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Officer Reports:

    Marlena had a weekend; she made a pie and Ethan ate it
    Stuart had a weekend; videogame night, toe socks, new people!
         Justus -- CS, Hershey, Aive
    Mike -- we have an event, movie night, Breed Hall and voting and movies and nonsense
    Zora worked a lot
    Skye is a disaster
    Dillon had a weekend and didnt get much done
    Frieder had a weekend-- netflix and such

DJK Nightmare in dreamland -- Steven fell off a building and died; the next day, steven fell off a wall The Committee to Assasinate the President has a report The DJK Nightmare in dreamland committee -- had a dream last night where sam mentioned president assasination Innovative Technologies Committee iinvented a molecule out of plastic. Isn't it great? Submit to Booth!

    Joseph and Brian
    We vote on Monday

Storytelling Committee has a report!

    CMU IS HARD And that's ok

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee The Time Travel Committee feels old.... The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee -- if you ever want to hold a cat, come do the thing

Old Business

    Ed had the thing 30 seconds ago....
    The stress is not Skye's Fault this week

Existential Crisis on Infinite Earth; sometimes I just want to fly or walk through walls but its never going to happen

    Right after it, you have to haul ass to create other comics
    It's great cause you're gonna die
    Did you hear the capital letters click into place
    Try the Molecule
    $3 to Frieder
    Anyone who reads comic books and has existential crises but not at the same time

Move like a crab; to swim like a crab because its fucking adorable I think eee

    Did you know that there are giant crabs at the bottom of the ocean that heat everything in their path but because they're still a protected species because Russia is fucking stupid they're slowly taking over the north of the planet. 
    The Ad Hoc I'm from Maryland damnit committee is intrigued
    The Ad Hoc I'm from VA damnit committee would like to ask Jeeves to Bring the Boat Around
    The ad hoc no one would be surprised if I was from the depths of hell committee would like to tell you about how theres nothing so frustrating as a sea creature
    $2 to Joe
    The Ocean

The Conspicuous Memory Gaps; Don't you want to know the name?

    Did we discuss this last meeting? 
    Questions been called

The Switchblade committee; switch places!

    Everyone switches places....
    Xander did things: 
         what the.... THings look different. Why does Bubbles look like Marlena? Why are none of exec the same? 
    $3 to Zora
    Exec shall chair

So I had a weekend; the rest of us want to participate

    Frieder had a weekend
    Literally everyone else, I dont' give a shit
    Time Travel didn't have a weekend
    Shadow Exec reports approval
    $3 to Joe
    Whoever can rememer the name

Animal Identification Committee; what is this? *Holds up a hippo* We know all the animals!

    More of that
    $3 to Stuart
    Currenty looking at an animal they can't identify

Preimptive Murder Mystery Committee; to find out who wants to plan with witchcraft and sorcery and shit

    Frieder and Dillon ..... Are at odds? 
    We vote people off the island after having thematically colored challenges 
    $2 to Xander and the KGB Secret Police

KGB Secret Police: 'redacted'

         It's a good idea
    That failed
    $35 to Xander
    Xander, Frieder, Ed, Skye, Marlena, Mike, Zora and one person who will remain classified

McCarthyism; i have a list of 12 names

    Motion for a role cal interogation
    Illustrious journalist collective -- makes up bullshit and scares people (we missed you zander)
    I'm not a witch. I'm you
    Stuart is Santa
    $12 to Stuart
    The 12 people on Stuart's list

No committee The pointers committee is confused. A lot of computer science jokes The Engineers committee is confused

    $4 to Stuart

The Michael Bay sound effects committee: *onomotopea* + lense flur + lense flare + lense flourish + space piranah plant + magic molecule

         JJ Abrahms has been taked on, and a solar flare
         Benedict Cumberbach casted
    Coreographed leg swinging is a new olympic sport
    $10 to Joe
    The Molecule but not Frieder

WE HAVE AN EVENT Movie Night is happening on Friday!