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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- had a weekend
    Stuart -- had a weekend
         Sam Zbarsky had the last green potion
         Dillon -- bio, old running shoes
    Mike -- we had a movie night!
    Zora -- had a weekend
    Skye -- 
    Dillon -- Frieder is dillon
    Frieder -- had a weekend     

Committee Reports

    Catspiracy theories currently following an anonymous tip that at least one member of exec is a cat
    Allergic to cats? 
    Everyone's a inguist
    The CtFwS Rules -- defining the vestibutles is trivial
    Rory-telling -- Rory eft and we are so sad
    Arctic Temperature lovers is happy
    Allergic to cats, thats convenient
    Committee to get you all to turn around is successful (Frieder is in the back) 
    Committee to assasinate the president has a report
    The Nominations Committee has a report -- in the next several weeks we will have elections so we have to nominate people for things and things
    Her magestys paper airplane committee is happy
    Booth committee got a lot done on Sunday
    Colorblindness is fuckers
    We have plans for Jupiter, they are ascending
    Ed has been looking at the bylaws..... 
    Catspiracy theories think its Zora

Od Business

    Murphy had the thing
    Steven has the thing

March fools; you idiots thought it woud be warm

    Arctic temperatures have their limits
    Pastel warm things
    March blizzards bring april blizzards
    Slip sliding away
    Ad hoc terrible decisions is the real march fool
    Slipping and sliding on ice and whatnot and its real scary 
    Not related but totally related story skye just told committee had to get a sheet of 4x8 ply out of their staircase
    Let it snow? 
    $1 to Stuart
    Anyone who makes shitty March Madness brackets

Great Practical Applications of CtFwS; the moment you realize youre having class you've only ever seen in CtFwS before

    Category Theory
    $3 to Ed

March Fury; went to high school in a college town ful of jocks

    Kiltie band is real happy about this
    Of course they're travelling theyre the away teams
    Hit one out of the Park? 
    $2 to Stuart
    Good march madness predictions

Pastel Warm Things; so excited

    Erin is the best
    Candle stores are the best with pretty pastel colors
    Warm and pastel
    $1 to Erin
    People who knit

Abandoned; inner flap for a sci fi novel

    $4 to Ed

Meme committee; The KGB Institution for kids who can't Meme good and want to learn to do other stuff

    Explore the world
    Solidarity forever
    Sandwhich from tumblr -- Memeyoaise? 
    Take a bite out of the meme sandwhich
    $1 Frieder
    Sam and Frieder

Allocation for $500 for Booth

Allocation for $50 for supplies for this weeks event

Quuxum memorial; Jack's Van

    Lots of memes
    $12 to Ed

Unexplainable; Monads

    Pew Pew
    $1 to Joe

Allergenic Assasination; to eliminate people of importance based on their allergies

    Feed the kid peanuts?
    yes that one i guess? 
    Ok then.....
    Allergens in Fromaldihide
    Motion to lace the KGB with asbestus
    Motion to lace the KGB with hapheastus
    $4 to Stuart
    Steven and Marlena

We have an Event! We're going to watch a movie HvZ Booth All the things!

Schmucks! Rules Wanking and nonsense