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       had a weekend
       went to the far off land of an ivy league school
       saw the quintessential ivy league image
           let's paint a word picture
               a tall white man
               long hair
               pressed suit
               talking on the phone
               on a SKATEBOARD
       had a weekend
       started with the event
       and then the weather was suddenly nice
       so she dug out a bunch of cords and did as much work as possible as outside aspossible
       new people
           yashar, california, matsci, brother has curly hair
           jason, cleavelane, accounting, yeah
       had a weekend
       "oh god, what did i DO this weekend"
       chilled on saturday
       oscars on sunday
       EVENT (pseudo event)
           Movie Night
           Friday, 7pm, breed hall (probably)
           there'll be voting, there'll be watching
           bring yo movies
           this is a chance for the people to rise up and run a movie night
       had a weekend
       didn't do much of anything on fri or sat
       spent longer than expected making tiny meatballs on saturday
       there's a pravda
       had a weekend
       murdered by a webcomic
       this is my ghost
           (it was check, please)
       had a weekend
       spent 30 hours working on hw for a class
       now there's a 3 hour midterm for the class
       had a weekend
       there's a diagram of heartrate
       saturday and sunday were fine
           walked instead of doing homeworkd
           and found the parts of scott hall that don't exist


   ad hoc frieder why
       he was a ta for the math dept
           which means he gets to be an admin in sio
           451 is apparently gonna be weird
               frieder gave tom cortina a heart attack
   this has flooded
       reports the david a tepper lake
       there it is
       erin made it
   cinematic suggestions
       the middle 5 minutes of the danish girl
       he was late and then he realized where he was and OLLIED OUT
           props for solidarity murphy
   cinematic suggestions
       one of the oscars shorts
       "we can't live without cosmos"
           it's about space bros
       north and south dakota settled their differences
   nominations committee
       errybody shut up
       nomcom! nominations will be from now until april 11th
           you nominate, it's seconded, and then the person has to accept
               people have to nominate and accept in the same meeting
           you can also withdraw your nomination at any time (like, as a person who is nominated)
       to VOTE
           you have to pay your dues and then attend one meetinG AFTER paying the dues
           that means the last possible moment to pay your dues so that you can vote is the second before the meeting on April 11th
       who is nomcom
           tim! ed! dillon! sam!
       who can nominate, who can run, who can vote?
           anyone can nominate
           voting members can run
           voting members can vote
           see above for voting info--also see the bylaws
           you can nominate and second your own nomination
               though not both
           skye for pres
           jack for treasurer
           nika for s@a
           dylan for 1vp
           (mike for s@a)
           joe for pres
           murphy for 2vp
           (out of order committee for president. brian has a note)
           joe for treasurer
           frieder fro 1vp
           jack for s@a
           nika for recsec
           murphy for pres
           maddy for corsec
           cliff for s@a
           (donald trump for pres)
       ALSO EXEC IS AT 4:30 ON WEDS IN UC 306
           they had builds! they were great! lots of ply! lots of painting! octodad!
           they have THREE EVENTS
               scaffold training
                   how 2 use scaffold
               fire training 
                   how 2 not burn down
                   (also possibly how 2 nap)
                   actually important! it's fun! and we need the youth!
           need one more person for all
               they're taking the meeting hostage (murphy slides in front of mike)
               but like FOR REAL y'all gotta show up
               joe for electrical
                   (dylan is also going)
               maddy for scaffold
               nika for fire
       retroactive time travel committee
           has already nominated miek for pres
       this is forbes
           maybe someday forbes will be back
           this is the 3rd time forbes has flooded this year
       this has flooded
           the busses are not going to forbes and craig
           don't die
       the CLAP committee
           when this baby hits 88 miles per hour...
               ...i really hope it stops crying
           frieder would like to withdraw his nomination


   the Thing!
       murphy's grades on his midterms are not murphy's fault this week
   the committee for old business calls for the orders of the day
       it can't be sure
       but presumably something was tabled for feb 29
       so let's just ubtable that
       i guess we're now in buddy cop day
           (we were always in buddy cop day)


