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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- had a weekend, making equation better
    Stuart -- gay swimming anime
    Mike -- event is move on
    Zora -- bisexual british warlock
    Skye -- Weekend!
    Jeremy -- weekend
    Frieder -- wants to be Frieder

Allergy to peanuts, that's crazy? Maybe nuts Ed's parents and extended family Jeep Theft -- for the second time in the past month, they took the Jeep Cinematic suggestions -- 3 minute safety video Totally not facists -- stuffed eggs with special messages People eating outside and people campaigning for Santa reports picknick I hate entropy no matza! I hate entropy my room is so messy! Entropy my waterbottle is no longer cold Rain, sun, rain, sun -- porque no los dos? Nominations is a shitshow The Committee to never leave committee reports Filibuster it was a day and a week and a month Never reach new business reports anticipation KGB Fiber Arts Guild reports successs Bending the rules wants to postpone this meeting AEPi brohterhood operations is confused about why this isnt his meeeting

Steven had the thing Shelby has the thing -- raining while sunny is not her fault this week

$3 to Steven

Inappropriate Banned Names; Marlena and the bureaucratic disasters

    Earth, Wind, and Dicks
    Panic at the Dank Memes
    Bad Prostitution committee approves
    Wave your lighter
    $2 to Joe
    Terribly Named Bands

Instrument Identification committee; Explore the possibiities of mayonaise

    Grant Money? 
    Crusty Crab
    Instruments of torture? 
    Not kosher
    Dick jokes yes
    Diggery dick
    Don't smash the mayonnaise
    Hot crossed guns on guns? 
    $1 to Frieder
    Can play an instrument

Hi this is mike. Skye is being president right now and I am attempting to take minutes. Ummm something about fire? And water is wet. Skye is green Ed is telling a story Erin made a baymax for me. Its REALLY CUTE. Erin has amazing skills. And now for a report from the Innovative technologies Comittee: We have figured out a way to make the floor lava instanty, then turn it off again. It turns out all matter has a 'lava switch'. One just has to throw fish at a bee and then capture the essence of its pain. That can be used to turn all matter to lava and back.

Dillon and Frieder add: Fish Fish Fish fish Fish fish fish fish FISH

The bid to whatever the hell this comittee goes to Ed for 11 dollars - who will chair with the fire

Cloudy with a chance of sunbals; how can it be sunny outside and still be shit

    Sun bals
    Sun dicks
    CMU Hates grass
    $1 to Steven
    Sam Skye Zora & freshman

Inappropriate Knitting Ptterms; Penis

    Little smiley face
    A cozy for every apendage you own
    Dick cozies
    Jazz hands involve genetalia? 
    $1 to Erin
    Knitting inappropriatey

$288 for booth tshirts

Allocation for $500 for booth

Nonstandard music standards; C Celf

    Treble puns
    Music Fight
    Table for 1 week? No
    $1 to Eric

C Celf;; Goatie?

    $2 to Frieder
    All linguists

Piss and Moan about Everything

    It's a good idea
    $13 to Ed

Phone etticut committee; lighty south of MA entirely of phones

    $2 to Mike
    All punsters

Confuse a Heinzer committee; 2 potential heinzers

    Step 1 fuck that
    Step 2 fuck that
    Step 0 don't be a jackass
    $4 to Shelby

We have an event! It's Move On! We're starting at 4:45 in the Kage on Friday.

    Wrist band get in the UC on Friday
    You have to watch a video in which dillon is the star....