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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- wait, Pleseasauri are taking over the KGB 
    Stuart -- plebeasaur destroyed our booth
    Mike -- UPA is happening!!!!!!!!
    Zora -- Plebeasaur, and actually has a pravda
    Skye -- Pleabeasaur is spelled 6 different ways in the minutes and the meeting  has just started
    Dillon is a useless asshat
    Frieder -- see Dillon's report

Xander is very disappointed in us for not working harder The KGB secret police will be taking you in for questioning The innovative technologies committee makes a comment The innovative technologies committee has 2 new technologies for sale, do you want to buy Plebeasaur goggles? They don't know how to get back. Also, we're selling things that cut the dinosaurs in half The committee to whore out the KGB is telling you not to try diplomacy The Guild of Calamitous intent says you see what happens when the Evil Seafood league does what they want Evil Seafood League -- blow up the ocean! this isn't our fault Challenge Committee is being untabled -- motion to table?

    Todays losers include: Zora, Marlena (also Dillon and Frieder because they always lose) 
    Tabled for 2 weeks

Plebeasaurus Task Force: pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kill the pleseasaurs

    The Shadow Corporation has probably absolutely not been funding anything 
    The misappropriated IRS is frustrated
    Entirely out of pleseasaurs
    Marlena has recordings....?
    $4 to Stuart

Task force pleseasaur; to take a bunch of the killed pleseasaurs and build a larger pleseasaur out of them

    $1 To Murphy

Pleseasaur assasination committee; to detach assetts to Scotland

    Remove pleseasaur from the name of this committee?
    Ringleader is nessy. thats it, it happened
    $3 to Frieder
    Too late

Frieder is a moron; Stuartis a moron

    Lots of name changes
    $9 to Mike
    Mike shall chair

Frieder wants ultimate power

    Please say no
    Please please please say no
    This meeting has actually been terrible until Frieder is a moron, and then Frieder took the table and I find him in power goes nicely with my suicidal thoughts


Motion to get the band back together

KGBucket; Frieder, Bucket, need I say more

    Kick the committee
    $3 to Frieder
    Frieder shall get his ass kicked

Motion to not let frieder back in

    Secure the Door!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motion to assasinate the treasurer

Frieder task force; to protect the KGB from Frieder

    motion passes

Isn't the point of KGB insubordination

Friends of the plebeasaurus committee; disguise ourselves as their friends and infiltrate their ranks

    $8 to Joe
    the shadow corporation super pack

KGB Stock Market; take the idea of a stock market

    Motion to put Frieder in the stocks
    Real Stock; that one 
    Extend the complex plane with 22 extra dimensions
    Futures turn into funny things
    Buffer overflow -- FALSE
    Currency of the KGB is tangerines     
    Economics and math jokes -- Zora's personal hell
    Tangerine to Joe
    $2 to Joe
    Frieder and Skye

Rory-telling; punny

    Best cook ever
    Blog = really good
    (And thats what zora thinks..... so it must be awesome) 
    $1 to Murphy
    Rory fans

Pyramid Scheme; auctions

    The pyramid's name is bill cipher
    Jeff you're in charge
    Motion to put the KGB in a pyramid
    $3 to Josh
    Anyone who pays Josh etc

Squid Protection; to keep plebeasaurs away

    Carnivores? Wait
    Motion to give them food poisoning
    Motion to feed Frieder to the Plebeasaur
    $1 to Mike

Shadow Archetype has been created

2nd Best Selling Novel; Bucket: Almost to the Top

    Pyramid out of buckets thats missing the top
    Self reference
    Guys we haven't written the book.....?

Allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for this weeks event

Social Media programming; to #HastagDefineStuff

    $5 to Dillon 

We have an event! It's the UPA! Email exec!

ITR this saturday