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Special Edition non recsec minutes featuring Erin

mike had a weekend

   only saw the family for 48 hours
   did so much productive work
   is v tired

skye is sick

   Ed is skye

Dillon had a weekend

   went back to his home planet
   was a weeaboo
   made the mistake of taking a bus to pittsburgh
   the event is happening

Erin had a weekend

   submit to pravada
   I’m dying

Zora had a weekend

   but not in pittsburgh

joe had a weekend

   so many family
   is actually a child
       shoved a marble in his nose

murphy had a weekend

   lived in pittsburgh
       so didn’t actually have to deal with travel
   got wasted with parents
   has enough christmas spirit

Committee reports

   Teaching grad students how the fence work committee
       yeah pretty much that
   How does zora type so fast
   I can’t
   The swear of the week committee:
   come to the fucking booth meeting
   murphy is a jerk and wants me to type eisenhaurs address to the nation so I’m totally not going to do that.
   dillon wanted me to read the words out loud
   we don’t have an attendance sheet
   tim does his thing with the colors
   i missed something and then murphy challenged

Old Business

   now david has the thing
       his not fault is everybody tired
   we have new old buisness
   the committee is happening: 
   committee: table top atheism
   purpose: fuck you and your eldritch ambiance
   is now table for 2 hour

New business

   Committee to test the CorSe: to test the corsec when the recec isn’t here
   change letters of purpose to bug mars
   ed forgot more jokes
   dillon told what the speech was
   vote yes: go to mars
   vote now: be a frog
   not not at all: squid
   passed D:
   ed bought for 2. all current future and past corsets and ed
   the committee to distract mike: i didn’t get the purpose but jeff ran across the room so thats the purpose now
   vote yes: mike mike mike mike
   vote no: quiet llamas
   abstain: squid
   ed bought for 16: ed and anybody who likes days
   HR committee:To make human rinos
   such surprise, committee made by the ferries
   vote yes; charge
   vote no: lie on the ground
   abstain: paper crain
   Murphy bought: peter parker chair
   actual HR committee: purpose is long and I’m not typing it (short version: the blue room)
   people like murphy as an exec member, apparently
   nobody seconded motions
   i want to be knitting, but i have to type words
   hands went everywhere to vote
   joe bought
   red room committee: something something marvel joke
   something about spiders
   murphy bought: scarlet jo chair
   The committee to either be voted on or tabled: yeah pretty much that
   madlibs with minutes
   adjective - purple
   people started doing jazz hands
   murphy turned invisible
       i think
   murphy bought and is chair
   motion to make an allocation to not exceed fat stacks where fat stacks == $50
   current and former exec replacement committee:uh idk a lot of exec is missing
   apparently it is hard to elect people when its not exec
   “motion to replace murphy with frieder, wait other way shit” then murphy ran out of the room
   motion to wake up craig, craig woke up. yay
   murphy is creeping at the door
   temporary murphy committee: grandeliquience
   i think thats a word
   motion to table for 37 minutes
   failed hahaha
   motion to table for 38 minutes
   i just wanna knit: this job is hard i just want to knit
   replace knit with “comfort activity?”
   i bought it, me, erin. chair is anybody who doesn’t like the job they have to do
   human puddles activity: hi espy (minutes note: espy was literally a puddle)
   append: and pour acid on each other to turn people into puddles
   name change: the ministry of silly sitting
   murphy approves
   ed wanted to pursue “that”
   i,i that ass
   murphy bought.  skye is chair
   harry, misappropriated murphy reports, some long sentences
   silly soviet posters committee: i feel awkward discussing these and not being in a committee
   “don’t drink dad”
   “don’t, drink dad”
   “don’t drink, dad”
   commas are strange
   murphy bought. chair is “lenin comma john” - whoever the fuck that is
   excessive burocrocy: talk to joe
   jane made some reference i didn’t get
   i think harry is a ring furry now?
   espy is short
   espy is short
   espy is short
   espy is short and can’t reach their hat (i think that happened)
   a lot of motions were made. a lot of “motions were made” a lot of “”””motions”””’’ were made
   tabled for 30 seconds
   harry made some committee
   it had a lot of words
   Interrupt to excessive burrocrocy
   motion to table for 30 seconds
   back to harrys committee
   mike called on harry but called him murphy.
   interrupt back to excessive burrocrocy
   table for 10 seconds
   erin says fuck you all
   back to excessive burro cry
   finally voting on it
   passed, fucking finally
   joe tried to change roberts rules of order but tim out nerd’d him
   standing rule: a motion to squid is always in order
   motion to table until 5:19:35
   the overly long gags committee
   tabling for thing
   “assuming you mean the more tame version interrupt

ejkerjkfm,cvxlm,.dgzxvcijkl/mn., xvcjkl/mn.,fszDcxihk.jdfsnzio’p adsFJLKC there are like 3 more interrupts here. everything got untitled at the same time. mike ended the meeting started announcing the event dillon took over

this meeting was a shit show s

i shouldn’t be uncharge of minutes any more. i can’t type that fast

      (.   \
        \  | 
         \ |___(\--/)
        __/    (  . . )
      "'._.    '-.O.'
           '-.  \ "|\

	   \    /\
            )  ( ')
           (  /  )
     ((      /|_/|
      \\.._.'  , ,\
     /\ | '.__ v / 
     (_ .   /   "         
      ) _)._  _ /
     '.\ \|( / ( 
       '' ''\\ \\

there are cats here but formatting is hard i am struggle with formatting ----- thanks to tim for helping me figure out how formatting works