           don't show up drunk, don't be late
   Nominations Committee
           Dillon for treasurer
           Dillon for 2vp
           Shelby (tentatively, she needs to confirm to the recsec) for treasurer
           Mike retracts 1vp
           Stuart retracts 2vp
           Dillon for 2vp
           Steven for 1vp
           you should write a blurb about why you're great!
           send them to nomcom or exec
   No Pun Intended Committee
       shark attacks, lobster defends
   Alcoholist Committee
       whisky sours at PHI are cheap and surprisingly delicious
   I Love You Parents But Committee
       James's dad and some other guys won a bar fight against an entire hockey team


   The Thing!
       booth panic is not Skye's fault


   Committee for Friederian Sciences: [REDACTED]
       motion to redact the purpose of this committee from the minutes
           dividing by zero
           all of dkirby's committees: growing wary of the proliferation of committees that contain KGB members' names
           James is skeptical of the motive of this
           motion to move to the Northeast corner of the US
               it's a MAINE motion
           if we redact the purpose, how will we know what the committee is for?
               we won't anyway, Zora forgot
       change all instances "Friederian" to "Freudian"
       change all instances of "Freudian" to "Freudairian"
       motion to redact the second to last decision of the chair
           motion to go deeper
       motion to change purpose to "boats boats boats"
       motion to redact all of the purpose and all of the motions to change the purpose in the minutes
           fun fact: out of order
       point of order: it requires a written amendment to redact anything from the minutes
           apparently it doesn't
       motion to make the mascot of this committee the ptaREDACTyl
           eforney's gonna draw it
       $7 to Mike, Frieder and Mike and the Innovative Technologies Committee will chair
   motion to allocate $60 to get one of those big rainbow parachutes from elementary school
       how much do those actually cost?
           24ft ones cost about $60, smaller ones cost $30-$40
       how many of us could fit under one of those?
           a lot
       if we dipped it in fireproofing, could we make it part of our booth?
       Ethan would like to point out that with all the support, this might actually BE a good idea
       motion to postpone this discussion until next meeting
           we could do that keeping students not stressed thing
   motion to allocate $10 to buy Steven lunch today
       point of info: Drew literally just ate lunch
           that is not a point of info
   Lunch Is Serious Business Committee: to discuss the serious business of the identity of lunch
       i butchered the math words and I /do not care/
       motion to have a serious business lunch about this
       motion to add the definition of lunch to the Official KGB Dictionary
           out of order
       ...our dictionary doesn't have definitions
       motion to change all "lunch" to "elevenses"
       in America, elevenses used to be a midmorning whiskey break
           ...used to be?
       $4 to Al, he and anyone else who knows what lunch really is will chair
   motion to add the word "lunch" to the Official KGB Dictionary in the 2nd to last position
       point of info: what is the Official KGB Dictionary right now?
           we'll put it on the board
       point of unrelated info: if eforney got a phonecall from a 14 digit number, should she call it back?
           it might be from another country so
           Dillon will look it up
       they're talking about the meaning of "outbroman'd"
           it means to out-ruleswank Broman
       if we were to add a definition for lunch, what would it be?
           that's the purpose of the lunch is serious business committee
       motion to include lunch between "second" and "fuck"
       what's the smallest subset of the English dictionary from which you can construct all other words?
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for the event
   point of order: technically JRAM only asked for money for supplies for the event
       so the supplies could be a rainbow parachute
   motion to create a new standing rule to say "point of inquiry" instead of "point of information" when asking a question
       motion to change the motion so that to ask a question you say "point of inquiry" OR "point of info"
       motion to table
   Foreign Films Critique Committee: to scroll through all the movies on your airplane, decide that that weird Japanese one is the best thing to go with, and then getting weirdly intrigued by the subplots
       change name to "Foreign Films Critic Critique Committee"
       what foreign Japanese film was Marlena watching on a plane?
           "The Apology King"
           about the sacred Japanese art of when you bow on the floor and say I'M REALLY REALLY FUCKING SORRY PLEASE DON'T KILL ME
           it was a comedy
       Daywatch is surprisingly good
       how many snakes were in the movie and thus on Marlena's plane
           like three
       was the guy who just came in looking for film club?
           EMS training
           damn it
       dkirby also watched a movie on a plane
           The Door
           wow, no
       was there a guy named Steve on the plane with Dan
       $5 to McGinnis, people who have ever watched Japanese films will chair
   Rashomon Committee: wait what was the committe name again?
       change name to "Twitch Plays Rashomon Committee"
       that's that Russian composer guy right
           no you're thinking of the guy they kept trying to kill
       Mike's dad got a root canal
           instead of anesthetic, they gave him a drug that, when it wears off, just makes you forget everything since you took the drug
               Dillon has taken that
       $3 to Drew, anyone with memories will chair


       bring games
       PH A18*, 7:00, Friday
       we're bringing a Ouija board
       buy t-shirts
       sign up for midway shifts
       sign the waiver
       go to builds
       write your blurbs!
           email them to exec or nomcom
   remember to pay the treasurer


   the Watchtower will have two rooms open this summer!
       talk to Mike at mwoolfor@andrew.cmu.edu (or Zora or Stuart)
   a passage from the Book of Twisty Passages
       which is composed by the submitted answers to a pussle, in order
   Al is signing the porn anyway
   Steven needs a PC gaming controller for a projects

we are now in purple