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       had a weekend
       before that had a year
       before that had more years
       this is the end for him
       after this he'll be like the rest of you
       it's been really great being at the front of the room
           is really sad that he's not gonna be around next year
       had a dream two nights ago that he teared up during his officer report
           that's not gonna happen
       had a weekend
       worked for a long time on his thesis
       and realized he wasn't going to finished his thesis
       woke up after three hours
       finished his thesis
       had a weekend
       he and his team didn't register for google games
           so played shark banana games (board games)
       thanks for the years
           "Don't Stop The Train" or "Crazy Believin'"
           "shouldn't it be Crazy Streetlights?" --ccolombo
           assorted laughter --everyone
           Bake Barter!
               we're tabling on friday from 9am to 6pm
               we want your baked goods!
               we want to trade them for your useless stuff!
           Useless Stuff Auction
               Friday 7:00 DH2315
       had a year and also a weekend
       decided she was fed up with not fun things
           so on saturday she went to a friend's house and DIDN'T BRING HER LAPTOP
           then did the same on sunday
       basically didn't do work all weekend and is now reaping the rewards
       had a weekend and a year
       enjoyed standing at the front and not saying much but making their mark on history ANYWAY
       also saw Cap2 again
       had a weekend
       started with google games
           got fourth again
       spent sunday learning all of the material that he missed during booth
       he has many tests
       had a weekend and a year
       the year was also really cool
       weekend involved doing a lab report
           well, saturday
           then saw captain america again on sunday


   illustrious journalist collective
       happy ot be reporting on the coming culloing
   existing committee
   omnomnom committee
       shelby is passing around peeps
   ad hoc nonexisting committee
   guild of calamitous intent and evil seafood league
       vote for the right people today or else
   i love my parents but committee
       james's dad went to the tax office to resolve james's $300 debt and came back with $700
   spontaneous shark pun committee
       what do you call a shark with a stutter
           stammerhead shark


   the Thing!
       elections are not frieder's fault

we are now in purple


   now there is a pause, in which Zora has thrown in the towel.
   Minutes resume when the next recsec is elected.
   Skye the Dyslexic is Rec Sec -- worry A LOT
       AFrieder --
           Prepared for getting hit by coins and has spent enough money on the KGB this year that he deserves it
       Jlareau --
           Was treasurer this year and enjoyed being hit with pennies too much not to be treasurer again
           Was super on top of it this year
           **Daniel John interjects with something out of turn
       Dillon Wins!
       AFrieder -- 
           Can carry stuff
       Steven --
           Last year as an active member -- vote for Frieder
       Frieder wins
   New Exec:
       President: Marlena
       1vp: Stuart
       2vp: Mike
       Corsec: Zora
       Recsec: Skye
       Treasurer: Dillon
       S@A: Frieder
       xander tells the sword story
       Marlena tells a story about how Bro her dad is
   The Omm Nom Nom Com has to burn the votes
   Everyone attacks Marlena and Stuart tries to take charge
   Tim motions to salute the president
   Marlena motions to salute the old presidents


   Motion to raise dues to $25 for the year and $20 for the semester
   Exec disgretionary fund to $500
   State of the Treasury Report -- ran a surplus this year
       Somewhere around $2600
       Bid surplus from where we were last year
       (All of drew's money has been spent)
   Committee -- Order of Zanaclese
       Purpose: to make sure exec doesnt screw up
       $3 to Bro-Man
   Comittee: Caroline's Committee
       Purpose: Encourage colorful voting
           In purple
           TBroman -- Fuck
       $3 to Drew
   Motion to allocate no more than $50 for supplies for event


   Mike -- We have an event --
       Bake/Barter and then useless stuff
       Bake some goods so we can get useless stuff
       7: Bring your wallet to buy the useless stuff from bake/barter


   Motion to purple