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Officer Reports Marlena had a weekend... and it is still the weekend Stuart had a weekend and potentially finished his os hw

   New folks: 
   Gabi! From NJ, Bio, has hair
   Maija! Goes to Pitt, Studio Arts and Psych

Mike had a weekend involving truly awful movies -- we are UNDERGROUND TOUR. A lot of fun, come enjoy yourself Zora had a weekend -- the same thing as everyone else Skye had weekend Dillon gets changed thrown at him Frieder had a weekend

Existing Committees Reports The illustrious journalist collective is back... We're concerned about Google Fiber

The DJK Is so Full of himself committee in conjunction with the DJK Secret Southerner Committee and the DJK Nightmare in Dreamland Committee -- well they dont live here anymore

The misappropriated culinary R&D committee has come back

The Shark Puns committee says nado

The "Science" committee would like to report that bananas are eggs

AFalk had the thing, but she is not here... Erin has the spirit of the thing is not at fault for spontaneous rain

"The Committee to be passed later this meeting " was tabled until this meeting from last meeting

    Motion to table until 5 years from now
    Ammended to change the name to the "Committee that failed to be passed 5 years ago" 

The stupidly specific prophecies committee With the purpose of making this bullshit easier

   $3 to Mike
   Chaired by anyone who doesn't know whats going on

Motion to create the committee to create the comittee to make motions Purpose to make motions

   Vote: Passed!
   $3 to Frieder
   Chaired by DJ, Owen, and Frieder

Bugmars With the purpose of confusing people

   Vote: Passed
    $10 to egarbade

4 Towers Committee Purpose: Everyone holds up their arms

    There is only one lord of the rings and he does not share towers
    The scissor cannon committee will make it ok
    Vote! Passed
    $6 to Mike
    Chaired: Mike and anyone else *raising their arms

Mixed up Song Lyrics Committee Purpose: Red the blood of angry men tea a drink with jam and bread

    $2 to Frieder
    Chaired: JRAM and Frieder

The *awkward silence Purpose: Ummm uhhhh

    $6 to Owen

Continuously get quieter and quieter Purpose: to get quieter and quieter until we can no longer hear ach other

   The illustrious journalist collective is spewing shit
    $4 to Steffan
   Chaired by anyone not currently talking

Motion to create the committee for the KGB to whore itself out Purpose: not what it sounds like

   Can we be a mixed-level marketing scheme?
   $4 to Maija 
   Chaired by Maija

The Rain Structure Committee Purpose: Why is it raining?

    Buncha haikus
     No more haikus
   $1 to Owen
   Chaired: __________

Kill all our humans Purpose: with kindness

   I hear the corpses of your enemies are very in this season
   Vote: Passed
   $4 to Shelby
   Chaired: none of you fucking humans

Motion to define Robo-dollar to $4

   Died brutally

Motion to create the committee not to exceed $15 Purpose ~raising~ money for ~donations~ for ~charitable~ causes

   Have you heard the good word of Satan
   "Charitable Causes" is Frieder's porn star name
   $1 to Stuart
   Stuart shall Chair

Committee for rolling down large hills Purpose: to improve events on large hills by screaming "weeeeee" as well roll down large hills

   Mountain top removal is very difficult 
   Vote: Passed
   $4 to Joe
   Chaired by the Hill People

Allocation of $150 for supplies for the next two events

Committee to get specific KGB members to get involved in politics and someday become prime minister Purpose: Dillontory

   $11 to Dillon
   Chaired: Dillon and any of his loyal subjects

Motion to create the committee to find out what Owen's joke was Purpose: what if there was no joke?

   We'll we're the KGB Aren't we 
   $8 to Owen
   Chaired by Owen and Craig (the only people who know the joke)

Fake ID Committee Purpose to create convincing yet false primitive submissions of our subconscious

   $4 to Christian

Comically Wealthy Committee Purpose: to browse the mansion section from our luxurious stateroom f*ck, f*ck, what the f*ck

   The committee to whore out the KGB is thinking
   $1 to DJK
   Chaired by himself and everyone on wall street

Real Relevant announcements pertaining to the KGB as an organization!

   Underground Tour is on Friday! Meet at the UC Black Chairs at 7:30
   Tell Stories, Hold Signs, Cook Foods -- it's going to be great
   Pay your dues. 

Purple and Pho