   committee for late crafter support network: the deadline for craft thing is soon. you are not done
       mari is still working on christmas presents
       erin is already panicing about tekko
       skye hasn't implemented armbands from LAST zombies
   $1 to erin, anybody who has missed a craft deadline will chair
   bisextual awareness: the leap day's real name is the bisextus
       [chortling ensues]
       apparently the extra day was actually the 24th
           because calendars make sense now
           "calendrical wanking"
       in the hebrew calendar, there's a leap month
           it's called adar 2
           it's why everything works out with the other calendar
       isn't the "calendrical wanking" redundant with tparenti
       general chaos committee reports
       general order committee reports
       succession order committee reports
       secession order committee reports
       concussion committee: if we hit the kgb a lot it becomes more science words
   $6 to ed, ed and tim will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $500 for booth supplies
       "it's probably a fine idea"
       from treasurer: yeah we're planning on this
       what would we have to do to use that money to buy an attack helicopter
   artistic pulse: considering the chain of events that would have murphy's heart rate draw a picture
       skye knows someone in bio and art
           they made a prettier ekg
           we could use it to write murpy's name
       maddy's friend tracked her heartbeat for an art project
           she was able to pinpoint the moment she became pregnant because her heartbeat changed
       there's a vid of a dude whistling at a spectrogram to write the word minimum
       hi im ed
           so moved
   $1 to murphy, inventer of ekgs
   leapday william: to convert children's tears to candy
       you're supposed to wear blue and yellow on leap days
       so that. something about william. as he rises from the mariana trench
       oh it's from 30 rock
           season 6 ep 9
       joe found a picture
   $1 to tim, tim and ed will chair
   excessive chefs: when you hear it
       change purpose to "sam's laugh"
       the time travel committee retroactively calls the question
   $2 to frieder, disbanded
   shit my professor says: yeah pretty much that
       so today erin's professor" "the best thing my thesis advisor ever did for me was spend the last year of my phd in israel"
       tim would TRY to make mistakes on the board
           and force students to say it was tragic
       max's prof is weird and sluggish
           every semester he brings a thermos, walks around the class, and force people to sniff it
           (he does it in calc 2, too)
       "the factorials go very fast"
           also s and partial differentiation signs are the same
       "this is a variable, i don't remember what it is, but we're gonna call it squiggle"
       "you have to remember that this lowercase pi is the circle constant, and this lowercase pi is the variable"
       someone asked a prof to do a problem on the board. he responded, "that sounds like a lot of work"
   $1 to erin, tenured profs and people with funny profs will chair
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $375 for sensor, screen, case, cpu, and mem
       what if owencoin
           that's a friendly amendment
       go ahead?
       dylan is worried about owencoin economics
           skye says it won't matter
           it's actually impossible to know how much owencoin there is
       this can't break owencoin because owen coin is already broken
           tim gives brian -5 owen coin
               it was not a too long amount
           frieder gives brian this many owencoins
   antileapyear committee: to make years 360 days long bc 365 is too long
       the gregorian calendar wanted this
       also the french revolutionary calendar is a thing
           10 36 day months
           every 2 months there's a holiday extoling one of the virtues of the revolution
       also we should move leap day to october
           halloween 2
       don't remind brian of tuning theory
       what if we just added in some days whenever it'd be fine
       yo let's just move the earth
           just take the earth
           and push it somewhere else
       you folks know what days are FOR right
           (yeah, the 4th of every month)
       yeah but actually committee reports
           leap shit's a problem, let's speed everything up
   $1 to brian, today will chair


   EVENT kind of
       Movie night
       Friday, 7pm, prob breed hall
       vote, watch, rejoice
       you are in charge exec is naps
   committee to assassinate the pres in conj with kgb rifle assoc and gay commie gun club
       march 20 to the 25th is zombies!
       skye ran out of posters but there are some places
       email skye!


   frieder would like to mouth off
   zora has books!
       there's a packing party next week! they'll make an event!