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       had a break
       went home
       much food
       went to johns hopkins
       more food
       is joe
       had a break. didn't involve shooting mike, which was a real change of pace
       had a break
       book packing
       lots of anime
       an escape room
           KGB Pajama Party
               Friday, 7pm, PH 225*
               wear pajama. bring board game. bring blanket. soft.
       had a spring break
       (suddenly people?)
       went to 7 different coffee shops with her mom
           spring break woohoo
       had a break
       so many shipped.
       shout out to MVP Darryl at the Squill post office for dealing with all our shit
       had a break
       slept in dc
       not much
       don't throw money at her
       is skye
           had a break
           slept in dc
           not much
           don't throw money at her
       is joe
           had a break yelled at people about how they were doing robots wrong
           then was the personal chef for his family for the week
           apparently he's cabbage
       had a break
       spent spring break in las vegas
           with his parents
       every night, after they went to bed he would sneak out and...
           just sorta wander. for a while. just see the lights.


   swear of the week
   murphy drunktexts frieder
       activity, but not as much as you would expect
       parody of a vlogbrothers video
           IT DID NOT WORK
       carnival is coming up
       time to start building booth MORE
       please come paint
       no like actually just apply color to a thing
       look at old minutes for times!
   ad hoc sending pictures of themselves from a distance
       almost murphy
       but then he turned around
   om nom nom committee
           gotta pay dues before the meeting on april 11th! and then. attend that meeting.
           nominations close on the 11th
           dylan vrana for pres
           harry fernandez for pres
           joe for 2vp
           harry for corsec
           harry for recsec
           skye for 1vp
           nathan for s@a
           harry for s@a
           espy for s@a
       do you pledge to support the republican nominee for president, no matter who they are?
           no comment
   literally going insane metaphorically
       frieder walked by someone he'd had a class with
       he CANNOT figure out what class it was
   kgb rifle assoc in cong iwth gay communist gun club
       zombies starts on sunday at 7!
           to sign up, go to zombies.cmukgb.org
       also nerf war on friday
   the committee to assassinate the president fukcing WRECKED mike
       tho murphy killed all of them so
   ais are conquering all of us in conj combinatorial game theory
       an AI has learned how to play go and beating one of the top go players
       we're fucked
       joe's pumped
   shit jokes in conj with time travel
   shit jokes
       what happnes when you try to shave a sheep that's wearing armour
           shear destruction
   in response:
   committee to not end on that note
       b flat


   the Thing!
       lack of tabling is not espy's fault this week
   committee for old business


