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Officer Reports

    Marlena had a weekend with aeronauts 
    Stuart had a weekend and there was a dance convention
         new person!
              Nikita, business, texas texas texas, reads
    Shelby is mike and mike had a weird weekend
         EVENT -- KGB DIGS ITS OWN GRAVE in Breed Hall
         CtFwS -- Judging, google form, etc 
    Zora -- made things and things and things
    Skye -- work and artemis and booth
    Dillon -- an amazingly shitty movie and an amazing shitty movie
    Frieder -- cold tolerance through the roof

Committee reports

    For the lulz dressing up as a horse is great
    Nonexistance committee is a thing
    Had a weekend inverted weekend
    The committee to appreciate terrible jokes is a thing

Mike has the spirit of the thing -- the cold is not Ed's fault

The committee to test exec's memory tabled for 3000 weeks

But not today; someday we're going to do something really stupid

    $5 to ed

Ed-hoc committee; ed-hoc propter hoc

    Helicopter propter
    Fur suits? 

Find the body of frieder; that

    Motion to kill Frieder and go find his body
    Sleeping fucking beauty? Wait not that one? 
    $2 to Ethan
    The murderer of Frieder

Motion to demote Frieder to Corporate at Arms

    Passed by overwhelming majority

Catspiracies; what if we are robots being piloted by cats

    $1 to Erin
    Erin shall chair

Om Nom Nom Nom Com; Nom Com's not fun, this is better

    Com Com, Com Com Com, etc
    $6 to Ed
    Members of the nom com who are hungry

It's Nom Com Time

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for this weeks event

Stay upright; not get phone shaped bruises on your leg

    Bikes bikes
    Rory's here
    Zora tells a story of how they're bad
    Pittsburgh weather 
    $1 to Frieder
    The Macarena

I learned how to wear scarves; don't wear them tight

    Vampire protection disapproves
    Everything is yarn yarn yarn
    Garlic to prevent more vampires
    $2 to Stuart
    Owners of KGB scarves

Food and Fashion; scarves from spaghetti

    $1 to Frieder
    Newest fasionable food models

Language dialect problems; Carmel

    Pecans and pecans
    I can't hear anything that is being said over the dull roar that is Ethan Gladding
    $5 to Frieder
    Merry Marry Mary pronunciations

Pittsburgh Weather; making you all miserable

    $1 to Stuart
    Disbanded in the hopes that there will be summer

KGB DIGS ITS OWN GRAVE -- Karaoke CtFwS -- Judges, email exec and whatnot Nom Com is a thing we should do Booth!