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       had a weekend
       started with CtFwS
           which was awesome
           one of the games ended weirdly early
           captured flags
       Saturday there was a party and that was fun
           he was totally fine the next day which was a surprise
       did a reasonable amount of work, but also not enough
       it's time for his jeans to go in the big scrap heap in the sky
       had a weekend
       also started with CtFwS
           his legs felt like they were broken for the rest of the weekend
       ubisoft had a steam sale, which was an evil evil time suck
       had a weekend
       did not involve CtFwS
           visited Duke for grad school
           found out that the main professor he'd be working with is cool, so that was fun
       not so fun was getting back and getting really sick
           Video Game Night
           Friday, 7:00, Wean 5300 corridor
           bring video games and things to play them on
       had a weekend
       went to CtFwS
       then didn't feel like leaving the house for the rest of the weekend
       got a lot of work done on a report
           it's supposed to be similarly large parts of summary and analysis
           she has 25 pages of summary
               and no analysis
       had a weekend
       went to CtFwS
           in the game that they judged they spent the whole time running up and down wean to retape a gotcha glyph
           that's how short it was
       then had a build and dealt with SO MUCH PLY
       then hair dying! everyone is bright colors
       can't remember what they did on Sunday
       had a weekend
       ran around while judging, which was a mistake because then he was tired
       was the last one up at the R7 party
       back to booth build
           gray primer smells terrible
       Sunday: studying studying studying
       had a weekend
       involved CtFwS
       Frieder and Murphy got the flag and Mike helped
           they ran from Wean 3 to Wean 8 and didn't take the elevator
           Mike is still mad
       don't stick your hands in the gray primer
       didn't do work on Sunday


   possibly ad hoc, possibly misappropriated Two Booths Committee
       it's hard to not get paint on hardwood floors
   Daniel John Secret Southerner Committee
       prepared a report about getting the power to control the weather
       but then it wasn't warm anymore
       it would like to recind that report before having even made it with the assistance of the time travel committee
   KGB Ultimate Beatdown Committee
       waiting for JRAM to close the door
   Skyentology Committee
       apologizes to ccolombo for the persistance of winter
   ad hoc Committee To Become John Mackey
       partial success
       (takes a swig out of a 2 liter of Coke)
   (I couldn't figure out how to spell liter so I missed some stuff SORRY it was a bad 30 seconds)
   Booth Committee
       get out your calendars, we're gonna read off some dates
       we need to send people for fire safety training and tool training
       tool training is Wednesday, February 26 at 9:30 in DH 2210
           craig (cmorey)
       fire safety is Wednesday, March 26 at 9:30 in somewhere, we'll get back to you
       thanks guys!
   Alcoholist Committee
       at R7 Drew threw a bunch of things together and it's really delicious
       talk to Drew
       I don't understand alcohol things
       they have Mountain Dew in them
   Skyecotic Committee
       would like to blame Drew for many blackouts on Sunday
   misappropriated Alcoholist Committee
       Marlena has discovered that there are two pretty excellent bars within a block of her house
       it's a problem
   also misappropriated Alcoholist Committee
       Xander said SCIENCE
   ad hoc KGB Related Things, Kind Of, Saved My Butt Committee
       all the 3d printers on campus are dead except for the cluster one
   ad hoc Praise The Helix Committee
       no never Maija hates that thing
   ad hoc Remember the Moonstone Committee
       yeah pretty much that


