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       had a weekend
       involved booth
           actions not endorsed by the kgb
       had a weekend
       zombies! great!
       then parents
       no sleep nothing done
       had a weekend
       threw a puzzlehunt saturday (oh god)
       booth build on sunday!
           KGB Pajama Party 2: electric boogaloo
           (GBGC in disguise)
           Board games! Pajamas! Soft things!
           PH a18*, friday, 7pm
       had a weekend
       on saturday probably did something
       on sunday wnet to booth and did more. things.
       made a pravda!
       had a weekend
       bad at postage
       had a weekend
       there was not much sleep
       also parallel
       measured a shit ton of ply for booth
       had a weekend
       was there the event? no. concert.


   making dylan happy
       while he is happy people went to booth, he also just got accepted to comp bio!!
           ...he's supposed to report his acceptance back on april fools
   sad airplane
   ad hoc tech is hard
       frieder has custom keyboard shortcuts that fuck up his way to make newlines
       harry has two exams on april fools day
   misap april fools
       jaws. in the pool. not a joke.
       less than 2 weeks until move on
       people came to builds!
           please come to builds
       we've gotten stuff doneeeeee
       also there's a new build!
           tues 6:30 - 9:30
   spring carnival committee committee
       everything is great
       nothing is wrong
   march is the new may
       yeah pretty much that
   shit i read in the tartan
       someone stole a cardboard cutout of david tepper
       pay your dues by next week!!
       they'll clean up the spreadsheet before nominations
           rin for corsec
           dylan for 2vp
           joe for 1vp
           murphy for 1vp
       presentation! how voting works.
           annual meeting is april 18 at 4:30
               it loooong
               if you're running for a thing, write a platform for the thing
               just one platform, but include the stuff you're running for
               1 min to speak
               1 speech per position
               you don't have to speak
           the color of elections is purple
           positions are elected in descendingorder of rank
           nomcom is proctors
               they don't have to be but it keeps happening
               there are ballots!
                   you'll get a piece of paper
                   you have to use the ballot from the correct round
                   it will be displayed
                   they are anonymous
                       ed will burn them afterwards
               write the ANDREW ID
                   it doesn't count if it's not perfectly correct
               there's a process for counting and eliminating
                   the proctors know how, you can check the process in the bylaws
                   or ask ed
               absentee ballots
                   you have to email them to nomcom by monday, april 18, at? noon?
                   one vote per position
           answers to questions
               everyone who is a voting member can vote, even if they're on nomcom or nominated
               there's a bylaws rule that says the slate isn't valid if we could possibly run out of people for later positions
                   basically we can't do elections if there's a possibility that we would end up with an empty position
               if you wanna withdraw, just contact nomcom


