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   the theme of today's minutes is "nah"
       or, "zora takes minutes as if it were by hand but on a computer"


       there was moveon
       probably did stuff before move on
       did microsoft puzzle challenge on saturday
           beat all other kgb affiliated teams
           did work and booth
       gonna do more booth
           we need people
       had a weekend
       started with moveon
       rest of weekend spent doing damage control and fretting
           turns out his thesis is not only not true, but also maybe a little bit the opposite of true
       eforney asks why he isn't wearing a hawaiian shirt
       had a weekend
       lots of 251
       got a sweatshirt with his name on it
       also microsoft puzzle challenge
       forgot to solve a hw until it was almost due
           SATURDAY 2:30 in the Stever dining room
           there will be cake and alumni
       is totally marlena
       had a weekend
           started with move on which was awesome
           skipped roles because of it
       then more booth
           /shop hours/
       then buggy then booth then buggy
           we found the ethan
       had a saturday and a sunday
       hesitates to call it a weekend
       maybe had a weekend
       is sitting
           it's nice
       is looking at roomba spice harvesters?
       had a couple of days
       weekend was almost the same as the booth chairs
           but didn't get up on saturday
           because they didn't have to
       spent lots of time on midway


       diseased golden hour
   ad hoc roomba spice harvester
       turns out it's just a random idea generator
   illust journalists
       mayfly construction
   innov tech
       has ionic flux for sale
           because science
   misap itty bitty kitty
       the kittens started eating solid food committee
   jram said something funny
       oh it's a dune reference
       it was a good one
       /shop hours/
   committeee to teach you all sign language
       double rainbow
   misap committee to not burn down r7
       there's a party at r7, 9:00 on friday
   yoga flame
       the booth wall
   misap booth committee
       don't stay up too late at r7 because teardown
   our booth struggles aren't as bad as other booth struggles WE'RE FINE
       shelby withdraws from treasurer
       mike nominated for s@a
       steven nominated for s@a
       steven nominated for corsec
       brian nominated for s@a
       nominations are closed
   frieder said stuff
       we have it
       it's about 11 feet tall
           which is taller than a week ago
       we're putting on the roof
       we want to finish that before it rains again tonight
       allllllll y'all should come out
       we show up at 9:30 and stay until midnight
           there will always be a booth chair on midway
           if you forget your helmet we have more
       we'd love if we could have a force return with us from KGB to midway
           the weather's nice we can get stuff done
       if you voted yes to booth get your butt to midway
           broman was nicer but i'm tired sorry
   i love you parents, but
       james' father and his friends won a tug o war against firemen by tying the rope to a tree


   the Thing!
       race conditions are not drew's fault


       forney's says "my eyes are down here"
   surrealist: you're walking in a hallway. suddenly it starts raining. it tastes like orange juice.
       yeah I'm not doing the rest of the purpose
       it was pretty
       append surrealist: more surreal than everything else to purpose
           yeah try to parse that
       motion to color the purpose orange
       $3 to mcginnis, yes
   inevitability of lasagna: it's impastable
       bswolf memorial approves
       how many ears does daniel boone have?
           three: his left ear, his right ear, and his frontier
           ethan: it's reference to hetalia. if you haven't seen that, don't
       $2 to frieder, anyone who eats pasta in the next hour
   committee to not rhyme with committees: caroline has accidentally bought two committees because rhyning
   one of skyes committees is trying to publish a journal
       how often?
           it will come out when pravda comes out
       are there any regulations that will oversee the articles?
       will it be available online
               they don't like the term "paywall"
       if frieder makes sure the name is spelled right can he be editor
           associate editor
       forney is making line jokes
       now steven is making weirder line jokes
       is mayonaise an instrument
       is it a lineguist
           how many languages can frider translate?
   motion to add "line" to the KGB dictionary (it goes where it pleases)
       motion to change the spelling of the name of the word line to "lyne"
       okay we're putting it after second
       motion to change the spelling of "line" to "g-h-o-t-i"
           no but, ha
   motion to define the two types of words in teh kgb dictionary as ordered words and free words
       motion to change "free words" to "loose cannnon words"
       change "ordered words" to nvm it failed
       point of info: is the chair supposed to be neutral?
       motion to append to the motion that loose canon words can be spelled in any order
   something about swearwords: replace all swearwords with "cuss"
       motion to replace "cuss" with a BIG OL' AIRFART
       motion to create an exception for the words in the kgb dictionary
           so fuck is okay
       $3 to drew, disbanded
   thoooooob: it's that time of year we need people for thoob
       make sure to get your hat hards and your band wrists at the cu
       ad hoc kgb astronomicals: i think you invented a comedy black hole
   motion to designate line as a loose canon word
       because eagles are aquiline and eagles are free birds eforney's gonna have to be in favor
       no matter what it's still pronounced line
           i should do ipa but
   hats and kitties: to promote hats and kitties
       boots n cats n boots n cats n
       can there be a subcommittee for hardhats and hardkitties
       append to subcommittee list hard liquor
       $3 to drew, disbanded
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $200 for food for the event
       it's the defectors party
       we're gonna get it catered by jimmyjohns and also cake and veggies
           cake: "class of 2018: these kids are younger than pikachu"
       skye predates pikachu by two months
   we could bring the rainbow parachute to the defector's party
   kgb calla nd response: to use the fact that the kgb is really good at a, b, a, b to sing songs
       motion to rename "kgb is tonedeaf committee"
       $3 to marlena, anybody who can sing a song that is not in tune with the original song


       defectors party
       saturday, 2:30, stever dining room
       elections are two weeks from today
       send in your platform!
       we need proctors
       if you preordered one come talk to us
       people are wearing
       extras will be dealt with after preorders
   dillon can do tshirt orders
       come help!
       it's here we have it


   come to race day!
       it's on friday
   itr on FRIDAY
       b/c r7 on friday
       old people know different rule sets
       the games will be differentish
           they'll be interesting
   betting pools on elections are "strictly prohibited"
   party in r7 on saturday