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Officer Reports! Marlena had a weekend! No Turkey themed jokes Stuart had a weekend Mike has an event -- the school "closes" for thanksgiving break which means we're going to watch movies on Friday Skye had a weekend Dillon had a weekend Frieder also kind of had a weekend

Committee Reports The I had a weekend committee has a job! They'll be working at iRobot over the summer Murphy found a way to disable his alarm clock Fuck united. Fuck airlines The McGinnis and Kirby Variety Hour reports there was ice skating and butthurt Committee to have Korra take my weekend committee is confused about what the fuck that shit was The ad hoc please fix the weather machine committee wants it to be cold again The springfield kittens are happening..... The committee on the intersection of astronomers and computer scientist reports A* The committee to get assasinated by the president reports that they've developed monk locks through science and wants to hear about locks The shadow corporation is giving mike a phone screen!

Old Business! Dillon had the thing Family stuff is not Murphy's fault this week


I can't find the letter J; to navigate DC

    Computer troubles are bad
    Off button? 
    On button? 
    $2 to joe
    Everyone who has to fix their families computers

Dye hair, not plumage; to die so you don't die

    Rare species of turkeys with purple hair have been found
         Mike starts barking
    $2 to Mike
    Any birds at this meeting

Steak eating; eat more cows

    Stick eating? 
    Steak a vampire!
    $2 to      

Spoonerisms; pretty such mat

    Murphy does thing
    It's obnoxious
    Frieder has a lisp
    $2 to Murphy

Rule 0 Violation; walking really slowly and taking up all the space

    It's Shatner o'clock
    $2 to Frieder
    Anyone who walks quickly

Turkish Inquisition; to find the Turkeys and clean our state of them

    No one expects -- gobble gobble
    What does the eastern orthodox pope think? It's funny you should ask
    Do turkeys float like wood? 
    Everyone is gobbling
    Turkey double agent spies
    $3 to Murphy

Stationary CtFwS players; to be the turnkey

    Don't ruin Skye's data
    $1 to McGinnis

Simple disguises; if i can't see you, you can't see me

    Here, in a nuclear testing ground, don't bury your head
    Hide your face
    Hide your wife
    $1 to McGinnis

Object Permanance; where'd the Piaget go?

    $2 to Frieder

CtFwS art project; to make art

    You can make every color by mixing things
    Does anyone know what happened to the object permanence committee? 
    Zora is sad
    $2 to Mike

Revenge of the abused poultry; to attack animal abuse with masses of man eating things

    Motion to make them go fast? 
    Angry birds!
    $1 to McGinnis

Algorithm; Frieder understands pittsburgh weather

    The molecule
    The commune
    They are all the same
    Dillon reads scary thing
    $4 to Frieder
    Snyone who understands the algorithm

The conspiracy theory; the diagram

    The commune, the algorithm, and the molecule -- their shadow forms the shadow corporation
    Shadow corporation is interested
    $9 to Owen

Never leave committee reports; filibuster, filibuster

    Forgetful exec
    Syntax and technology committee
    Did we table a thing last week? Yes. But no. 
    $3 to Murphy

Committee generating; to be redundant with the KGB as a whole

    $1 to McGinnis

Antitrust; we have too many powerful people, we should break a few up

    Join the shadow corporation
    There are no lobbyists heres
    Recursive breakup
    Segmentation fault
    $11 to Mike
    The innovative technologies committee and all its interns

517; regular reports at 517

    $2 to Frieder

Obscenely long; to get into a loop in uncountable ordinal

    Owen says this means nothing
    Owen expresses displeasure
    $2 to Owen
    Disbanded in constant time

Turkey puns; it's a bad idea

    I don't like this
    It's a turkey
    Gobbling up the wrong tree
    $2 to Joe

We have an event, sort of. It's Thanksgiving so we're meeting up on Friday in Breed Hall at 7 pm to watch movies