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Officer Reports

    Marlena -- booth and aeronauts, FOR CLASS, bought a ps3
    Stuart -- Booth
    Mike -- Shelby had a heinz bagger
         Defectors Party
    Zora -- booth
    Skye -- Booth
    Dillon -- Carnival Committee
    Frieder -- Booth and Malloc

Helpful bylaws -- remind you that elections are purple I can't find the letter J -- sadness Constitutional Revisionism committee laughs meniachly Booth committee is so happy Terrible ideas is ecstatic Sometimes I forget -- soviet union family destroy Shit overseen on midway -- 2 inch gaps in walls, inside cloth ply, unintended 1 ft overhang Nominations Committee

"You have to call resign dibs in order to resign"

Booth Shifts

Shelby has the spirit of the thing Frieder has the thing, carnival is not his fault this week

Negotiating; to figure out how CMU got its deal with the pittsburgh weather machine for its deal for sleeping bag weekends

    Doesn't CMU own the weather machine
    Orientation stories are bad
    Own no it s going to rain during housewars
    5 minutes after housewars, it poured
    $5 to Frieder
    Anyone who hasn't been rained on

Articles A and An; that


Control the KGB by putting mind control devices in its food; booth

    Why did I second that?     
    Alumni group argued for an hour
    Temporarily leave a chat... 
    Test exec for mind control? 
    $2 to Erin
    the chairs of kitchen adventures

Mosat; totally not the mosat

    articles from microsoft
    $1 to Josh
    Anyone who knows what Josh is talking about

Hooke's Law; the force applied by th espring carnival committee is proportional to how far you bend the rules

    Baggers are allowed on Midway ? 
    Baggers spring carnival Committee? 
    Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about ladders? 
    Places that don't exist? 
    KGB booth owns 2 calk guns
    Where are those baggers? 
    $3 to Stuart
    Carnival committe and rule breakers

Ceiling is lava; to kill us all

    It's raining lava!
    $2 to Frieder

Find out exactly how much money Ed has to spend on committees; that one

    $60 to Ed

Wibur's Flesh; ham

    Hot glass looks exacty like cold glass
    Hot crossed buns
    Soldering Irons
    Domenic has a ham
    Melting temp of sugar
    $4 to Mike
    Anyone with burnt flesh

Accidental Flight; booth

    Calling your Statefarm insurance agent while skydiving
    I believe I can fly? 
    $1 to Joe
    Skydivers and booth

Penis; suck it

    $35 to Owen

Allocation not to exceed $100 for supplies for event