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Officer Reports

    Frieder is Marlena for the day? 
    Stuart had a weekend, where he too was sick
         Edward? -- From Pittsburgh, videogames
    Mike we have an event!!!!!
    Zora had a weekend where they sat in their room with all the lights 
    Skye had a weekend
    Dillon was panicking about future homework
    Frieder -- had a weekend and is super hype for CtFwS

Ed has the thing Murphy CtFwS rules failures are not his fault

Shit I read in the Tartan -- Garbage! No crime? The Rules Committee is frustrated and looking forward to it all Shit my TA read in the Crime Reports -- someone drove up to someone else and told someone to get in the car and drove the student to McDonalds and then dropped the student off far away The Committee to burn down R7 and a bunch of other shit there is a party happening this weekend and 9pm in Roselawn7 Lots of things Bad Science -- apparently the way you get science to work is fuccckkkk The Ad Hoc Oh Dear God Committee reports he read a chapter of a book on category theory

Shame; I ate at McDonalds this weekend... Shamrock Shakes

    McDonalds makes car trips longer
    Last time I thought I wanted a Shamrock Shake I got one....
    Globalization of Language from Zora
    McDonalds controls the world
    $1 to Steven

Category Theory; fuck

    Tabled indefinitely

Uncontracted slogans; More slogans

    Too many slogans
    toooooooooooooooooo many slogans

Ominous Warnings; sooooonnnnn

    Text from Xander
    Just hanging out
    The professor has an unusually large stack of paper today
    Kesden showed up on time
    5 missed calls
    I'm going to be honest
    Don't turn around
    lets be serious for a second
    Turn around
    dont blink
    hold my beer
    $2 to Erin

Random walks; trying to plan next walk

    Random Walks
    How many roads must a man walk down
    They'll all just go to Rome
    Twitch plays Frieder explores the Bronx
    Give Frieder a jetpack so he can take 3D walks
    $1 to Frieder
    Frieder and people he beats

Devil Juggling; SCS Day Diablo show?

    $3 to Joe
    The Devil

Motion to create an allocation not to exceed $75 for supplies for this weeks event

Ominous Buzzing/Ticking; the end is nigh

    Onimous warning approves
    Motion to feed it and treat it well
    $2 to joe
    The creak in your attic

Projectors Homeless Shelter; take home all the projectors

    Fully redundent with Eds house
    What do projectors eat
    Homeless people
    $1 to Ed
    The residents of MouseTrap

Had awk; to remember the awkward moments we've had

    $2 to Dillon
    Whoever needs an awkward moment

Blue Berry Burial; blue bearies to their full potential

     Preserved Dialects
     Blue Berry Preserve
     $1 to Murphy
    Jimmy Hoffo

Bad Prostitutions; the KGB as a whole

    KGB Film Club
    $9 to Ed
    KGB as a whole

We are doomed; doooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    The perfect pitch committee is sad
    $2 to joe
    everyone who harmonizes

Moxy; to impress old people

    $1 to Frieder

Moxie threatening ad

Go to bread; misbehave

    CtFwS Rules
    CtFwS was payed by Glasgow and other Universities
    $4 to Frieder
    Sam SR and Brian

Real Relevent Announcements!

    CtFwS is happening! Come to CtFwS
    Judges meeting