   procedurally generated shit jokse: what would you call a standard disobeying? a regulation insubordination
       what do you mean by procedurally generated?
           thank you for asking
           there's a twitterbot
       has it told the best joke three times?
           assorted laughter
           i don't get it
   $1 to kelly, kelly and the bot will chair
   humans vs philasophical zombies: a campus urban game about the dif between quanta and qualia
       they gon' host it
       wake up sheeple and you can win
       does this game involve nerf guns
       imagine you had someone who knew every fact about being shot with a nerf gun
           if you shot them, would they learn something new?
       imagine you had someone who knew every fact about being shot with a nerf gun
           wouldn't that person be greater if they actually existed?
       why this
       so if you consider machine nerf guns to be the greatest of all nerf guns
           then trivially they must exist or else how we would know
       i'm gonna punch every philosopher
           not hard just
           just hard enough to make them annoyed
       what about the nerf gun that shoots better nerf guns
       ad hoc sell your automata committee approves
       annnnnd i lost the plot
   $1 to murphy, anyone who violently and by force rejects cartesian dualism
   (mike's hand is just comfortable like this)
   ungoogleable science words: to celebrate all science words that are the same as other words so no matter how much you google you'll never get what you want
       unrelated: fun game:
           find a phrase, out of quotes, that will only give you one google result
       latex fucks you up
           and then you drop out
       ad hoc detexify committee
           once someone drew an infinity symbol and it thought it was the batman symbol
       motion to replace the infinity symbol with the batman sybol
           so moved
       the most famous craig morey on the internet is a professional nude photographer
       joe's friend from high school,
           nerdiest dude you'll ever meet, including you fuckers
           he shares a name with a famous ww2 general
       nick shares a name with a kid who was kidnapped from canada
           they became convinced that their parents had kidnapped them
       nude photographer question: is the photographer nude, or the people, or both?
           i mean he COULD be nude, we don't see him
       there's a photographer in ny who will create small outfits for genitals
           and then. photograph them.
           she's very serious about it
       tim found a news story out of OK that he had just be murdered
           or at least someone with his nae
           it was fuckin weird
       on the photographer:
           she would sensor the actual genital bits
           so it was just the outfits in crisp detail and then blurs
           the website is named dicture gallery
               nika found...another website
       frieder got hella stereotyped for being a flute player in high school
   $5 to erin, anyone who can't google stuff will chair
   the thing takes a vacation: to report from and collect the various locations the thing has visited
       motion to ammend "and also take funny pictures of the thing in various places"
       hey maybe send those to pravda and it'll be cute
       motion to also append "and put the thing in funny little outfits"
       motion to task this committee to make a Thing that's bigger and then put it on dippy
           we can't. actually do that.
           also it doesn't exist yet
       tim's great aunt told a story about college hooligans at pitt who decided that it would be really funny if dippy laid an egg
           they made the egg out of concrete
           and then realized that concrete is really fuckin heavy
           the egg never left their porch
   $2 to ed, ed will chair
   dippy exhibitions committee: to come up with 2-week installations to put near dippy
       just switch the fence and dippy
       (dippy is the statue by the library)
       jailer's fedoras
       misap people who like knitting stuff
           knit a sweater for dippy!
       dippy's been yarnbombed with a tartan
       a coat of paint
       a massive coat that HAS BEEN painted
       a massive coat made of paing
           probably still vandalism
       a real diplodocus
       a bunch of feathers
       a concrete egg
       ad hoc things near dippy
           a day before break, harry and friends were walking back to the res
               some drunk girls got their car stuck in the museum parking lot and asked them for help
               so harry and friends found the help button
                   THIS GOT ILLEGAL I'M DONE
           precollege kids fucked up y'all
               one of the girls attempted to give a lap dance to the gallileo statue
               fell off
               broke her arm
               (collective oooooooh)
           worms' freshman year
               dippy was homecoming queen
               they put a tiara on dippy
                   a regular sized one
               there was a camera that gave dippy a closeup!
           brian's dad: "is that dinosaur always THERE?"
               brian & his mom: "OF COURSE NOT, it has to walk around and drink!"
           the brontosaurus is a DWARF dinosaur
   $1 to skye, skye and anyone else who wants to participate will chair
   motion to allocate $50 for supplies for the event
   the taskmaster committee: to sailor moon antagonist-style collect the energy when someone gives a committee a task and they never do it
       change name to "tastemaster committee"
       change purpose to "to sailor moon antagonist-style collect the energy when people get a new meme and don't laugh"
       if this committee doesn't absorb any energy, how long until it absorbs itself
       harry's nephew started posting memes from 3 years ago in spanish on facebook
   $6 to maddy, owen will chair
   glad i don't live there anymore: yeah that
       so tim got a message from a former roommate, who got another message from somewhere else
           "I'm pretty sure your old apartment's on fire?"
       change purpose "lighting your old apartment on fire just because you can"
           uh, you CAN'T
       misap committee to burn down r7 is even more misap than usual
       that weird hack you just thought of is called insurance fraud
           we know about it
           it's illegal
       reference frame joke
       dylan lived in SAE house
           the thing he remembers most strongly is the 2 or 3 week period when the bathroom had a fly problem
           and then it had a moldy vinegar problem
           don't live there
       maddy once started a fly fighting competition
           she got really good at catching them in her hands
       egladdin once caught all the flies in valhalla and LINED THEM UP ON THUMBTACKS ON THE COUNTER
       the seoulmart building dropped its ceiling on owen and chris
       tthere's a gameshow where they have flies fight bigger animals
       the tale of worms and the frat house
           there was. a weird smell.
           they had left bbq sauce
               soy sauce
               and raw sugar
               just, out. in the kitchen. with the heat on 85 degrees
       brian's freshman year, in the "nice" freshman dorm
           housing did not remove the trash from the trash closet until NOVEMBER
           hot damn
       frieder lived in the brothel
           there were mice in his closet
       skye lived in donner
           really, that's it
   $1 to frieder, he and the mouse will chair


       KGB Pajama Party
           Friday, 7pm, PH 225*
           like GBGC but with pillow forts!
           bring pillows and board games!
   bylaws amendment meeting
       we're trying to update section 9!
       the current text is on the facebook page
       we're going to discuss it at exec this week
           if you have suggestions, etc, please come!
           4:30 weds UC 306
           also you can email us and stuff!
       starts on sunday
   ctfws rules
       tonight, 8pm, judges room
       discussing rules changes for next semester!
       also contact joe
       if you wanna vote
           pay your dues before the meeting on april 11, and then go to it


   don't reply all to the cs payroll dlist
   talk to zora to get your book!
   puzzlehunt is march 26
       sign up at puzzlhunt.club
   expii content writing!
       it's like wikipedia meets textbooks meets actually learning
       they'll pay you
       email michelle@expii.com if you're interested