   the Thing!
       the booze parts are not Owen's fault this week


   Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Mirror Committee a.k.a. You Didn't See Anything Committee: to laugh at and point out bureaucatic flaws at CMU
       it was just the Planet Venus
       how does this committee feel about constructing stuff out of emeralds?
           we start at once
           funded by your tuition money
       Xander was looking in the mirror and there was some weird flickering behind his reflection
           he asked him about it, and he said naw man, it's cool
       that's not the real question he called Xander the other day
       eforney has really cute gestures to flip people off
       $2 to Drew, Xander and Marlena will chair
   Anthropomorphized Question Committee: choose a person to be the question for the day
       can James be the question like all the time?
       but if no one knows yet who can be the question, then who's phone?
           weh wop
       on the internet no oneknows you're a question
       motion to nominate Drew as the question
           out of order
       on the internet no one knows you're a 60 foot tall monster from the Cretaceous Period
       what happens if Frieder doesn't start a question with point of order?
           it's fine, questions are fine
       eforney: "hey Drew, I'm calling your phone to leave a comment"
       $6 to Drew, Frieder will chair
   motion to appoint Drew as the question
       Frieder owns the committee and says it's friendly
       but out of order
       (this belongs in committee reports)
   Theoretical Radiation Poisoning Committee: to imagine the mutations on ourselves
       ad hoc I Can't Breathe Committee: yes
       $2 to Mike, they and anyone who's interested in interesting science will chair
   Shout Of Mordor Committee: one does not just create the Shout Of Mordor Committee
       change name to "Shot Of Mordor"
       change name to "Shut Out Of Mordor"
       change purpose to "the thing Caroline described"
       Spoken Song Lyrics Committee: you make me feel like I've been locked out of Mordor
       Committee To Test The Recsec: approves
           nail polish remover in a shot glass
           light it on fire
           throw it at someone
       one does not simply walk anywhere after that many shots
           pour vodka in a shot glass
           then bite off your finger and put it inside
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
   Dust Bunny Extermination Committee: those things under their couch are most certainly not alive
       Marlena screeched and mimed a vacuum cleaner
       just don't feed them after midnight
       if you ball all the dust bunnies in your house into a really big dust bunny
           it's really disgusting
       $4 to Caroline, disbanded
   I Can't Breathe Committee: to give up your aspirations
       bswolf Memorial Committee: approves
       change all aspirations with respirations
       Steven said words
       in space nobody can hear you breathe
       you know when you go to concerts for children and they all have to inhale at the same time?
           yeah pretty much that
       $2 to Frieder, anyone with athsma or anyone who isn't breathing will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for the event
   Don't Put That In Your Body Committee: to think of drugs, alcohol, and other things that should probably not go in your body
       in the same movie with Nic Cage and drugs
           his brother made an outline of the Ukraine and tried to snort it
       in Vietnam they would send the soldiers gunpowder mixed with pancake mix
           so they could either add milk and eat pancakes "safely"
           or hit it and make it explode
       fruit loops vodka
       if you eat the heart of your enemies it'll make you stronger
       anything Xander works with in his lab
       $5 to Marlena, anybody who has inadvisably put somehting in their body will chair
   Drunk On ______ Committee: for when you go to R7, come back, and people ask you what you drank
       but what about noetics?
       what if there are no etics at all?
       drunk on water
       drunk on love
       the most disgusting drink Marlena has ever heard of is called a mexican yeast infection
           tequila, cottage cheese, whipped cream
       Skye made Drew make her a non-alcoholic drink
           and then made a bunch of people try it
       $3 to McGinnis, he and anyone under 21 will chair
   Exploding Pancakes Committee: yeah pretty much that
       we told them that there was pancake mix in there
       Fun Facts Committee: ccolombo is taking a class called Mechatronic Design
           a couple semesters ago some people in the class made pancake flippers
           with AIR currents
       when Mike was growing up they were in a church youth group
           they had some extra pancake mix left over, so they made mountain dew pancakes
           they were the worst thing ever
           don't do it
       McGinnis is going to do the thing
       SDC used to make pancakes for rolls
           with the pancake mix they found under the road filler
       $4 to Mike, they and the lawyers of the Innovative Technologies Committee will chair
   It's Time To Give Something To The Other Letters Committee: e is used so much, it's time to give the other letters a chance
       but Steven, e is McGinnis's favorite number
       commit -m
       commit -a -m
       commit sudoku
       control +z, z, z, z, z, z, z, z, z, z
       ad hoc Bottom Of The Barrel Committee: who stole their double long scraper?
       Skyentology Committee: would like to apologize
       $3 to McGinnis, he forgot who will chair
   Committee To Actually Become John Mackey: promote transporting 2 liter bottles of Coke, working out, and being good at math
       how much gene therapy would it take to actually become John Mackey
       in eforney's freshman concepts class, mackey told a story about his son
           his son was really bad at using the calculator in 2nd or 3rd grade
           the teacher was really confused, and mentioned it to Mackey
               and Mackey just said: "That's because my son can add."
       the start your proofs dance
       if this committee changes your major in the middle of CtFwS, are you stunned?
       Mackey taught one of the calc for engineers lectures
           stood on multiple tables, drank two 2 liters, and shouted continuously for ten minutes
       he tried to explain how credit cards work to Marlena's parents
           afterwards they said that they didn't understand any of it
           but he seemed like a really smart guy
       $7 to Drew, all of the disciples of John Mackey


       Video Game Night
       Friday, 7:00, in the Wean 5300 corridor
       bring consoles and games
       Builds are:
           Thursday, starting at 5:30
           Saturday, starting at noon
       all builds are general builds


   there are more letters in the alphabet than there are grains of sand on a beach
   register for puzzlehunt!
   we are now in purple
   motion to seafoam green
       out of order