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Officer reports Marlena had a weekend it was all about biking Stuart had a weekend, sports and Leap Motion Stuart is Mike and they had a weekend.

    We have an event!! It's the Halloween Party with costumes and Candy

Zora had a weekend! Don't remember things... Skye did not have a weekend, Skye had a travesty in place of a weekend Dillon had a weekend -- AWOP Was a thing Alex had a SIGH

Joe had a weekend! He did too much stuff and has a lot of conflicts and an exam

    He's sneaky sneaky

The shiny day committee is replacing adjectives with *shiny*

The campus crime incident committee would like to remind people not to you shouldnt fuck up when "tunneling"

The ad hoc boyscout committee would like to tell you to be prepared

The booth committee wants you to have nostalgia!!!!

The ad hoc never mind molecule joke

The ad hoc cmu is hard committee is complaining about topology

Stuart has the thing!!

New Business!!!!

Brain Legion; Dedicated to those who have recieved psychic super powers

    $4 to Shelby 
    Steven shall chair

Intersection of linguists and economists; syntax?

    Syn Tax! A tax on Syn!
    $6 to Murphy
    Linguists shall chair

Duck call me maybe; to attract potential relationship mates by throwing bread pieces at them

    It's a good idea
    Bread or not bread? 
    The entropy committee to kill everyone
    $3 to Stuart
    Ducks shall chair

We are now in purple

Bus camo; disguise moving cars with buses + the mask to all Pittsburgh buses

    Take the car and make it look like a bus? 
    Paint all Pittsburgh buses with Zebra stripes
    The animal identification committee is confused....
    The ad hoc is this an uber or a lyft committee does not know what to say
    $4 to Stuart
    Bicyclists who have been run over by a bus 

Pickle flavor pastKGB Presidents; Dillyforney

    You dug your own grave dog
    Why so morbid at first? I mean, I love senseless violence as much as the next guy.....
    $2 to Frieder
    Anyone who pickles past KGB presidents

True CMU Experience; to inform all visiting students that the weather is incorrect

    Pittsburgh use your words!!!
    It's raining its raining
    $4 to Joe

Subatomic Limbo; to create a home for subatomic particles everywhere

    Stay away from my molecule!
    $3 to Mike
    Physics Majors shall chair

Chose your own weather; if Pittsburgh can why can't we?

    Twitch plays weather!!!
    BYOW -- bring your own weather
    The molecule committee is the weather
         and literally everything else
    $2 to Joe
    Everyone not wearing a molecule shall chair

Interact with weather in new and interesting ways; at one point, scientists had the idea of stopping a tornado with an atomic bomb (and the Israel Dome to make the rain disappear and be replaced magically with shrapnel)

    Do you have an atomic bomb on you? 
    Innovative technologies committee woud ike to report that all you need is pressurized canisters and smiley face bombs
    How about a dirty bomb? 
    Steven's atomic bonnet flies over the ocean
    The bus that couldn't slow down....
    $7 to Dillon
    Anyone who would want to be part of an experiment to experiment on weather

Punch-stopper; new and interesting products and business ideas that people will pay us not to produce

    Robot that screams
    Epaper shingles
    It's like Tindr but for Fighting!
    Like a back-scratcher but for your butt
    $11 to Stuart
    Anyone who wants to buy the committee for $12

SkyeFarming; cloudseeding to end world hunger +Korn

    The Skyechosis committee objects strongly
        And their objection is preserved, sadly, for the record. 
    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
    If anyones ever been to the midwest.....
    Towards the concept of corn
    $3 to Stuart
    People who are hungry right now

Restrict access to this committee behind a pay wall; you can report if you give us your credit card

    CMU, give us access!!!
    $5 to Frieder
    Anyone who just paid $5 for this committee

Open source; have a really poor put together committee that anyone can change or edit

    $6 to Stuart
    Anyone who wants to contribute to this committee

Shadow Corporation; the cold unfeeling eyes and grim stone cut face of the shadow corporation

    Now accepting applications for middle management
    2d now!!!
    4d now!!!! it moves through time and space
    + .2d
    Submit application that has 3 pages of instructions, 4 pages of other paperwork ah fuck it
    Has anyone ever seen the shadow corporation and president suresh in the same room at the same time
    $30 to Joe
    The Shadowy Middle Managers and Joe their public face

Math art committee; zoras math teacher dances out graphs

    mulan/math jokes
    right hand rule is great
    left hand rule joke
    $1 to Frieder
    Stuart shall chair

Allocation not to exceed $70 for candy!!!!!

Pumpkin Flavored: because its delicious

    The Suburban White girls of america committee is so happy about pumpkin spice lattes
    Blame October
    $4 to Ed
    The Suburban White Girls of America shall chair

We have an event!!!! It's Halloween Party!!!!!!! In PH A18* CtFwS Is happening!!!! If you want to judge, email exec@cmukgb.org