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       had a weekend
       went to pix
       learned a lot about indy comics
       had a weekend
       stuff happened
       had a weekend
       work on booth! work on capstone!
           lotta work on capstone
       EVENT via craig
           MOVE ON!
           4:00pm on friday in the kage
           you need a wristband first
               craig will email
           it takes a loooong time
           we're gonna have a truck!
       had a weekend
       bin a lil rough
       made special edition pravda
           oh prrrravda
       had a weekend
       went to pix
       mike is the best
       pix is a lot
       had a weekend
       involved yknow, family
       the carnegie science center is pretty cool
       you can be the entire water cycle at a table
       had a weekend
       discovered a new tv show
           "crazy ex girlfriend"
               terrible title
           really good show??
           music and interesting
           please talk to him about it


   kgb furries
   abrupt inpenetrable disguise
   eat the candy at the front of the room
       pass it around
   exec get it together
       recsec success
           but only in appearances
       watch shifts and stuff
       we need YOU to sign up for them
       booth heroes:
           worms, friday, 5-7
           skye, thurs, 9 - 11
           erin, thurs, 9 - 11
           cliff, sat, 1-3
           espy, sat, 9 - 11
           rin, sat, 9 - 11
           espy, thurs, 5 - 7
           espy, thurs, 9 - 10
       please also sign up on facebook!
           rin for recsec
           skye withdraw for 1vp
           harry withdraw for corsec, s@a


   the Thing!
       this is not worms' fault
       build week is not frieder's fault
   motion to take off the table the amendment to article 9 of our bylaws
       have there been times where these would hvae been used
           response: yes.
       it's not meant to be to the standard of a lawyer
           but it is meant to be better written than the rest of the bylaws
       we've checked off with SA--there was a meeting
       what's being changed
           we've completely rewritten article 9
           it's very long so we can't go over the details
           we changed the processes for reprimand, suspension, and expulsion
               we also added probation
               we involved student activities a lot more
               we also made it so that the general body does NOT vote on expulsion
                   so that there's not a witch trial
                   instead exec does the vote, with advice from SA
       there are no guidelines for minimum offences
           the point of this is to remove the need for cultural memory, but we are relying on that for the actual extremity of offence
           why was the line drawn where it was?
                   we added nuance to the proceedings--it's less all or nothing
                   we also ran out of time, and we had to prioritize the process
       if you want to make amendments to this (if it passes), you can go through the amendment process
           as explained in the bylaws
       this gives exec quite a bit of power
           it also sort of mandates exec to be more involved in peoples' personal lives
           if it passes people should hold exec accountable--they will be
           we've had bad execs before
           orgs don't implode just because the exec board treats people unfairly
               (in other words, the org could still be running if mistreatment were happening)
               response: we wanted to make exec be REQUIRED to try to help
                   that's also why we've so thoroughly wrapped SA into the process
                       as a check on exec, so they can hopefully detect if things are going off
               suspension does not require notification
               exec must announce expulsion, but does not have to announce the name of the member
                   they must disclose it if asked
                   they must also show evidence of the meeting with SA if asked
               we tried to balance accountability with protecting people who need to be protected
           question: is there anything requiring that something be kept confidential
               response: no
                   there is a delay before announcing expulsion
                   (the person being expelled must be notified first)
                   we're going to discuss it in the exec handbook, but we have no conclusions yet
                   the accuser also has a say on confidentiality in the appeals process
       protecting parties in the event of expulsion (any parties)
           response: we don't discuss the whole issue in an announcement of expulsion
               if the issue is already widely known, it just was
               in the new bylaws, people are more protected in that there is not a public expulsion vote
                   while the name is not private, it does not need to be broadcast
       comment on exec's role in the kgb's social lives
           like, what's in the handbook, what is motivation
               things have come up before, and in the past exec has said that it wasn't their problem
                   in making the amendment more clear, we're trying to make it clearer what will happen when people go to exec
                       and also make it easier for exec to do things
                   how well that works will depend on the exec
           but what does this mean for non-kgb events
               we don't have juristiction there
       motion to make this a secret ballot
           we're doing that
       there's a hole
           expulsion doesn't actually TECHNICALLY restrict people from going to meetings/event stuff
               though it can be interpreted that way
               this really does no worse than the existing article
               also this amendment is meant to be a start. you can always ammend it--please do
       motion to vote
   back out to old business
   untable the last committee that mike will make as president
       motion to table for one week


   i don't wanna miss a thing
       motion for a roll call vote
       owen would like to call a roll call vote on me, owen
       motion for a roll call vote on whether we should have a roll call vote on owen
       motion to return all writing implements to their rightful owners


   article 9
       PASSES, by over a 2/3 motion


   we are not doing the roll call vote
       a vote against voting on owen is a vote against owen


   we have an event
       it's craig's event
       MOVE ON
           stever kage


   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $150 for food and supplies moveon
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $500 for supplies for booth
       we're good
   allocation not to exceed $60 for booth shirts
       motion for a roll call vote
       motion for secret
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $280 for kgbuggy shirts
       we're overordering
       theyre expensive, but subsidized by booth shirts
   we are now in purple


   elections are a thing
       pay your dues
       builds on tuesday and thursday!
           both at 6:30!
           please go!
       moveons friday!
           you need to sign a waiver but we haven't gotten it yet
           carnival committee hasn't sent it out yet
           we'll send info to you
               noon - 4:00 on friday in the uc
               and then you can pick em up on midway after that
           non cmu students
               you can't technically help but you can sign the waiver and be on midway!
               and we can use you for other stuff
               we love you
       booth shifts
           anyone can do them


   increasingly real out of order club
       roll call vote on owen this weekend
       join our club
           no nonsense out of order zone
   pitt is having a charity thing
       it's on saturday
       $5 to get in
       8am to midnight
       harry's djing at 10pm
   return all writing utensils to rightful owners
       return all lefting utensils to leftful owners