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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- Global Games Jam Weekend
    Stuart -- 
         New Person!     
              Rin -- MechE from SC brown hair
    Mike -- We have an event
         They're very tired....
    Zora -- Saturday Opera
    Skye -- Booth
    Dillon -- Saturday must have happened he guesses no memory of it
    Frieder -- has a weekend it involved a "lot" of walking

The Don't worry its for Science Committee reports success in their psych experiment The molecule made dillon forget The commune The not murder committee inquires into absence Aliby? Ed has been the one hiding jesus this entire time I had a weekend didn't have a weekend I had a weekend reports they know what dillon did saturday, they fixed KGB's email Don't worry its for science committee reports on its failed experiments Forgetful exec! -- Next event -- USELESS PEOPLE AUCTION Spoken Song Lyrics fucks itself Artic Temps is happy Committee to interact with weather is happy Filibuster murphy The rule of 3rds committee

Steven Has the Thing

Not free food distribution committee; Frieder has a brownie

    Ensure the buyer of this committee gets the brownie
    Tabled Indefinitely 
    In favor?
    Stuart shall chair and eat the brownie
    $5 to Stuart

Elastic Blondie Price; Lower demand or higher demand for blondies

    Joe doesn't understand economics
    Happy thoughts 
    Don't worry its for science
    Pie is the superior brownies
    $2 to Stuart

Scarlet; to be about the letter scarlet

    Anti scub
    the shifting of red and blue indicates the shift in power to mike from stuart
    $5 to Frieder
    Not Frieder

Hide and Seek jesus; Ed hides jesus

    $1 to Murphy

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $500 for Booth

Filibuster; Ulysseys by James Joyce

    And more shit
    Overly Friendly
    Rude gesture
    $5 to Afalk

Cover everything in yarn; a scarf for every statue

    A sweater for every fence
    Scarves on all the dinosaurs
    $1 to Erin
    Anyone who knits

Money drying; to teach Joe that dryers do that

    Money raisins or jerkey
    How many pizza places sell drugs?
    $1 to Murphy
    Everyone who knows how to do laundry

Mischief Management Company; clearly no one is doing it

    Anyone going to be on the second floor of Hunt?
    $4 to Skye
    Skye and all who properly manage mischeif

Boots committee; replace Hs with Ss

    Itty bitty kitty approves
    $1 to Stuart
    Boots chairs 

Allergy Committee; moaning

    Sun allergy
    Flowers in the night
    All penicilins
    $4 to Stuart

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for this weeks event

Totally pronouncible words; that

    $5 to Frieder
    Frieder and Tom Warner

KGB Utilities; to do dumb things for Skye

    $8 to Ed

Tim Broman Memorial; not ever

    Who needs rules we'll just all be nice people
    $16 to Ed
    Disbanded, not even once

KGBikes; bikes

    Rec Secs

Bring mom to buddy cop day; ummmm

    Buddy cop day is February 31
    Stop or my mom will shoot
    Stop or your mom will shoot
    $2 to Joe
    All mothers with guns

Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the KGB as an Organization

    We have an event -- It's Vidja James Night in WEH 5300* at 7 on Friday
    Next Next Event -- UPA -- Send bios to mike and if you don't want people to buy you contact Skye