   the Thing!
       having to have the spirit of the thing isn't sam's fault


   motion to creat a standing rule
       like, a rule that everyone has to be standing
       this is discriminatory to people who can't stand up
       there's nothing in our bylaws that says we can't
           actually, student activities says we can't
           ACTUALLY, they say we need to have something in our bylaws
               we. don't.
       ammend rule to "all kgb members during a GBM must be standing up as high and for as long as they are able"
       we would have to be standing until we make a motion to sit
       change all "standing" to "sitting"
       this is now the sitting rule
       only mike has to follow standing rules
       change all "sitting" to "dancing"
       change all "sitting" to "sitting on the floor"
           what if ed can't sit down all teh way can he just lean
           if walls are just vertical floors, are chairs just raised floors
               nope they're chairs
       motion to change all rules to sitting on the floor
       so if you don't follow a standing rule does that mean that you won't stand for this
       fyi this requires people to sit as high as they are able for as long as they are able
       the floor is lava committee approves
       has there ever been an emu as tall as this emu
   motion to make all the standing rules sit down
       this would make squid, point of blank, and spoontinudigu sit down
       they'd have to sit down at the end of the year anyway
   the outlet for my insanity: to vent my frustration at the goddamn lack of outlets in this room
       so yesterday skye was in a meeting
           and there was a really high outlet
           and skye almost died
       change insanity to "insamity"
       motion to make this committee sit down
           it wants to be comfortable
       motion to make the outlet sit down
           you can try
       if you just SCREAM into the power hole you should get some electrons
       change insamity to innanity
       ad hoc you're green with it: generating electricity from screams seems like a great premise for a movie
       the outlet is sitting down, it's just sitting down as high as it can
   $2 to Harry, either harry or murphy will chair
   i took a class in electrons once: to say technically correct but unhelpful things about electrons
       change "electrons" to "power hole"
       dillon was usin wolfram alpha
           10pf is not 10 pico ferrads. it means 10 per fortnight
       as an electrical engineer, joe is very positive about electrons
           all the (ex) physics majors express their hatred of physics
   $5 to erin, anyone who has taken a class where they mention the word electon
   amendment questions
       basically, exec CAN expel someone via just themselves.
           there are intervening steps and checks, but the power is with exec
       rationale for the whole amendment?
           gross stuff has happened in the KGB in the past, and ultimately we're just a bunch of college kids
           we've structured this to be a guide and to involve student activities--adults
           skye says: a big thank you to EVERYONE who helped, if anyone wants to help or make any comments, talk to skye
               (or any of us)
           joe says: also, that segment hadn't been changed in FIFTEEN years
               our body has changed, and so have the times
               they needed an update
       were the existing procedures ever used?
           not really
           they didn't really help guide the users
           so why will THIS be used, if these weren't?
               we tried to change how things start
               we go into detail about when someone comes to exec with a problem
               we've also added probation, which will hopefully facilitate better options
           since dillon has been on the board, we've had to deal with at least one situation requiring this article
               we felt that the options were either too extreme or not enough
               in conjunction with student activities, we figured out what to do
               this amendment pretty much came out of that experience, and what we felt the bylaws didn't help us with
           joe's take
               right now, the section also only revokes membership privileges
               so if someone NOT technically a member did bad stuff, we had no official capacity to keep the general body safe
               also, suspension
                   the powers of suspension were super limited
                   if something happened during booth, the scope was super short and ineffectual
       what is the set of situations that could trigger the article?
           basically, someone has to bring a complaint
           we don't have a list of "valid offenses"
           we are still going to work on one--if you want to work on it, we are open to the help
       are there parts that keep the procedures from being abused?
           sort answer: yes
           exec has power, but for most actions ALL--or 2/3s--of exec would have to be corrupt/bad/etc
       can the amendement be amended
           yes, but we would have to withdraw it and then resubmit
           basically, any amendments would have to be handled by the next exec because of how close we are to the annual meeting
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for food and supplies for the event
   general chaos committee reports
   motion to disband the kgb
   motion to grant murphy the tile of general chaos
       change to "you have to remain standing as high and for as long as you are able"
           LOUD SOUND
           this change is dilatory because this motion has not purpose


       pajama party
       board games
       soft things
       PH A18* 7pm friday
       post mortum bh255A
       tomorrow 7:30
       go talk
   voting elections
       pay dues
       do it by next weke
   ctfws rules
       tonight 8pm wean 8427 (judges room)
       if you're interested come by
       stuff changes!
       we have a new buggy shirt
       and a new booth shirt
       go to cmukgb.org/ordershirts to order shirts
       weds 4:30 uc 306
       join us
   voting amendment
       info about the thing at cmukgb.org/article9
       we'll be voting on it next week (april 4)
       there will be discussion for the bulk of the meeting


       friday 5pm in rashid
           frieder is presenting
           also others
       it's very serious
   frame gallery
       friday 6pm
       maddy and heather cowie
       sludge girl theory
   sat april 9
       at pitt
       harry is djing
       8am to 12am the next day
           10 to 11pm is harry
       $5 donation
       profits go to the children's hospital
   cmu computer club
       8 to 11pm, sat april 2
       retro gaming!
   worms on amendment: thanks exec for going through it