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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- taught counting in binary
    Stuart -- watched shit movies
         Ash -- Pittsburgh, Undeclared, Axe body wash
    Mike -- Had a vacation in Ireland
         Potluck! -- Friday at 7 bring food
    Zora -- watched starwars in machete order and replaced 1 with space jam
    Skye -- Talking is hard
    Dillons angry half maybe destroyed
         Calm half maybe destroyed a VGA
   Frieder -- nothing

Oh god send help -- Shawn is new manager Cinematic Sugestions -- pitch perfect, excellent; sherlock is great, not into the woods Shadow Corporation went to Disney Is the enjoyment plastic? The MCU Hype Boner Committee reports anticipation Itty Bitty Kitty Committee reports difficulty in adjusting to animals Skinematics Cinamon addicts reports french toast crunch

Afalk had the thing, Murphy wants the thing

    It's not his fault the thing will break

Genuine Confusion; a lot of people want to get stoned, but whenever Frieder offers to stone them they look at him like he's crazy

    Rocks Rocks
    Rols rolls? 
    $1 to Frieder
    Stones people/gets stoned? 

Better than ep 1; 80s movies

    Stepping on a rake and having it hit your face
    Ep 7?
    It can't be worse? 
    We'll find a way
    All the Sherlock
    Stop calling on Murphy
    Turkish Star Wars
    Keep listing things
    $4 to Frieder
    Ep 1

KGBuzzfied; to annoy Skye

    Does it contain itself? 
    These 9 things could not be your fault this week? 
    References suck
    9 reasons why you'll hate sherlock
    Cats in sweaters
    13 committees Frieder is planning for next meeting -- you won't believe number 9
    Reasons the Out of Order Committee is out of order
    5 golden rings
    28000 reasons why you hate CMU
    90s kids
    2 towers
    $6 to Frieder

Better than Ep 2; Phatom 2

    $1 to Stuart

JJ Abrams; Lense flare

    Into Darkness or Star wars 7
    Star Trek Wars
    Ahhh my eyes
    $4 to Chris
    George Lucas

Rule of 3rd; Wess anderson

    So much 3 shit
    Lazy asses
    $1 to Joe
    KGB Part III

1st committee KGB will pass in 2015; that

    Tabled indefinately

Lewd Gerrymandering; obscene congressional district shapes

    Frieder nominates himself
    Time Travel approves
    $2 to Chris
    Whoever gives Chris the most

Kesden; doctor strange cluster, how i learned to stop worrying and love the trashcans + starring Kesden as Peter Sellers

    I come back and everythings different
    Bobbing for apples?
    My MAC
    The trashcans are light 
    $3 to Ethan

KGB Clickhole: Publish KGB Clickhole

    10 Pravda's 
    5 numbers
    9 buzzfeed parody's
    No more procrastinating?  We don't thiink so....
    $5 to Murphy
    The complement of Frieder

Scientific Conrad Magazine; actually true definitely true cool science stuff

    Peer Reviewed?
    $6 to Mike

KGB Tropes; to fuck Frieder

    The first 10 minutes of 251 covers all that
    $8 to Afalk

Allocation not to exceed $50 for this event

People who don't look like themselves; different hair?

    Snip snip
    $3 to Stuart

The committee to be disbanded; to that

    Motion to table indefinately
    Been tabled

Table flipped

Video James; skype colmar

    The thing where we change the thing
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Herod and Colmar go to Whitecastle
    Play Video James
    $1 to Afalk
    Playesr of video games
    Cover your eyes? 
    Sit in silence
    $3 to Frieder

Real Relevent Announcements

    Potluck! PH A18* bring food
    Friday at 7
    Google Doc!
    Don't bring drinks


    Builds will start next Friday
    Tool Training
    Art Meetings this weekend and future weekends
    Poll is on the Booth Facebook Group with some options
    Weekday build times

Schmucks who would like to Mouth Off CtFwS Rules

    We do thing now!
    Contact Mike

We have a lot of Schmucks

Motion to Purple