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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- GAME STUFF and Zombies Stuff
    Stuart -- 2 booths and improv and had a weekend
    Mike -- is sick -- ACTS ITS AGE!
    Zora -- booth twice and shirt for booth there is so fucking much booth
    Skye -- Zombies
    Dillon -- KGB server FUCKING FINALLY
    Frieder -- work and procrastination is bad....

Committee Reports

    Tim Broman Memorial Nerf Guns!
    I had a weekend -- wilderness first aid
    Cinematic suggestions -- documentary about hiking called mile mile and a half
    Curricular committee -- end of an error
    I failed to have a Saturday night -- no one came to ITR
    I can't find the letter J -- grandmother travelling in Europe
    Nominations Committee reports
    Shit I read in the Nat Rat Committee -- KGB infiltrated by Frightened actual KGB

Old Business

    Dillon had the thing
    Steven has the thing -- tricking exec is not his fault

Trees In; root out the infiltrator

    Root backwards is Toor
    To support, Eyks
    $7 to Stuart
    His comrades

Constitutional Revisionism; to ammend the bylaws because some of them suck

    Tabled for 4 weeks

Figure out what to do with Frieder; UPA time

    Make Frieder go by food
    Make Frieder dance
    Make Frieder talk in an elmo voice
    Make Frieder endorse Shelby for Treasurer
    Smallest increment of time that can be used is 1 hour
    $2 to Frieder

Schedule Coniption; for that moment when you're trying to take a class starting at 10:30am and 11:30 pm

    A class conflicts with itself
    Conflicts in Qatar
    $1 to Stuart
    The people whose job it is to type in the times

Bugmars our comrades; that

    Dumb puns
    The number 7? 
    $1 to Stuart
    Didn't bid

Just showerthoughts; never seen a commercial for Starbucks

    This has been.... just unfunny
    $1 to Mari

Ad hoc; ad hoc

    $1 to Frieder

Add hawk; add hawks

    Hawks are awesome
    Eagles are also welcome
    Coin with hawk on the back? 
    $1 to Stuart
    Hawk debts

Allocation for $50 for this weeks event

Adventures; pintrest is dangeroous

    $1 to Erin

Pin Interest; I'm interested?

    Kitlie band loves it
    $1 to Frieder
    Everyone who has ever lived except Murphy

Student Senate on Un-American Activities; Yes

    Heinz School

Unnecessarily Loud; to be slightly loud

    Loud committee
    Slightly above a whisper
    $1 to Frieder

EGarbade for SCS student senator; people suck

    The best part is, you can write him in 4 times
    $1 to Ed

Comittee of a half; to be redundant with more things than committee of a whole

    1 2 3 4
    start counting on your hands, realizing fractions are hard
    $1 to Steven
    Skye, freshman

Phone eticut; to teach everyone how to flip phones

    Really thought that was going to phoneme joke
    Dillon has a phones app
    $1 to Stuart

Nominations; fuck can we do this

    table indefinitely

Black Highlighter; to extentuate details

    Fuck that
    This will make things perfectly clear
    Sponge the sharpies....
    $1 to Steven
    Skye and freshman

Emails are hard; how do you address?

    Preferred Names
    $2 to Frieder

Fork; to get called at exec

    $1 to Steven
    Skye, freshman

Campaign Finance; we have to fix elections somehow

    Fur suit? 
    Appearance of neutrality
    $2 to Ed
    Ed, election proctors

Suspiciously specific denial; what thing?

    What specific?     
    Did Joe fire 5 shots or 6? 
    $1 to Steven
    Skye, freshman

Real announcements

    Gather in PHA18
    7pm on Friday
    It's going to be awesome